The Dutch company Parlevliet & Van der Plas have plenty of trawlers to choose from to replace the Abel Tasman.

Another 14 to be exact.

Not long ago they proudly displayed all 15 trawlers on their site.

Now there is only a list.

You have to congratulate P&P for running an excellent spin campaign.

Using what I believe is a front company with a local name and even renaming a vessel to look like a local ship is quite creative.

People may like to know what ‘Seafish Tasmania’ (described as partnered by Parlevliet and van der Plas) would be likely to bring out to Australia next.

Which trawler will they choose?

The trawlers from L to R are:


Annie Hillina, Dirk Diederik, Annelies Ilena, Abel Tasman, Nida, Jan Maria, Maartje Theadora,
Naeraberg, Helen Mary, Gerda Maria, Tronderbas, Arctic Warrior, Marbella, Farnella, Atlantic Peace.