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On an equal horsepower basis, diesel exhaust is 100 times more toxic than gasoline exhaust, even when carbon monoxide is considered, according to John R. Richards, MD Department of Emergency Medicine, Davis Medical Centre, Sacramento, CA

Those who operate, work, or live near diesel-powered machinery will have the greatest t toxic exposure.

I feel everybody should read this informing health report, when:

• Free diesel upgrades are being offered on new vehicles.

• Cyclists are using our roads more for enjoyment, to keep fit, and to get to work.

• Metro busses are very fumy in the Launceston CBD.

• A few people are renewing calls for a pulp mill in the worst place environmentally possible, the Tamar Valley, and trucks and other diesel machinery would increase at an alarming rate, and

• Our health system is already on its knees.

Air pollution is a “silent killer” and is unique in that it affects the entire population - Dr. Michael Brauer, professor, school of population and public health, University of British Columbia.

The report Toxicity of Diesel Exhaust, Implications for Primary Care can be found here: