Attention people of Launceston! Please draw your attention towards an increasingly hazardous situation evolving at Corra Lynn, one the local swimming holes, currently polluted with techno trash.
Travel 20 minutes up along the Noth Esk river from Launceston and you will find Corra Lynn gorge where you will find kids swinging off ropes and jumping off the rocks into the basin accessible from the Blessington Rd bridge.

This water is being polluted with discarded Computers and TVs thrown off the bridge, you can now see 20 to 30 smashed monitors and screens, ranging from the old cathode ray to new LG flat LCDs.

Having personally witnessed 2 monitors plummet into the water within an hour I don’t doubt at least the same amount of waste is submerged, threatening to surface and join swimmers while they bath and play.

This redundant entertainment equipment is being dumped into one of our favorite swimming holes and leaching toxins upstream to Launceston’s water catchment tributaries off the North Esk water supply.

Polluters fail to show the slightest consideration for the immediate negative impact, further their actions completely disregard long-term repercussions to the environment with metals accumulating in our water system, soil and air.

The chemicals and toxic heavy metals found in electronic components such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium mixing in the water is not the only issue, glass and sharp bits of metal submerged pose a serious hazard to the next kid who launches himself of the rocks in that gorge.

This is an accident waiting to happen!

After a near miss with a falling screen thrown from the edge of the bridge and witnessing the silver stain of metals bubbling up and floating past I have decided to exit the water and act. This is not safe! I have appealed to the Launceston City Council, Inland Fisheries and the Environmental Protection Agency, but nothing has been done.

Although this would be an interesting forum to discuss the production of these “goods”, the mining of these heavy metals and in particular mining in the world heritage value Tarkine rainforest, I want to focus on this E-Waste. Are we going to clean up this pollution or is this just a glimpse of Tasmania’s Eco-Technic future?

Act Now.

Clean up Australia Day is on March 3; let’s clean up this mess and ensure that Tasmania does not become a techno dumping ground.

Jasmine Sammut Physiotherapist at the LGH

Examiner: Corra Linn becomes a rubbish dump