Southern Waste Solutions (SWS) has cancelled its Open Day at its Copping facility due to security concerns, but all persons genuinely interested in visiting the site to be informed, will be invited for personal guided tours.

SWS Chief Executive Officer Christine Bell said security concerns had arisen after public comments from members of the protest group.

“We really wanted to hold an Open Day for those people who are genuinely interested in a tour of the facility, however, we cannot under any circumstances put them in a situation that poses a potential risk to their safety or wellbeing,” Ms Bell said.

“We do not want to overstate the issue, but there is a potential security risk and our first concern has to be for the safety of those who come onto the site.

“We will still make a site inspection available to those who wish to see the site, but it will done it in a way that doesn’t pose a possible threat to their safety.”

SWS will contact the people who responded to the Open Day invitation to explore how their requirements can best be met.