The Climate Commission’s report released today, demonstrating that an Australia powered by 100 per cent renewable energy is not only entirely possible but will be cheaper than fossil fuel alternatives, is yet more reason to lift the Renewable Energy Target.

“With evidence flowing in that moving to 100 per cent renewable energy is not only vital for tackling global warming and reducing pollution but will also bring down power prices, we’ll be talking to the Government again about increasing the Renewable Energy Target to at least 50 per cent by 2030,” Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

“The Government should listen to experts like the Climate Commission, rather than coal boosters in its own ranks like Joel Fitzgibbon, and work with the Greens to strengthen and lift the Renewable Energy Target.”

“Recently, research by the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics showed that wind energy will be cheaper than coal and gas by 2020, and solar energy will be cheaper than coal and gas by 2030, and this latest report from the Climate Commission also finds that solar and wind could be cheaper than coal by 2030.

“Australians love renewable energy and have been embracing it, and the uptake of solar installation has been phenomenal.

“Investing in renewable energy helps household power bills, brings wholesale power prices down, creates local jobs in manufacturing and installation, and transitions us away from the polluting coal and gas power that drives global warming.

“Our successful negotiations to establish not only a price on pollution but also the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation, reviews of the energy market rules and modelling towards 100 per cent renewable energy by the Australian Energy Market Operator are already helping build the clean energy future. But lifting the Renewable Energy Target and making projects funded by the CEFC additional to it would accelerate the shift.

The Climate Commission’s report, Generating a Renewable Australia -