Liberal Party State Director, Sam McQuestin today announced that Bernadette Black has been endorsed by the Liberal Party for the Federal seat of Franklin at the next election.

“Bernadette is a small business woman, mother of three, registered nurse and professional speaker.  To add to all this Bernadette was awarded the Barnardo’s Australian Mother of the year in 2009.  Bernadette’s rich life experience means that she understands the many pressures the people of Franklin are contending with on a day to day basis.” Mr McQuestin said.

“The people of Franklin have been let down in recent years and I’m sure Bernadette will work to restore the Hope Reward and Opportunity that Franklin needs,” Mr McQuestin said

“I am honoured to be selected to represent the Liberal Party at the next election,” Mrs Black said.

“Franklin has been let down by the current labor member.  She has voted to impose the carbon tax to increase our cost of living and has stood by while our forest industry is threatened.  Mrs Black said.
“This election will be a choice between staying put in acts of simple political survival or going forward with integrity and a real commitment to restoring confidence and private investment in our region,” Mrs Black said.