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Hey Guy Barnett … What’s Happening with Sustainable Timber Tasmania?

Almost one year ago you announced that the management of State Forest would be transferred from Forestry Tas to a new entity called Sustainable Timber Tasmania in 2017.

We all know that the questionable intent behind the move seems nothing more than a devious and shady means of attempting to obtain Forest Stewardship Certification for Tasmania’s native forest products, but so far the wheels appear to be falling off your deceitful brainwave.

Maybe you are having a rethink, as it seems the Forest Stewardship Council are on to you by seeing through your underhandedness to pass off responsibility regarding mismanaging and unsustainably logging High Conservation Forests?

The likely defeat of the Forest Revocation Bill before the Legislative Council seems to have set back your insidious logging agenda, as the Forest Industry, Unions and Retailers have repudiated the government’s move to open up the deferred forest for harvesting.

Meanwhile FT seems set to lose another $100 million in the forthcoming financial year, whilst you as Minister for Forests claim the STT transition is imperative for the Forest Industry to be profitable; to stand on its own feet free from subsidy.

You have described the Independently Verified – High Conservation Forests as a “wood bank, and said it was necessary to log it to get Forestry Tasmania back on sustainable footing”… stating, “We need to find a lower cost supply of timber.”

How can you possibly claim that opening up deferred timber forests ASAP will be economically viable if there are no current or future markets available for these forest resources, whilst acknowledging that the current extraction of sawlogs costs more than the recovery revenue?

How can you and the Liberal Government continue to over-prop-up the essentially insolvent zombie Forestry Tas?

How much longer will you the hold contempt to the public given the massive taxpayer loss when it is obvious that FT solvency is to the detriment of the state’s ailing health and education system?

How much of the revenue gained from the sale of the State Forest hardwood plantations are you going to use to float STT as a solvent operation?

How long will you continue to be the state’s most incompetent and visionless minister?

Answers please!

I eagerly await your response!

*Ted Mead has been campaigning for the protection of forests since the 1980s, and still can’t believe that in the 21st century Tasmanian politicians continue to wantonly trash one of their greatest assets at a financial cost upon everyone. The neo forestry liberals are no different than the old forestry liberals, and the establishment of STT will prove nothing has changed.