Image for A Cry from the Heart – Morwell residents done and dusted

We are concerned about the dust load contamination in our Morwell houses which can find its way into our lungs and illness this can cause to our families. They cleaned the footpaths and all we got was a bucket to clean our houses.

Latrobe City Council website photo


Almost two years have passed and there has never been an audit done on the ash/ dust load in houses here and it seems pointless to do a health study on people while they are living in toxic environments.

Given the history of asbestos dust you would think they might take it more seriously.

We fear a disaster with poor wiring and down lights being so popular.

The heat from down lights plus the dust could be a potential source of ignition. With all the coal dust in the roof it would already be too late to do anything.

Our houses are mostly badly sealed which lets in the dust and coal ash. Our son has returned high lead and arsenic levels with his last test. Blood testing for all residents is not even on the agenda. They are simply studying us without cleaning up the contamination. We feel the authorities are treating us like guinea pigs.

Seems like we have been done and dusted!

Here is another video taken yesterday from a roof cavity in Morwell South. This person is suffering ill health and has never been visited by the council or any other authorities. - sound on.

We have been forced to set up a petition. Please sign it and pass it on if you will?

Thank you.

Further detailed information on the Hazelwood coal mine fire can be found at