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*Pic: Labor’s Leader in the Leg Council Craig Farrell may have been aware (or at least he asked the question) ... The question is ... Did Leonie Hiscutt respond? (eventually) ...

Pic: of Rosemary Armitage, from her Facebook page here

First published May 22

And, off the back of a truck comes this wondrous intelligence ... is it true ... ?

Independent Member of the Legislative Council for Launceston Rosemary Armitage was very worried about her chances of re-election.

So she spent big on billboards.

She was under unprecedented threat from Labor candidate Brian Roe and Neroli Ellis ( All about Neroli here ).

There were two very controversial Bills before the Legislative Council - (Minister for Resources) Guy Barnett’s forestry bill and the watering down of the anti-discrimination act.

She believed, rightly in Hag’s view, that to vote for either would lose support in Launceston.

The procedure in the Legislative Council is that the closet Liberals talk to the Leader of Government business about support for controversial Bills.

The Government was worried about both Bills. It had done the numbers and realised that the Leg Council was split down the middle - as the Leader ( Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin ) was ill ( Statement from the family of Vanessa Goodwin ).

In the weeks before the Leg Council election both Bills were withdrawn. No-one could explain why, except that the Government didn’t think it had the numbers.

In the closet Liberal-Acting Leader of Government business negotiations Rosemary Armitage said she wouldn’t support either Bill before the election, but if they were held back she would support both Bills if she was re-elected.

Leonie Hiscutt from the Libs’ website

Acting Government Leader Leonie Hiscutt agreed to pull the Bills and did so.

The Bills will come up again and presumably Rosemary Armitage will vote for them; but of course the balance in the Leg Council has changed with a Labor member replacing Tony Mulder ... so, to say the very least, it will be interesting.

Both Bills* may fail. The anti-discrimination amendment is on a knife edge, and Guy Barnett’s Bill is even opposed by some of the forestry industry, including the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania ( here ).

Hag is told the not-so-closet-liberal Member for Windemere, Ivan Dean, was incensed by the Armitage-Government deal and apparently confronted Leonie Hiscutt ... who reportedly said she regretted it.

Hag is aware that these deals go on all the time ... but this is right outa the box ...

So, Hag wishes to know if it is all true ... ?

*The Hag is Tasmanian Times’ scurrilous gossip monger

*Guy Barnett: Hodgman Government determined to deliver election promise and unlock our forests

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• John Hawkins in Comments: … You (Guy Barnett) and your party have backed yourselves into a political corner with the attempt to roll back World Heritage Listing of the Western Tiers and now this attempt to scrap the Tasmanian Forest Agreement and keep the money. Both were and are bad policy, dreamt up to trick the simple and get you and your party into government. The Tasmanian Forest Industry will not get FSC if this legislation is passed by the Legislative Council. …