"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

The Probe is closed

Image for The Probe is closed

Lindsay Tuffin
20.10.14 2:45 am

The Probe thread has been closed. Tasmanian Times exists to seek truth and be fair to all. Readers are reminded of Our Code of Conduct ( Here ).

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Bill Wentworth meets Pavarotti

Evan Whitton @EvanWhitton1 http://netk.net.au/whittonhome.asp Pic: of Pavarotti.
13.10.14 1:45 am

Image for Bill Wentworth meets Pavarotti

Background. The revelation by Bill Wentworth (1907-2003) at the end of this sketch – that Pig Iron Bob’s Cabinet were drunk at a critical moment of the Petrov affair – recalls Ed Behr’s dictum: a reporter is more often victim than hero.

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Bitter Harvest ... ignorance in Tasmania

Danny Carney, Indonesia. Leunig. Pub: Oct 2
04.10.14 6:59 am

Image for Bitter Harvest ... ignorance in Tasmania

Something ugly is happening in Australia. I was too young to give a damn when this last happened, when thugs of all creeds attacked each other in Cronulla. Watching the footage now, I can hardly believe that it was filmed here: a group of inebriated Australians storming onto a train and beating and kicking innocent people until the attackers are beaten back by police. Ugly, ugly stuff. And I am scared it is staging a comeback.

Tony’s subtle dog-whistle? ABC: ’ Frankly, I wish it was not worn ‘

Andrew Wilkie: A statement on burqas in Parliament House The decision by the Government to isolate, in their own rooms, burqa-wearers observing the Parliament has no security merit at all. The segregation of one group of people like this is nothing more than religious apartheid and deeply wrong.

ABC: Tony Abbott steps in to have Parliament House burka restrictions overturned

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NATION: National security law an outrageous attack on press freedom in Australia

Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) federal secretary Christopher Warren. Media Release Pic* Pub: Sept 26
27.09.14 6:30 am

Image for NATION: National security law an outrageous attack on press freedom in Australia

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA), the union and industry advocate for Australia’s journalists, has described the National Security Legislation Amendment Bill No 1 which been passed by the parliament an outrageous attack on press freedom in Australia. MEAA federal secretary Christopher Warren said: “This Bill has been rushed through in undue haste without proper discussion or debate of the implications it has in denying long-held freedoms in Australia. In a healthy functioning democracy this assault on the public’s right to know and the penalties applied to the media for scrutinising power must be condemned. The Bill muzzles the media from doing its job.

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TT Systems crash: Reboot and Resend ...

Lindsay Tuffin
22.09.14 1:10 am

Image for TT Systems crash: Reboot and Resend ...

Tasmanian Times’ systems crashed while the main editor was interstate and unobtainable at the weekend ... and no emails were received from Friday evening until 9pm last night. If you have sent an article, media release, or notification you wish published ... resend to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)!x

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Saffron lumbered

Evan Whitton
22.09.14 12:35 am

Image for Saffron lumbered

Background: I began Can of Worms (1986) with this: It has been said that Sydney is the most corrupt town in the western world, except of course for Newark, New Jersey, and Brisbane, Queensland. I didn’t know the half of it. Alan Saffron, son of Abraham Saffron (1919-2006), said in 2008 that in the 60s his father paid Premier Sir Robin Askin and Police Commissioner Norm Allan $5000-$10,000 a week to protect his brothels and illegal casinos, and that he loan-sharked Kerry Packer, Sir Peter Abeles and Sir Paul Strasser, who were also corrupt, when they were short of the readies, from gambling in Packer’s case. Alan Saffron said Abe controlled prostitution in every state except Tasmania. Saffron was still untouched well into the period of Premier Neville Wran (1976-86). Finally, the chief investigator for the National Crime Authority, Carl Mengler, arrested Saffron and charged him with tax evasion. He got the maximum, three years, and served 17 months.

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Now there’s a surprise ...

Lindsay Tuffin
16.09.14 5:45 am

Image for Now there’s a surprise ...

In the great tradition of Tasmanian journalism (?), Examiner Editor Martin Gilmour has moved seamlessly from editorship into advisership ( Voice of North takes Hodgman role ) ... following a long line of disinterested, objective predecessors ( think Rod Scott et al ).

What Will says ...

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Oram attempts to fang Pontiff

Evan Whitton @EvanWhitton1 Pic*
15.09.14 12:45 am

Image for Oram attempts to fang Pontiff

Background. This appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald on 2 December 1986. When John-Paul II (1920-2005) became Pope in 1978, Jim Oram (1936-96), of the Sydney Daily Mirror, produced an instant book on the Pontiff’s life. Apart from everything else, Rupert Murdoch is mean; Oram got no royalties. He got legal advice: 1. He would win if he sued; 2. Did he want to stay at the Mirror? Oram did not sue. Covering up a crime is a crime itself, perversion of justice. The Pope covered-up crimes of sex abuse of children, but is now officially Saint John-Paul II.   

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The internet can deliver better journalism, not just clickbait

Kellie Riordan, University of Oxford
14.09.14 9:14 am

Image for The internet can deliver better journalism, not just clickbait

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Tony Fitzgerald on the parlous state of Queensland and the Courier Mail

Tony Fitzgerald. Pub: Sept 12
14.09.14 6:00 am

Image for Tony Fitzgerald on the parlous state of Queensland and the Courier Mail

In his introductory comments at the 2014 Griffith University Tony Fitzgerald Lecture, Tony Fitzgerald - the former Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into Official Corruption in Queensland - singled out News Limited’s Queensland tabloid newspaper, the Courier Mail for special criticism. Fitzgerald dubbed the Murdoch-owned paper The Craven Mail “because all bullies are cowards.” In introductory comments for the lecture, which was presented at the State Library of Queensland last Wednesday, Fitzgerald stated that “I’d prefer to disregard the abuse but I don’t want my silence to encourage bullies like The Craven or discourage others, especially young people, from speaking out against powerful vested interests. The Craven’s strident partisanship provides a useful reminder to any who might be interested that any possibility of effective democracy will be lost if we allow ourselves to be intimidated and silenced by reactionary self-interested politicians and media riff-raff.”

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How to interview an assassin

Evan Whitton @EvanWhitton1 Pic*
08.09.14 5:00 am

Image for How to interview an assassin

Darmody puts the question

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The Rotorua Circus

Evan Whitton
01.09.14 2:30 am

Image for The Rotorua Circus

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE being rather a new line of business for me, and having survived, if barely, last week’s South Pacific Forum in Rotorua, New Zealand, I was interested to read a few days later Anyone Here Been Raped and Speaks English? [1978] This is a book of memoirs by Mr Edward Behr, a foreign correspondent for some thirty years and now European editor for Newsweek.

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Chattanooga’s Gig: how one city’s super-fast internet is driving a tech boom

The Guardian's Dominic Rushe in Chattanooga
01.09.14 1:29 am

Image for Chattanooga’s Gig: how one city’s super-fast internet is driving a tech boom

Why the NBN is good for business ... The city is one of the only places on Earth with internet as fast as 1 gigabit per second – about 50 times faster than the US average. Despite Big Cable’s attempt to block the Gig’s expansion plans, money keeps flowing into Chattanooga

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Ms Bacall is not amused

Evan Whitton. Pic: Lauren Bacall ... in the 50s
25.08.14 2:30 am

Image for Ms Bacall is not amused

The brief [March 1986] said: photographic session in the Presidential Suite, followed by lunch with Miss Bacall. The omens were not good: there was a delay while a barber got Miss Bacall’s hair right; bald, bearded Warren Mitchell, dashing in red T-shirt, denim shorts and sandshoes, inquired plaintively at large: ‘Do they serve dinner while we wait for the lifts?’ and Miss Bacall winced when we shook hands.

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Kim Williams calls News Corp leaks a festival of vengeance

Kim Williams, The Age. Pic: of Kim Williams
25.08.14 2:20 am

Image for Kim Williams calls News Corp leaks a festival of vengeance

During my time at News Corporation there were frequent frustrating leaks, much like the one this week, a comprehensive set of numbers on the company’s Australian enterprises.

WATCH: Kim Williams speaks to David Speers

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News Corp cuts up rough ...

Lindsay Tuffin
21.08.14 10:35 am

Image for News Corp cuts up rough ...

Media giant News Corp - which controls a majority of the nation’s print media - has cut up rough, threatening legal action over Crikey’s publication of apparently damaging internal financial analysis. It’s not the first time the media Big Boy which loves to dish it out, has shown its super-sensitive side ... • Here’s Crikey’s latest ...

Bill Shorten and the News Corp method of blackmail

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Who is Nathan Carswell?

Bob Burton. Image: Nathan Carswell's Facebook page.Pub: Aug 13
18.08.14 3:20 am

Image for Who is Nathan Carswell?

Nathan Carswell seems to be a man of strong opinions: he loves the idea of building a cable car up kunanyi/Mt Wellington, admires cable car developer Adrian Bold and derides critics of the proposed project. He has had comments published on Tasmanian Times as well as The Mercury website but – with one minor exception – only ever on the topic of the cable car. Back in late 2012 Carswell even made a detailed submission to the Wellington Park Management Trust, urging the agency to change the management plan to accommodate the cable car. In his submission he even went so far as to argue against the practice of the Hobart City Council clearing the road to the summit of Mount Wellington after heavy snowfall. Who exactly is Nathan Carswell?

• Susan Smith, in Comments: Wow well done - reassuring to see that investigative journalism still alive and well. Thank you.

• Nathan Carswell, in Comments: Wow, what a beat up. Is friendship an offence now? I contribute to these debates under another name (as I’m sure many opponents equally do). I’m still a ratepayer, and my opinions expressed still count. I just prefer not to use my own name for privacy reasons. While Adrian has passed on your number, I have no inclination to talk with the reporter for the same reason.

• Alderman Eva Ruzicka, in Comments: This article raises some very serious concerns for any planning process.  I have asked our Council’s General Manager what safeguards are in place to test the veracity of any representor submissions to a development application generally.  Likewise, can he verify what safeguards that the Trust has? That Aldermen will likely have to assess any development application on its land on kunanyi/Mt Wellington, this article raises a serious allegation of perversion of the planning process.  If people are salting the Trust process for assessing any changes to the Pinnacle Zone, how seriously can the Trust’s deliberations be taken?

• Nathan Carswell, in Comments: I’m Nathan Carswell and so is my wife.

Respect The Mountain Re: Nathan Carswell: Trust must clamp down

• Phil na Champassak, in Comments: This is a forensic examination at its best. Making a public submission under a nom de plume is seriously misleading and has probably consigned the cable car project to oblivion.

Ted Cutlan, ROCC: Mountain assessment process flawed “The current process means that anyone can put in an anonymous submission. We call on the minister Matthew Groom to review the process and restore the integrity of the management of the mountain” “ROCC will be writing to the WPMT today, insisting that the current changes to the management plan should be abandoned until the integrity of the process can be assured.”

• Alderman Eva Ruzicka, in Comments: So I asked the questions: What safeguards does Hobart City Council have for determining the authenticity of development application representations?  Is it possible for a person to fake an identity to lodge a representation and for Hobart City Council to not know?  Further, given the land on Mt Wellington belongs to Hobart City Council, and the issues raised by Mr Burton, what measures can the Council take to test the veracity of any management plan submissions for amendment, either for or against?  Especially now as there is a management plan amendment open for submissions and much is riding on the outcome? And the end result of my enquiries:

• Editors, in Comments: Pilko Steve & Ben: The “Who is Nathan Carswell?” story in the view of the editors does not disclose personal information and therefore the privacy issue does not arise.

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How to get a job in journalism

Evan Whitton @EvanWhitton1 Pic: of Evan Whitton
11.08.14 1:30 am

Image for How to get a job in journalism

BONAPARTE was inclined to ask: ‘But is he lucky?’ In journalism, the trick is to find yourself at the right paper at the right time. In retrospect it seems to me at any rate that some such were Truth in the mid-1960s, The National Times in the 1970s, and The Sydney Morning Herald in the 1980s.

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Getting to the Truth: Courage and Persistence in Investigative Journalism

Byron Bay Writers' Festival
11.08.14 1:20 am

Image for Getting to the Truth: Courage and Persistence in Investigative Journalism

For many years, investigative journalism has played a vital role in initiating the battle for justice for victims of some of the state’s worst crimes.

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Launched in Launi: James Dryburgh’s Essays (and all the speeches)

Lindsay Tuffin, Tim Thorne, James Dryburgh
04.08.14 3:59 am

Image for Launched in Launi: James Dryburgh’s Essays (and all the speeches)

Launch Speech, James Dryburgh, Essays from Near and Far (Walleah Press, 2014) The late great Hunter S Thomson claimed that he was the only journalist to ride with both Richard Nixon and the Hell’s Angels.  James Dryburgh is probably the only journalist to have interviewed both Ingrid Betancourt and Martin Lynch.  The inclusion of both these in the book shows another dimension of his talent.  It is a remarkable achievement to be able to present the experiences and the ideas of these two quite disparate people without intruding his own personality, yet at the same time to use his intelligence and insight so as to shape the interviewing process into a coherent and memorable work. 

Read both Tim Thorne and James Dryburgh’s speeches…

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NATION: The search for the clean coal holy grail ... as Galilee gets go-ahead

Paddy Manning, Background Briefing Pub: July 28
29.07.14 3:45 am

Image for NATION: The search for the clean coal holy grail ... as Galilee gets go-ahead

Transcript Paddy Manning: Clean coal. It’s the key to a low-emissions future for one of Australia’s largest export industries and a linchpin of the government’s plan to slow climate change. So get ready to hear more claims like this, from Environment Minister Greg Hunt, about cleaning up our coal-fired power stations:

Bob Burton: The track record of Ignite, and it’s common to a lot of these other small companies, is it’s a small company to start with. So the fact that we don’t have major coal companies pursuing these technologies tells us a lot, because major coal companies don’t think this technology is worth investing in, it’s not going to give them significant rates of return. All of these small companies rely on hyping a technology to deliver a future benefit, and then hoping that they can either find private investors, or wangle grants out of governments.

Roger Harrabin BBC environment analyst: Concerns over carbon emissions from burning wood

Peter Hannam, Environment Editor SMH: Giant Galilee coal mine gets Canberra nod The federal government has approved a giant Queensland coalmine that it says will generate as much as $300 billion for the economy, but which environmental groups say will contribute to a “carbon bomb” and risk causing significant damage to the Great Barrier Reef.

Helen Burnet:The Federal Government’s Budget cuts This evening (Mon) my motion was considered at last by full council and fully supported regarding the federal government’s budget cuts on the Tasmanian science community, especially relating to climate science.

Mining outlook reaches a new five year low, says latest report

Helen Burnet: Big Issues a Council Matter

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