"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

We need you ... Thankyou!x

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The Editors. Pub: May 18
25.05.15 5:50 am

SUNDAY, May 24: Seven days after our appeal ... and immense thanks are due to Anon, Anon, Anon, Karl, Luuk, John, John, TGC, Bronwen, Leon, Anon, Estelle, Michael, Richard, Anon, Ian, Anon, Casey, Peter, Onya, Anon ... and the monthly contributors who include, Anon, Anon, Service, Onya, In The Loop. Thankyou!x

MONDAY, May 18: Tasmanian Times (TT) needs you. TT believes that the democratic purpose of the media is best served when information is freely available to citizens. While many other news websites opt to put their articles behind subscription screens or barrage readers with annoying pop-up banner ads, TT has swum against the tide.

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The day Letterman said ‘no’ to Rupert Murdoch

Bruce Guthrie, Editorial Director The New Daily
25.05.15 4:00 am

Image for The day Letterman said ‘no’ to Rupert Murdoch

US talk show host retires after 33 years – but would he have had the same long and illustrious career if he’d said ‘yes’ to Rupert Murdoch?

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Nick Davies, a journalist who investigated his own

David McKnight, Associate Professor, Journalism and Media Research Centre at UNSW Australia. Pic* Pub: May 22
23.05.15 5:30 am

Image for Nick Davies, a journalist who investigated his own

When journalists justify what they do, they invariably say: “We hold governments to account. We act in the public interest.” It justifies the most noble investigative journalism. It is a sacred catechism taught in journalism schools. But the same public interest arguments are also trotted out by the types of journalists who hacked mobile phones to produce sex scandals for Rupert Murdoch’s now-defunct News of the World. All of this makes The Guardian’s Nick Davies a very unusual journalist. Davies did what few other journalists do. He undertook investigative journalism on journalists themselves. For this, says Davies, the former News of the World editor Andy Coulson, jailed for hacking, called him a “traitor”.

• John Powell, in Comments: Listened to his interview with Richard Fidler on ABC Conservations - HERE - during the week. Amazing commentary on the corruption and manipulation of the Rupert Murdoch media empire. Now clearly evident in the manipulation of the Abbott Government and the MSM representation of the untruths therein enunciated. Shame to all involved.

• Mike Ward, in Comments: I note David McKnight did not declare himself as the author of Rupert Murdoch: An Investigation of Political Power - probably my favourite Murdoch hatchet job, not to mention a sobering and disturbing read in its own right.

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STATE: John West would turn in his grave ...

John Hawkins, Chudleigh. Pic: of John West*
19.05.15 4:00 am

Image for STATE: John West would turn in his grave ...

The Sunday Examiner (17th May) published a Hate Letter aimed at Senator Milne and written by one Jim Campbell from Ulverstone.

Examiner: Forico sees big future  EMERGING timber giant Forico says there are huge growth prospects in plantation wood that will boost the entire state’s economy. The Launceston-based company is quietly confident that it can achieve a stringent green environmental tick for its products, helping it reach more markets in northern Asia. Forico chief executive Bryan Hayes said for the first time in several years there was activity coming back into the industry, with the company looking to expand throughout the North. The company will be audited in July for its bid to receive Forest Stewardship Council certification for forest management.

• Luigi Brown, in Comments: The Examiner has sold its building and moved into rented space in Cimitiere Street.  It has marked the event by by publishing a 40 page pictorial supplement - “Moving With The Times”.  It reads like the obituary you’d write for yourself. I wonder how long the lease is on the new premises?

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Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is ATO’s top tax risk

Neil Chenoweth, AFR
18.05.15 2:45 am

Image for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is ATO’s top tax risk

The Australian Taxation Office has only one company in its highest risk category for tax avoidance – Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

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Deceptions and such pranks are fun though ...

Charles Wooley. Pic*
11.05.15 4:45 am

Image for Deceptions and such pranks are fun though ...

… Deceptions and such pranks are fun though, especially when you are young and not on the receiving end. Remembering the Tasmanian poet and academic James McAuley, took me back down the time tunnel to the early seventies and my University days, here in River City. The Vietnam War was raging and so were we students. That was in large part because we were likely to be conscripted to stop the advance of Chinese communism in Indochina, lest we would have to fight them on Nutgrove Beach …

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MEDIA: Ready for the reputation rumble ...

Sam de Brito, The Age. Pic*
11.05.15 3:59 am

Image for MEDIA: Ready for the reputation rumble ...

If people could rate your reputation in business and personal dealings, how do you think you’d fare? You might be about to find out.

… The rapid shift of humanity from small, rural communities to cities, as well as the demise of organised religion, has ruptured many people’s sense of accountability and this is nowhere more evident than online, where anonymity emboldens individuals to write things they wouldn’t dream of saying in a social situation. With more people now able to make their living online and others happy to use the anonymity of a big city to cloak questionable business or personal behaviour, a reputation rating system for individuals strikes me as an inevitable innovation, though no doubt this is a terrifying thought for some. …

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MEDIA: Insided Out ...

The Failed Estate ... Journalism from the Outside
11.05.15 3:55 am

Image for MEDIA: Insided Out ...

It’s now four years since the US journalism academic Jay Rosen decried at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival about the “cult of savvy” in political journalism and the treatment of politics as a game for insiders. What’s changed since?

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Tassie Pine - World Press Freedom

Tassie Pine
11.05.15 3:00 am

Image for Tassie Pine - World Press Freedom

The official UN week of World Press Freedom ...

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STATE: Milne got results from minority pacts with both sides of politics

Kate Crowley, Associate Professor, Public and Environmental Policy at University of Tasmania. Pic* Pub: May 7
09.05.15 5:40 am

Image for STATE: Milne got results from minority pacts with both sides of politics

… What sort of legacy will she leave, and how successfully has she guided the party’s agenda since Brown’s departure? …

ABC: Former Tasmanian Greens leader Nick McKim considers tilt at Christine Milne’s Senate seat


Peter McGlone TCT: Supreme Court case to stop Ansons Bay forest clearing

Matthew Groom: Long term future of Bell Bay Secured

Unemployment rises as Liberals gloat over sacked workers

• Pilko, in Comments: Christine Milne’s legacy is enormous.  The first female leader of a political party in Tasmania. Along with Bob Brown a pioneer of power sharing govts in Tasmania, a form of govt that is now an entrenched part of the Tasmanian political landscape. Milne is the mother of climate change in Australia. Milne was talking about climate change in the 80’s long before it was mainstream & was ridiculed for it. Recent ALP PM Kevin Rudd described climate change as the most pressing issue of our generation. Climate Change is now a mainstream issue globally & accepted science. Milne put climate change on the map in Australian politics. In Wesley Vale & beyond Milne stood up to the most dominant & corrupt axis in Tasmanian business & politics. And she beat them.

ABC: Tasmanian bushwalker escapes flames from firebombing helicopter

Wayne Crawford, Mercury: Astride the Balance of Power IT’S a maxim of political journalism that if you manage to offend both sides of the political spectrum equally, you’ve probably got the balance right. If the same can be said of politics itself, then Christine Milne can lay claim to having been one of Australia’s most effective politicians. The first woman leader of a political party in Tasmania and the Australian Greens’ second leader (in both instances taking over from the movement’s founder and father, Bob Brown) she is unequalled in her knowledge on environmental and global climate change issues. There is barely a superlative she has not used in eulogising the Greens, but her commitment to reform of two-party politics is unquestioned.

Austra Maddox: Tasmanian GREENS to hold membership ballot for Federal election candidates

• Peter Bright, in Comments: Andrew Inglis Clarke at #9 draws our attention to a deliberately mean choice of photograph of Christine Milne by the Murdoch press in the Mercury. It’s surely no coincidence that Bob Ellis today comments on Britain’s electoral result thus: “It’s also worth saying that Labour would be in government today if Murdoch had not for the past three years published ugly photos of Miliband, as he did ugly photos of Luke Foley. “In a democracy, stupid people respond to these things.” Quite so, and it’s Nature’s way that stupid people reap the consequences of their stupidity as for example, through Australia’s grotesque Murdoch-imposed Abbott mis-government. Andrew suggests that Rupert is the manipulator behind the Mercury’s choice of photograph, and I suggest that the same nastiness from the same source validates Bob Ellis’s allegation above.

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Double hit of Tassie Pine ... The danger for journos ...

Tassie Pine
04.05.15 5:20 am

Image for Double hit of Tassie Pine ... The danger for journos ...

This is the first of four Tassie Pine’s that concentrate on the dangers for journalists working in places like Russia. It begins benignly enough but there is a dedication to Anna Politkovskaya who Putin supporters murdered in 2006. She is one of 350 who were murdered or “disappeared” in Russia ... yet the Brits and others love Russian money so much they go supine.

AND ...

A Tassie Pine bonus ...

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MEDIA: The system turns journalists into thieves and liars ...

Standpoint. Guardian etc
27.04.15 3:45 am

Image for MEDIA: The system turns journalists into thieves and liars ...

If you want to see the future of online news and entertainment, look at the Mail and see a future neither the Mail nor its enemies want.

• Taxing times for Channel Nine as News Corp bites back  Media reports about Rupert Murdoch’s tax arrangements for News Corp Australia have not pleased the company. Last week Nine’s A Current Affair ran an eight-minute story off the back of Michael West’s Fairfax media report about the amount of tax the company pays.

Byline: Why does the newspaper that has consistently backed the winning prime minister for the last 36 years sound so panicked?

The Independent: If Rupert Murdoch can’t swing it for the Tories, he will lose his grip over Britain Only now are the fruits of Ed Miliband’s laceration of News International four years ago fully ripening

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Public-interest journalism is under threat ...

Carolyn Dunbar, Media, Entertainment, Arts Alliance (MEAA)
22.04.15 4:45 am

Image for Public-interest journalism is under threat ...

Welcome Speech at the Tasmanian Media Awards Tonight is all about celebrating the very best in journalism in Tasmania over the past year. Journalism that keeps our communities informed and entertained. Journalism that is in the public interest. But right now, public interest journalism is under threat. The government’s three tranches of national security laws aim to control information. In the process, the laws seek to criminalise journalism by persecuting and prosecuting whistleblowers who seek to expose illegality, fraud, corruption and threats to public health and safety.

EARLIER ... on Tasmanian Times ...

Media Awards: Tassie Times gets a gong!x

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Media Awards: Tassie Times gets a gong!x

Anna Magnus, National Manager, State Media Awards; Pic*: Mark Horstman.
20.04.15 3:45 am

Image for Media Awards: Tassie Times gets a gong!x

On Friday night the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, announced the Tasmanian Media Awards. The ABC’s Edith Bevin was named Tasmanian Journalist of the Year . Tasmanian Times contributor Bob Burton was the winner in the “Comment and Analysis” category and one of three finalists in the Science, Environment and Health category.

• don knowler, in Comments: … was very depressed last week when the outgoing editor of the guardian in britain said on abc lateline the demise of the printed edition during the life of the incoming editor was inevitable. but on bob burton’s showing, what follows won’t be so bad ...

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A fragment of Balmain history

Rob Walls*, photojournalist
07.04.15 3:30 am

Image for A fragment of Balmain history

The recent discovery of this photograph inspired me to recall a certain event in the history of the inner-city suburb of Balmain. I’m still uncertain whether I should be proud or ashamed to have participated in this example of Sydney seventies binge drinking, but I’m not making excuses, when I say that occasion was culturally richer than it might at first glance, appear.

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Tumult at the Daily Telegraph

Financial Times
06.04.15 3:00 am

Image for Tumult at the Daily Telegraph

Tony Gallagher descended to his office — defeated. The workaholic editor of the Daily Telegraph, widely praised for his role in scoops that exposed MPs’ expense claims, had just been fired. “I’m being sacked because I’m good,” he told his lieutenants. Then he pocketed a last Telegraph memento, a piece of the Black Hawk helicopter damaged in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s house in Pakistan, and walked out of the newsroom for the last time, while staff banged their fists on their desks in a Fleet Street ritual.

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Stop flip-flopping Abbott and help all women

Urban Wronski* http://urbanwronski.com/ Pub: Mar 30. Pic: Tony Abbott's wink ...
30.03.15 3:15 am

Image for Stop flip-flopping Abbott and help all women

The Week that was ... In another fabulous action-packed week of fantastical spinning, bewildering back-flipping, delusion, parliamentary hullabaloo and other manifestations of ‘good,’ ‘adults-in-charge,’ open for business, government, its multi-million dollar turd-polishing media unit was in overdrive. Abbott’s avid fascination with Goebbels lingered on like a fart in a sleeping bag, a noxious emanation impossible to disown or disavow.

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Hockey v Fairfax: another strong headwind buffeting responsible journalism

Richard Ackland, The Guardian. Pic: of Joe Hockey
19.03.15 5:45 am

Image for Hockey v Fairfax: another strong headwind buffeting responsible journalism

There was Joe Hockey, confidently strutting his intergenerational stuff on Monday night’s Q&A.

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Gunns: The Wall of Silence. Sawmiller cash referred to Integrity Commission

Peter Whish-Wilson, Senator for Tasmania Pub: Mar 18
19.03.15 5:00 am

Image for Gunns: The Wall of Silence. Sawmiller cash referred to Integrity Commission

… It has been met by a predictable wall of silence from the Tasmanian establishment, the mainstream media in Tasmania and the two old political parties. That is a shame, considering those not willing to learn from the mistakes of the past are bound to repeat them. In fact, this seems to be the book’s overarching message—that history in Tasmania keeps repeating, and no-one learns or is the wiser for this. Professor Beresford also warns that in many ways the rise and fall of Gunns Ltd is a modern warning about governments and political parties generally developing overly close relationships with big business. Yet much of modern politics is built around such a model of government, both in Australia and overseas. …

Beresford himself admits that ‘the alternative to genuine reform is a grim prospect’, with new rounds of what he labels as ‘politically inspired environmental conflict’ already taking Tasmania back to the ‘cronyism’ and the mistakes of the past. This is reflected in the current proposed logging of controversial coupes, such as Lapoinya— Mr President, in your North-west of Tasmania—or the secret, divisive and controversial drive to attack wilderness and World Heritage values under the smokescreen of new tourism development. …

Watch Peter Whish-Wilson’s Speech on YouTube here

• John Powell, in Comments: Speechless. What a book and what a story of the failure of successive governments and their bureaucratic minions and institutions. I will let others comment on that as I do not have the history. However the example that the good Senator referenced, viz Lapoinya, I am familiar with. All in Government connected with this failure of process, consultation, environmental, endangered species, and indigenous history surveys,economic evaluation etc etc fit the bill of those referenced in the Beresford book. If the Shareholder Ministers, and the relevant CEO, and Board members, were true to their respective Corporate Directors code of ethics they should resign immediately. And a mission to China that contemplates promoting Forestry in Tasmania is a nail in the coffin of the FSC accreditation being undertaken by SCS Global. Time for a “Captains Call” Premier Hodgman and declare that Coupe FD053A is hereby annexed to the adjoining Flowerdale Reserve as was recommended in the 1997 Regional Forest Agreement. This post will be copied to SCS Global overnight.

• John Biggs, in Comments: Beresford is right:  a Royal Commission should be called immediately, but as I understand it that has to be done by the government, and I can see no government Labor or Liberal would have the honesty or the guts to do that.  However he also says the people power might work as it is in CSG mining but that requires massive publicity and a lot of work. Perhaps GetUp could take this on board? And keep plugging away at your Federal colleagues Peter. Meantime, if as Barns says the book is biased, then let Paul Lennon, Paul Harriss, Will Hodgman, Evan Rolley or Brian Green or anyone else who thinks that Beresford has got it wrong, come forward and tell us where, with chapter and verse.

Kim Booth: Harriss Blows More Public Cash on Madcap Sawmill Scheme The Hodgman regime’s latest splash with public cash to prop up the native forest sawmilling industry is stupid and irresponsible, Greens Leader and Forestry spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today. “This is as close as you can get to a corrupt government process,” Mr Booth said. “On the one hand public money was paid to sawmillers to leave the industry because they were going broke and now the same people are receiving additional public money to stay in the industry.” “Sawmillers took payouts because they were financially unviable businesses in the first place.” “Now in an act of total stupidity, Minister Harriss is offering people two options, without there being any requirement to prove that a viable business plan is in place.” “The first option is for a sawmiller to pay back 10 per cent or less of a payout, keep the mill but be restricted to 100 cubic metres per year.” “That is a joke, its less volume necessary to run a viable portable mill, let alone a sawmill.” “The second option ...

Paul Harriss: Keeping sawmillers in Tasmania

Examiner: Sawmillers’ new cash deal

Kim Booth: Sawmill Subsidies Referred to Integrity Commission “I have referred this matter to the Integrity Commission because they are the only body capable of investigating independently this disgraceful affair,” Mr Booth said. “The Hodgman regime has taken money from hospitals and schools and handed it over to selected private sawmill businesses without any justification, and apparently without any performance requirements or conditions.” “To prop up a select few failing businesses with public money, is a dangerous precedent and a gross abuse of trust and power.” “The abusive response from Minister Harriss in parliament today leaves me in no doubt that the government is hiding something and that the Integrity commission should examine the matter.” … “Most Tasmanians expect better than this and regard this sort of behaviour as corrupt and a return to the bad old days when timber barons walked the corridors of power and parliament was their plaything.” “It is deeply disturbing that it looks like Mr Harriss and Mr Hodgman are dragging Tasmania back to those dark and corrupt days of the past where cronyism ran rife,”

Paul Harriss: Greens shameful attack on Tasmanian jobs

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Four Cases ...

Evan Whitton, @EvanWhitton1 http://netk.net.au/whittonhome.asp
16.03.15 2:00 am

Image for Four Cases ...

A little bit mad; only a little bit guilty.  This is Evan Whitton’s revised version of a piece on diminished responsibility which appeared in Justinian on February 7, 2005

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