"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

A Big Week for Boy-Men

Image for A Big Week for Boy-Men

Steve Biddulph* Pic* First published June 27
28.06.16 1:00 pm

We have to get more light into the messed up world of manhood, writes Steve Biddulph

… The problem created by “boy-men” - fully grown men in large bodies, and sometimes in powerful positions, yet with the emotional development of three year-olds - begs for proper understanding.  This small, yet resistant rump of damaged males have so much capacity to do harm that we cannot ignore them any more … 

• Gordon Bradbury in Comments: Good article Mr Biddulph. And I agree entirely. Everyday I witness men behaving badly. Men in positions of power, trust and authority. Being a father to 2 young men (and having very limited parenting skills myself), I am acutely aware of the broken dysfunctional “system” in which families operate. Parenting as a real skill is completely ignored (save by a few people such as Mr Biddulph). Communication and relationship skills are also completely ignored in our education system. Emotional intelligence? What’s that? If we think the current generation of male leaders are bad just wait 20 years. The cult of the ego-driven male has only just begun! The one ray of hope is that social media and the growing power of women will head this disaster off before its too late. There are very few men who seem able or willing to call the problem.

• Bob Hawkins in Comments: When I was a mid-teenage lower-working-class lad, I was given two brief bits of advice from my parents, who probably were shyly doing their best at modern-day (early 1950s) sex education. As if she were confiding a secret, Mum whispered: “Son, always treat every girl as if she was a lady.” Never another word from her on the subject. About the same time, with Mum not around, Dad said: “Son, never go further than she’ll let you.” He said no more. At the time, it sounded like a contradiction. More than 60 years on, I thank both those poorly educated people for their wisdom. Thanks Mum, thanks Dad. At least I had a pretty good idea about what was right and what was wrong. Must be why I ended up in the Far East as a virgin soldier.

• Rossi in Comments: What can we expect from “sports people” when cynical adults have made a lucrative industry (and religion) out of what are essentially children’s games of playing with inflated balls?  Maintaining the complete suspension of credibility undermines any integrity they might show.  It’s not in their interests for the players and audience members to actually grow up - in a world of bread and circuses.

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NATION: The ‘opportunistic Trots ...’

Urban Wronski* http://urbanwronski.com/ . Pic*
27.06.16 4:45 am

Image for NATION: The ‘opportunistic Trots ...’

“They are a bunch of opportunistic Trots hiding behind a gum tree trying to pretend they’re the Labor Party,” claims Paul Keating getting stuck into the Greens in his pal Albo’s inner western Sydney seat of Grayndler which the Labor MP has a chance of losing to the Greens. It’s splendid invective, vintage Keating and a marked contrast with most of the language of this dull, passionless, pedestrian campaign …

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Challenge to LCC’s gift to UTas: LCC DEFEATED

Ray Norman, Launceston Concerned Citizens. http://lcc63.blogspot.com.au/ First published June 6
22.06.16 5:00 am

Image for Challenge to LCC’s gift to UTas: LCC DEFEATED

WEDNESDAY June 22 ...

• Basil Fitch, in Comments: DEFEATED: Result of Public Meeting over gift of land (i.e Willis Street and Old Velodrome site with M.O.U. with Council, State Government and University) defeated in a unanimous motion. A second motion was passed that the land be put on the open market and its valuation tested.

On Tuesday night in Launceston, a public meeting will take place to challenge Launceston Council’s decision to gift land valued something in the order of $5million to the University of Tasmania (UTas).

• Leonard Colquhoun in Comments, HERE: Whatever else happens after these ‘rain events’ in Launceston, one effect should be the washing away of that dodgy UTAS / Inveresk / LCC deal. What say the UTAS Big Wigs down in Hobart are forcibly made to wade through our flooded areas here, in their best bespoke suits and hand-tooled footwear, of course. But, to balance this brickbat, a bouquet: (as far as one can tell) the university’s takeover of the Australian Maritime College has -  so far -  not gutted that highly successful institute of learning, teaching, and training (and, yes, eggheads, that’s as in T-R-A-I-N-I-N-G).

• Ray Norman in Comments: CONTEXT: On Tuesday night a Public Meeting was held in Launceston’s Albert Hall to discuss Launceston Council’s decision to gift land to UTas to facilitate the university’s proposal to relocate nearer to Launceston’s CBD. The Public Meeting was an outcome of a citizens’ initiated petition that called upon Launceston’s Council to call a Public Meeting to discuss the issue. Here are a few ‘dot’ points to summarise Tuesday night’s Public Meeting …

• Ray Norman in Comments: Dear Prime Minister ...

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Perfect storm facing digital news. Latest circulation figs?

Paul Barry, Media Watch, ABC:
17.06.16 4:40 am

Image for Perfect storm facing digital news. Latest circulation figs?

From ad blockers, to Facebook and consumers who refuse to pay. It’s the challenge facing digital news and no one’s sure what the solution is.

• JDDN in Comments: It has nothing to do with the platform of revenue, rather the quality of content that is being produced. I think you’ll find a correlation between loss of revenue and terrible click bait, biased ‘SJW’ themed journalism …

• Mike in Comments: I know it might sound like an absurd idea, but perhaps they could try telling the truth for a change? …

Mumbrella: What appears to be the latest circulation figures …  Merc (M-F) down 4.6 per cent; Merc Sat down 6.5 per cent; Suntas down 5.7 per cent ...

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Joburg: The Lost City

Don Knowler. Pic*
17.06.16 4:30 am

Image for Joburg: The Lost City

Don Knowler returned to Africa recently, more than 40 years after leaving his British homeland to seek adventure working for The Star in Johannesburg. As a reporter in the 1970s, Knowler covered the Soweto riots in 1976 and other events in the anti-apartheid struggle for a newspaper which opposed the South African Government’s policy of racial segregation. He was also chief of the Star’s bureau in Rhodesia during the last two years of the bush war which led to the black-ruled, independent Zimbabwe.

• John Martinkus in Comments: Excellent article Don. Shows the vagaries of history and the consequences. Particularly touched by the image of the poor white Boers begging at the crossroads. Reveals a post colonial legacy not many people understand on a personal level. Also your description of Johannesburg now shows how the black population has suffered both under the former regime and now. Thank you. Best

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In Memoriam ...

Lindsay Tuffin. Pic*
13.06.16 5:35 am

Image for In Memoriam ...

*Pic: In Memoriam ... Please feel free to use, with respect. Image © Giles Hugo 2016. Teach kids to shoot with cameras, rather than guns.

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The beermat of laughter, and loss ...

Don Knowler
12.06.16 6:00 am

Image for The beermat of laughter, and loss ...

… I was talking of working journalists at the time.  What had escaped my recollection of press pubs I had known on four continents was the role they played in the lives of journalists who had retired. Together with being a bridge between work and play, these pubs also served as a meeting place, a point of contact between the working journalist and those who had left the industry. That connection has gone, and this becomes apparent when you retire yourself and lose that link with a profession which has sustained you in income, camaraderie and laughs for a working life, in my case more than 50 years. …

TT Books: Ode to the Ancient Sub-Editor

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Bob’s Tarkine vision ...

Lindsay Tuffin. Pic*
07.06.16 4:14 am

Image for Bob’s Tarkine vision ...

How times change ... My home town’s newspaper The Advocate has devoted an entire front page to Bob Brown’s vision for a trans-Tarkine track to rival the Overland. Change in Tassie is so glacial ... relying as it does with breaking from the past ... and its appalling reliance on past winners: Shree and the Tarkine. Perhaps, just perhaps, times are changing ...: Advocate: Welcome for Tarkine plan ...

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Paul Mason warns political journalists: ‘You have no real idea what is going on’

Martin Belam Guardian in Perugia
18.05.16 11:59 pm

Image for Paul Mason warns political journalists: ‘You have no real idea what is going on’

Ex-Channel 4 News economics editor tells International Journalism Festival that making a film about Greece gave him new insight into reporters’ knowledge

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The Australian Financial Review goes missing on Unaoil scandal

Bob Burton
18.05.16 12:01 am

Image for The Australian Financial Review goes missing on Unaoil scandal

The leaking of a treasure trove of internal documents to The Age unmasking corruption in the global oil industry has triggered global media coverage and triggered police to launch anti-corruption investigations in a raft of countries. But the Australian Financial Review (AFR) – Australia’s only national business newspaper – paid scant attention to the scandal.

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TT: It’s time for an upgrade … with a little help from our friends ...

Editors. First published May 2
04.05.16 6:30 am

Image for TT: It’s time for an upgrade … with a little help from our friends ...

It’s time for an upgrade … with a little help from our friends. With the rise and rise of online readership via mobile devices, Google is making some big changes to how its search engine ranks different websites. Those which rank as having a mobile-friendly design will be upgraded in its search-engine rankings. Those which aren’t considered mobile-friendly will end up becoming far, far less visible to those searching the Internet. So Tasmanian Times needs to upgrade the software the site runs on as soon as possible to make the site mobile-friendly. We will also be making some changes so that articles unique to Tasmanian Times are eligible to be included in the Google News Index, which will help project contributors’ articles out to a much wider audience. Of course, it would be great if the changes cost nothing, but they don’t. All up the changes might cost in the order of $3000 …

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A serve for Third World Internet ...

Mark Shea, overlander.tv
04.05.16 5:40 am

Image for A serve for Third World Internet ...

Mark Shea from overlander.tv gives tight-arsed Third World Internet Aussies a serve: Watch HERE

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Tasmanian Media Awards 2016

Lindsay Tuffin. First published April 24
26.04.16 3:15 am

Image for Tasmanian Media Awards 2016

ABC journalist Michael Atkin was named Journalist of the Year at the Tasmanian Media Awards 2016. Tasmanian Times Bob Burton was a finalist in the Best News Story category with three of his articles on political donations to the Tasmanian Liberal Party and the lack of enforcement of political donations law for political donors.

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Disappointing start to Federal election campaigning

Kym Goodes, CEO TasCOSS Media Release. Pic: Brett Whiteley in parliament
23.04.16 6:35 am

Image for Disappointing start to Federal election campaigning

Following Brett Whiteley’s attack on Tasmanian youth, single mums and other battlers today ( Advocate HERE ), TasCOSS calls on all Tasmanian politicians and candidates to show leadership and take a respectful stance on social issues while campaigning during the long election race ahead.

… “I believe Tasmanians are heartily sick of politics that turns our communities and neighbours against each other as if their lack of opportunity, rather than a lack of strong leadership, is to blame,” Ms Goodes said. “If that sort of divisive politics is how this campaign starts, the next 10 weeks will do nothing to improve Federal leadership in our State.

Mercury: No pay, no rent for our youth as Centrelink allowance delays leave Tasmanian students floundering

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The role of white privilege in the 60 Minutes kidnapping saga

Brisbane Times
18.04.16 2:47 am

Image for The role of white privilege in the 60 Minutes kidnapping saga

A major news organisation has shown an extraordinary lapse in judgment by exploiting a mother’s pain and taking part in a serious crime, writes Ruby Hamad.

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Inbred, fat: Liberal MP attacks political advisers

16.04.16 5:30 am

Image for Inbred, fat: Liberal MP attacks political advisers

Inbred, fat, abnormal: that’s the extraordinary connection made by a South Australian Liberal MP in his latest spray at the political class in South Australia.

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In Lebanon, 60 Minutes was creating a racist fiction for senior xenophobes

Helen Razer, Crikey. Pic: of Tara Brown
15.04.16 5:51 am

Image for In Lebanon, 60 Minutes was creating a racist fiction for senior xenophobes

In the very unlikely case you’ve not yet heard of the possibly illegal and almost certainly irrational actions of an Australian TV news crew in Beirut, know that the rest of the world now has.

Full yarn ...

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Van Badham’s freedom of speech for some?

Isla MacGregor, First published April 8
08.04.16 4:30 am

Image for Van Badham’s freedom of speech for some?

Recent twitter comments on 6th April from Guardian Australia columnist Van Badham in support of the sextrade’s campaign to derail the World’s Oldest Oppression conference being held at RMIT this weekend, have many people questioning if Van Badham has any genuine commitment to freedom of speech or not.

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The Saturday Paper: Speaking Up ...

02.04.16 3:00 am

Image for The Saturday Paper: Speaking Up ...

• Inside our state propaganda fix

• Love Makes a Way members sit down and speak up

• Paul Bongiorno: Turnbull’s cunning double dissolution election ploy

• Paul Bongiorno: Malcolm Turnbull’s tax reform plan a work in progress

All in The Saturday Paper, HERE

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How the media does terror’s work

Steve Biddulph* First published March 26
28.03.16 4:00 am

Image for How the media does terror’s work

Amid the cleanup of the Belgian terror attacks, some questions are being asked that were softly spoken after Paris, and even whispered after New York’s 9/11.  In essence - with our media’s focus on the dramatic, the visual, and the violent, are we abetting terror.  Are we ourselves the means which small groups use to make big impacts - to frighten millions and more importantly, influence the direction of world events to damage all our lives.

• Bob Hawkins in Comments: The Australian public should acknowledge that the flow of boat people to Australia was never more than a trickle, especially if compared with what’s been going on in the Mediterranean and across the borders of southern Europe. The media, especially Murdoch’s, must take a lot of blame for this. Voters should be reminded that, whichever big party they choose to run their country, it will be led by a state-sanctioned child abuser; and he will appoint an immigration minister, who, by taking the job, will be indicating his willingness also to be a child abuser. We, as a nation, should be a lot better than that.

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And the winner is ...

Editor. Pic*
26.03.16 3:30 am

Image for And the winner is ...

And the winner is: On Albatross Island, 2015 by Matthew Newton

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