"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Dylan: The Simple Twist of Fate ...

Image for Dylan: The Simple Twist of Fate ...

Don Knowler* First published October 24
26.10.16 4:35 am

The decision of the Nobel awards committee to give Bob Dylan its prize for literature has met with a mixed response. Among those applauding the decision is Don Knowler, who remembers the momentous night he finally got to see his hero perform in Townsville and the simple twist of fate which nearly cost him his job.

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Is a door flying open on Geelong Star ... ?

Kelvin Jones* Pic*: of 'Geelong Star' from fleetMon.com First published October 5
07.10.16 4:00 pm

Image for Is a door flying open on Geelong Star ... ?

I was going to pose this question in comments to see if any of the fishing folk interested could answer. However, my own inquires have given me the answer …

EARLIER on Tasmanian Times ...

Likely cause of Basslink failure is the Geelong Star

Mercury: Basslink II an energy sequel Tasmania would be best to avoid

ABC: Matthew Groom to use energy meeting to make case for second Bass Strait cable

• Pete Godfrey in Comments: Hi Kelvin, there is historical ships position data available but unfortunately we have to pay to get it. It seems that data stored on computers costs heaps to supply. If we want data on who owns a company, we can look up ASIC records and pay to see the information. Now we can look up data on ships on sites such as AIS Vessel Tracking but again we have to pay. John Hawkins said in your previous article that Basslink have left the off cuts of the cable on the ocean floor. I would have thought that with the price of scrap copper these days that they would have recovered it, even if it was to buy a few years’ grog supply for the shipmates.

Bryan Green: Groom bets it all on a second Bass Strait cable

Rosalie Woodruff: Second Basslink rationale back to front

news.com.au: Tas push agenda at national energy meeting

• Pete Godfrey in Comments: This is a bit of a stab in the dark. I am wondering if the rush to get a second Basslink cable has more sinister reasons. The possibilities are endless but lets look at a couple. First Tasmania is almost totally reliant on Hydro Power. The Dams have a finite lifespan. Already Lake Rowallan Dam has needed extensive repairs to prevent failure. What if the Government know more than they are letting on. Wouldn’t that be novel …

ABC: Concerns Hydro Tasmania’s revised target for dam water storages will raise power prices

• Kelvin Jones in Comments: … A friend of mine in UK has been reading Tas Times ... he is an ex-academic and lived for a number of years in Australia. He has quite a sardonic turn of phrase ... here is a sample of his comments about Tasmania: “I followed the latest comments on the BassLink saga in the Tasmanian Times. Quite a multi-faceted debate is it not? Enough of you ‘stirrers’ exist to suggest the Geelong Star is culpable. From this part of the world, the State Government’s avoidance behaviour and disingenuousness seems absurd. Tassie is a relatively small place. The truth will out eventually. Better to face it now. I note that the Tassie Times considers itself a “cheeky, irreverent” alternative to mainstream media. It certainly appears to be that. Reading it as an outsider the impression created is of an island populated by seething malcontents, venal local councillors, devious soothsayers, single-agenda activists, and anti-government anarchists for whom any form of “rule” is the stuff of nightmares. Makes for a fun read though …

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Passion in the raw down Huon way. SACKED! Taylor is Commissioner ...

Bob Hawkins* Pic* First published September 28
07.10.16 1:00 pm

Image for Passion in the raw down Huon way. SACKED! Taylor is Commissioner ...

FRIDAY, October 7 ...

Mercury: Former Glenorchy mayor and Elwick MLC Adriana Taylor new Commissioner of Huon Valley Council … “At the end of that period, the Government will decide whether to extend the Commissioner’s contract or to call fresh elections.” …

• Bob Hawkins in Comments: Now that the council is sacked, a commissioner can delve deeply into the administrative entrails of HVC. I think there is far more to find there than you would ever be able to find out about the individual actions of all nine sacked councillors. Expect a steady roll-out out of places to look, and matters to consider, over coming weeks. I’m sure the commissioner would welcome contributions from anyone who thinks they have something to say about the performance of their council down the years. In the meantime, I suggest the commissioner starts reading all four-score or so submissions that good people of the Huon made to the Board of Inquiry team. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if the commissioner had some long, confidential sessions (that is, with no one else present) with the two members of the BoI. It will be a happy day when people can look forward to a brand new council and a brand new management, preferably in tandem with the good people of Kingborough. That would mean massive admin and operational savings and, more importantly, a severing of the age-old nexus between council and certain valley interests.

Peter Gutwein: Appointment of a Commissioner of the Huon Valley Council

THURSDAY, October 6 ...

ABC: Peter Gutwein completes troubled Huon Valley Council’s dismissal

Labor: Disappointing result in the Huon Valley

• Bob Hawkins in Comments: #19. That’s a great basis on which to start the future of LG in the HV. Most importantly, we must remember — now that Gutwein has sacked the councillors — that the commissioner makes it a main task to assemble a completely new senior management team to complete the clean-out. I’m pointing no fingers. It’s just that LG in the Huon, whether on its own or, preferably amalgamated with Kingborough, re-starts with a completely clean sheet — new councillors and new management — so that no one, not even the chief stirrer for new elections (and eternal but forever unsuccessful mayoral aspirant) will have anything to complain about.

Peter Gutwein: Huon Valley Council This morning at a meeting of the Executive Council, I recommended to Her Excellency the Governor that she dismiss the Huon Valley Council. Her Excellency agreed to that request and I have today written to each of the Huon Valley Councillors informing them of that decision. This is not something that the Government takes lightly, but this is an appropriate response to a very serious situation …


Huon Valley Guessing Games  Roll up, roll up! It may be your last chance to witness what normally is one of the most excruciatingly boring shows on earth. Venue: Huonville council chamber at 6pm Wednesday (September 28); starring: a dysfunctional, about-to-be-sacked, Huon Valley Council.

What it is that made Gutwein so reluctant to take the advice of his BoI remains a mystery. Words like forestry, Duggan, woodchips, fish, Armstrong, biomass, Harriss, barges, jetties, exports (plus a mix of other pie-in-the-sky speculation), have been flying around for yonks in the cargo-cult cocoon that occupies a substantial chunk of Huon society. Could any of these have anything to do with the quandary with which Gutwein wrestles? And where’s Premier Will Hodgman?  …


Mercury: Councillors heckled from public gallery in tense meeting

Geoffrey Swan, Lonnavale: More confirmation of dysfunction at tonight’s HVC council meeting … Since posting my comment in Tasmania Times I have heard from others who manipulated the survey data. I can now confirm that in excess of 102 of the survey results, complete with one line comments were completed by only 7 people – and 2 live in Hobart. Therefore 27% of the survey is CORRUPT DATA – and that is only from people with whom I have personally been in contact. How is it possible that Cr’s Wilson, Paul, Lange, Ruzicka and Heron can agree to accept the data as being of any future use whatsoever? …


Probe into Glenorchy Council tape

• Robin Charles Halton in Comments: … Eventually Peter Gutwein will have to sack the Huon Council, the longer he leaves it the worse it will get. It seems the Liberal government are stuck in the past too!

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Digital economy is our fifth pillar ...

Madeleine Ogilvie MP*, Labor Member for Denison
19.09.16 11:00 am

Image for Digital economy is our fifth pillar ...

“The internet is a telephone system that’s gotten uppity” Clifford Stoll. In that one phrase, US based author and tech commentator Clifford Stoll, nails the Tasmanian challenge …

Our digital economy is the fifth pillar of the Tasmanian economy - and we can grow our intellectual exports, consulting and professional services, data management and creative economy. At the heart of Tasmania’s ability to operate, trade, educate, heal and employ is a robust communications infrastructure.  It is precisely because we have had such a good system that on a day to day basis many of us don’t need to give much thought to whether we will be able to access our Facebook today, do some online shopping or upload data to sell on the mainland …

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TT upgrade .. and glitches ...

Lindsay Tuffin. First published September 4
19.09.16 4:15 am

Image for TT upgrade .. and glitches ...

In case you are experiencing problems loading TT, it is because Andrew the Tech is upgrading TT ... for which Beloved Readers have so generously donated heaps. The technol underpinning TT is about 10 years out of date. Hence the upgrade. There may be glitches ... but the end result will be wondrous ... well, little will change for the gentle readership. But heaps for the Backend. Blessings, Linz!x There will be a delay in uploading the latest Urban Wronski, a feature from Madeleine Ogilvie MP ... and the very latest Ted Mead

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How low can Huon’s council go?

Bob Hawkins* Pic: Cr Mike Wilson, Mayor Peter Coad and General Manager Simone Watson
14.09.16 4:30 pm

Image for How low can Huon’s council go?

Huon Valley Guessing Games The bad news from the Deep South is that the secretive Huon Valley Council has sunk to even deeper depths of contempt for the people who own it. …

Mercury: Peter Gutwein calls for Huon Mayor to resign in the interests of Huon Valley community

Rosalie Woodruff (former HVC councillor: Gutwein Ignores Board of Inquiry, Sets Up Huon Valley Mayor

Saturday Mercury: Fresh elections best way for Huon, governance expert says

Rosalie Woodruff: Huon Valley Council Mediation Fruitless, Fresh Elections Needed

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How Rupert Murdoch went bad ...

Evan Whitton* Satire: Leunig, http://www.leunig.com.au/ used with permission. First pub: Aug 9
13.08.16 5:45 am

Image for How Rupert Murdoch went bad ...

According to Evan Whitton, Rupert Murdoch went bad 56 years ago, and stayed bad ... Always with an eye on the main chance for number one ... The Rupert Max Stuart affair ... The role of Sol Chandler ... Playing tootsies with Gorton and Whitlam ... Hacking and Milly Dowler ... Wilful blindness

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Tasmania’s Power Crisis ...

John Hawkins, Chudleigh. Pic: of Tamar Valley Power Station. First published: January 7, 2014
08.08.16 4:00 am

Image for Tasmania’s Power Crisis ...

AUGUST 8, 2016 ...

Ed: It’s time to revisit this ... again ...

ABC: Major industrials weighing up their future in Tasmania, says Bryan Green The Tasmanian Treasurer is challenging the Opposition Leader to name which major industrial has been spooked by the Government’s energy policies …

• Pete Godfrey in Comments: I read a very interesting letter a couple of days ago, from a retired technician. His letter was about the Basslink cable. With the help of a few retired technician friends they have come to the conclusion that the Basslink cable was hit at speed by a large heavy object. So it seems that something being dragged by a vessel caused the damage to the cable. Was it the Super Trawler, or a Scallop Dredge. Hopefully someone will have details of what vessels were operating in the area of the damage when the cable went down. Then they will have to decide who is to blame. Was the cable laid on the surface of the sea bed rather than being buried? Were the regulations around shipping and trawling near the cable too lax? Whichever way it goes, we will end up paying. Some lunatic will soon decide that we need more cables just in case it happens again.

JANUARY 16, 2016 ...

Ed: It’s time to revisit this ... Sacked staff have been hired and the plant taken out of mothballs in order to restart the Tamar Valley Power Station. I believe we have been and/or still are paying for Take or Pay contracts for the gas even when the power station is closed; the contracts being protected under commercial-in-confidence legislation. Will the Premier elucidate? At least with the reopening of the power station we will now use the gas we pay for. How did the Bass Link Cable get damaged? It has been suggested in jest to me that it was ripped up by the factory freezer trawler? Well, the depth of Bass Strait is just a very shallow 50m, so it is very possible. Now that would be an Act of God ... A God who exerts his vengeance on Tasmania for wreaking havoc over the land, sea and air in this most beautiful realm!

Robert Mallett in Comments HERE: Tasmanian Small Business Council calls for commitment to Tamar Valley Power Station

ABC: Tasmanian Government examines long-term green energy options after power woes

Mercury Editorial: Double crisis pushes limits

• Richard Barton in Comments: The state of Tasmania can now be seen in the Examiner’s article on government salaries ( HERE: Sky-high incomes just don’t add up ). We are clearly being ripped off by third rate bureaucrats and politicians who don’t have the capability to assure security of basics like power, water, food, medical services, education and transport. We’re all working harder to sustain incompetent governors and managers and to pay even more to help recover from their hopeless efforts.

• Steve in Comments … The basic reality is that the hydro ran the dams low to cash in prior to the abolition of the carbon tax. The moment the tax structure changed, they should have been firing up the gas turbines. The gas bill should have been covered by the windfall profits just made and the dams allowed to refill. Instead, like any surplus money in Tasmania, the profits were siphoned off and all of a sudden we have a crisis of empty dams? …

JANUARY 7, 2014 ...

• Gilmour ... have you heard about a Tamar Valley power station?

In Sunday’s Examiner Martin Gilmour, aka the Whistle Blower, continued his anti-Green rants — this time over electricity prices.

• Pete Godfrey, in Comments: Just a short list of bad decisions: Selling - Royal Derwent Hospital for $350 thousand when it was valued at $65 million. - Using Retirement benefit funds to buy a grossly overpriced Hobart Airport. - Flogging off Brighton Army base for $180 thousand when it was valued at $6.5 million. - Selling the Old LGH because it was a derelict building (now it is a 5 star hotel and conference centre). - Basslink. - Tamar power station. - Gunns special deals, compensation and gifting them our native forests and paying them to take it. Bringing Ta Ann to Tasmania to finish off the pillaging of our forests. When do they have to take responsibility.

• Steve, in Comments: Since the supply of witches dried up, they write editorials about the Greens instead.

Robert Mallett in Comments HERE: Tasmanian Small Business Council calls for commitment to Tamar Valley Power Station

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Melbourne Writers’ Festival Panel Dispute Exposes Anti-Survivor Agenda

Simone Watson*
06.08.16 4:30 am

Image for Melbourne Writers’ Festival Panel Dispute Exposes Anti-Survivor Agenda

In the spirit of the popular ‘sex workers are under-represented’ stance, repeated by liberal media and prostitution advocates, ad-nauseum, Daily Life has published yet another article repeating the myth. The author, Kate Iselin, aside from being a self-described “sex worker” and published writer, is also “furious.”

In TT Books: Flanagan at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival

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FIRST DAY ... August

All Photos © Giles Hugo 2016.
01.08.16 5:00 am

Image for FIRST DAY ... August

On the first day of each month Tasmanian Times celebrates the natural world ... Prints of Giles Hugo’s stunning photographs are available from The Nolan Gallery, Salamanca, Hobart.

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Four Corners: Dylan Voller releases letter apologising for crimes, thanking community for support

ABC. Image: Supplied to ABC First published July 27
28.07.16 6:05 am

Image for Four Corners: Dylan Voller releases letter apologising for crimes, thanking community for support

Dylan Voller, one of the teenage boys whose mistreatment in juvenile detention was exposed by Four Corners, has written a letter thanking the Australian public for their support.

• Lynne Newington in Comments: Wonderful article by Stan Grant who said it all. HERE

Peter Bright Satire:  Courageous but outnumbered officers facing huge danger from an overwhelming threat

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How technology disrupted the truth ...

Katharine Viner, Guardian. Pic*: myrealnameispete, Flickr
15.07.16 4:45 am

Image for How technology disrupted the truth ...

Lindsay Tuffin: This is an incredibly important story ... with immense implications for a free and fair society. Please read it ... I’ve picked the most important bits ... but the whole dang thing is worth time digesting properly ... Social media has swallowed the news – threatening the funding of public-interest reporting and ushering in an era when everyone has their own facts. But the consequences go far beyond journalism

• Simon Warriner in Comments: You are right, Linz. This is an important story, and an important issue. Real journalism costs real money, and if it cannot be done in the commercial realm then it needs to be funded through the collective mechanisms of government. To get that to happen we need a representative government that is, first and foremost, concerned with serving the common good. Hands up those who can see one of those anywhere close?

• Prem Saraswati in Comments: It is now too late, the proverbial horse is down the road and in the next county. This article omits the major impact of the Neo-Conservative agenda world wide and led by Uncle Rupert to misguide and dumb down the first world in the pursuit of more and more wealth domination by the elite of societies everywhere. It is then no wonder that people are turning en masse away from mainstream traditional journalism.

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CHILCOT REPORT: Crushing Iraq War verdict ...

Lindsay Tuffin*. Pic: DonkeyHotey, Flickr, First published July 7
14.07.16 5:35 am

Image for CHILCOT REPORT: Crushing Iraq War verdict ...

This time it didn’t work, despite millions worldwide marching in protest ... Forty five (or was it six) years ago I reported the marches which - by sheer people power - led eventually to the end of the Vietnam War. They were huge, even in Hobart. And I was a fringe dweller, deeply sympathetic to the cause of ending the war, but ‘objectively’ reporting from the sidelines of the march. Not so in 2002. I, along with thousands in Hobart, marched against the invasion of Iraq

Andrew Wilkie in Media HERE: … Then Prime Minister John Howard took Australia to war on the basis of a lie and stands accused of war crimes. That he has never been held to account, and that his Foreign Minister Alexander Downer is now Australian High Commissioner to London, is quite simply outrageous …

• Hans Willink in Comments: … At the time I was still a member of the Liberal Party and a member of the Army Reserve. With options to protest limited without “leaving the tent”, I chose to piss from within it. As a Branch President attending the annual Tasmanian Liberal State conference, I tabled a constitutional amendment limiting the declaration of war powers of Australian Prime Ministers. Needless to say, I was out gamed by “he who must not be named”, who placed the motion last on the agenda, thereby ensuring insufficient time for it to be debated or voted on …

Read for yourself ... The Iraq inquiry

Guardian Opinion: A country ruined, trust shattered, a reputation trashed

• Tim Thorne in Comments: Wars are great for business.  The Iraq War 2003—? has been the most profitable yet.  Such wars will continue as long as ripping children’s limbs off continues to fund Armani suits and luxury holidays. It is dangerously subversive to protest against one of the chief props of our capitalist way of life.  Without war we would be much poorer.  Of course, as we are a democratic society, those of us who choose to do so will be allowed to protest for as long as we are ineffective. But it might be worth pondering that phrase “will be allowed”.  Are you comforted or scared by the fact that there is permission being given, a situation which implies that such permission could be withdrawn at any time, and which assumes that there is a permission giver?

Independent: Iraq and the Rupert Murdoch connection: The media mogul’s network of pro-war campaigners Back in 2003, the Murdoch-owned press beat the drum for the Iraq War, but few of the key players got a mention in the Chilcot report

Bazza’s view: ‘The Iraq conflict is going swimmingly. I expect oil ...’

Tim Dunlop: Journalism, power and taking sides

• Lynne Newington in Comments: An article worthy of mention, written by Professor of International Politics Mark Beeson on The Conversation, HERE

Katharine Viner, Guardian: How technology disrupted the truth Social media has swallowed the news – threatening the funding of public-interest reporting and ushering in an era when everyone has their own facts. But the consequences go far beyond journalism

• Geoff Mosley in Comments: Re the inquiry (56) concerning the closing off of the Antarctic to all military action and mineral activities the details can be found in my book ‘Saving the Antarctic Wilderness’. The Antarctic Treaty was signed in 1959 and came into force in 1961. In 1991 the Madrid Protocol banned all mineral activity indefinitely and designated Antarctic as a ‘Natural Reserve for Peace and Science’. It entered into force in 1998. The obvious next step is for all nations to share the finest example of international cooperation for peace and conservation by having the continent included on the World Heritage List. Unfortunately, we are going through a long phase where vision is in very short supply.

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MEDIA: Perfect storm facing digital news. Latest circn figs? Guardian’s great article ...

Paul Barry, Media Watch, ABC. First published June 17
12.07.16 5:20 am

Image for MEDIA: Perfect storm facing digital news. Latest circn figs? Guardian’s great article ...

From ad blockers, to Facebook and consumers who refuse to pay. It’s the challenge facing digital news and no one’s sure what the solution is.

• JDDN in Comments: It has nothing to do with the platform of revenue, rather the quality of content that is being produced. I think you’ll find a correlation between loss of revenue and terrible click bait, biased ‘SJW’ themed journalism …

• Mike in Comments: I know it might sound like an absurd idea, but perhaps they could try telling the truth for a change? …

Mumbrella: What appears to be the latest circulation figures …  Merc (M-F) down 4.6 per cent; Merc Sat down 6.5 per cent; Suntas down 5.7 per cent ...

Katharine Viner, Guardian: How technology disrupted the truth Social media has swallowed the news – threatening the funding of public-interest reporting and ushering in an era when everyone has their own facts. But the consequences go far beyond journalism …

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A Mobile-Friendly Upgrade Report ...

Lindsay Tuffin*.
12.07.16 5:15 am

Image for A Mobile-Friendly Upgrade Report ...

First of all a huge thanks to the monthly supporters including JB, PJB, AD, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Monthly Subs, O’Dw, N&CG, WB, among others. Thankyou Guyzzzz …

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Tonight (Mon): ABC Australian Story. Tonight (Wed), Wild Island: Collaboration for a Cause ...

Matt Newton, http://www.matthewnewton.com.au/ Pic: Matt's pic of Paul Pritchard
11.07.16 5:07 am

Image for Tonight (Mon): ABC Australian Story. Tonight (Wed), Wild Island: Collaboration for a Cause ...

Here are a few BTS images from tonights episode of Australian Story, The Longest Expedition. The way this story came about is pretty fantastic.

Tomorrow (Wed), 7pm Wild Island: Rachael Alderman, Matt Newton: Collaboration for a Cause: A presentation by Biologist Rachael Alderman and Photographer Matthew Newton, and hosted by ABC Catalyst presenter, Mark Horstman.

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Melbourne = somewhere. Hobart = nowhere. The way it always has been ...

Simon Barber
10.07.16 9:00 am

Image for Melbourne = somewhere. Hobart = nowhere. The way it always has been ...

… Why I am bothering to write this? Because an event of historical cultural significance took place on that Tuesday evening in Hobart without a single review: evidently due to a quota on the number of local cultural events to receive a write-up issued by editorial staff located in Melbourne. Melbourne = somewhere. Hobart = nowhere. The way it always has been. So, location, at least, does evidently continue to matter after all. What about quality then? Michael Kieran-Harvey is perceived in the media as a controversial figure mostly due to being extraordinarily talented but not particularly vain. Thus airs and graces, fooling around with stupid manners and dumb ego stroking, tend to be curtly dispensed with in his public dealings. He is outspoken but not mealy-mouthed. He can entertain with élan equivalent to that of the late, widely-placarded Tasmanian Errol Flynn, enjoys an equivalent standing in his own field but, of course, Tasmania – despite improving at cricket since I was a boy, MONA as well as local writer Richard Flanagan recently winning the Man Booker Prize – seems as ever before neither willing nor able to support or acknowledge world class within its midst …

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NATIONAL, STATE: Lesson learned ...

Hans Willink*. Pic: of Hans Willink. First published July 8
09.07.16 5:59 am

Image for NATIONAL, STATE: Lesson learned ...

And so the election count continues. Who will form Government may be uncertain but sadly one result is very clear, my own. I have been well and truly trounced! I can understand why I was out polled on primary votes by the Sex Party 3:1, but a more bitter pill to swallow was being beaten by Pauline Hanson’s one nation 6:1, without her having run a campaign.

• Hans Willink in Comments: … At the start of the campaign, I emailed the Editors of all the major Tasmanian newspapers outlining the stark differences in advertising budgets between well resourced (at taxpayer expense) incumbent MPs and micro-parties/independents running their campaigns on the smell of an oily rag. I suggested that they publish a broad sheet the weekend before the election that reflected the ballot paper and included short descriptions, of equal size, in the candidates own words. Such a broadsheet would be similar to council ballot papers and appreciated by senior citizens in particular. The Mercury adopted the suggestion and I thank them for it. The Examiner and Advocate, on the other hand, merely saw the suggestion as just another opportunity to exploit, publishing the guide but charging exorbitant rates ($‘000s), thereby destroying the original intent to help create a level playing field with equal sized and free candidate descriptions. Many candidates, including myself could not afford to accept their avaricious offer. Lastly, neither the Examiner or the Advocate published a single word on the candidature of my Launceston based running mate, Jin-oh Choi, the only Tasmanian candidate of Asian descent (and indeed the only Australian candidate of Korean descent) in the election. For papers supposedly committed to independence and providing equal coverage, they clearly did not do so. 

MEANWHILE ... Woodchips ...

ABC: Woodchip exports to resume from Hobart waterfront, Government promises low truck traffic Includes pic of Peter Gutwein in Hi-Viz looking meaningful ... What the Libs and Greens say, TT Media HERE

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Tasmania leads the NATION ...

Urban Wronski* http://urbanwronski.com/ . Pic* Firsst published July 4
05.07.16 5:15 am

Image for Tasmania leads the NATION ...

Tasmania leads the nation, Saturday, in a clean sweep of Liberal-held lower house seats, which sees its three amigos, Eric Hutchinson, Andrew Nikolic and Brett Whiteley, sent packing. In the contest for Tasmania’s 12 Senate seats, the fates of sixth-listed Labor senator Lisa Singh and non-Abbott man listed fifth, Liberal senator Richard Colbeck, may take weeks to be finalised.

Bolshie Senate to one side and leaving the witch-hunt over illegal scare-mongering alone, Labor’s Brian Mitchell expresses something which, sadly is too easy for the complete, modern corporate statesman or party hack to overlook. It goes to the heart of Labor’s Tasmanian victory and may be one key to the post-Brexit Labor success across the nation. For Mitchell the result is, “Just an amazing feeling. I’m the son of a school cleaner, my mum cleaned schools, my dad was a factory hand, to think that their son is now in Federal Parliament; that’s the Labor story.”  …

Peter Martin, Economics Editor, The Age, Fairfax: Election 2016: ‘Mediscare’ campaign worked because voters were already scared Scare campaigns only work when they reinforce or add to what is already known.

Latest analysis from Dr Kevin Bonham ...

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A Big Week for Boy-Men

Steve Biddulph* Pic* First published June 27
30.06.16 5:15 am

Image for A Big Week for Boy-Men

We have to get more light into the messed up world of manhood, writes Steve Biddulph

… The problem created by “boy-men” - fully grown men in large bodies, and sometimes in powerful positions, yet with the emotional development of three year-olds - begs for proper understanding.  This small, yet resistant rump of damaged males have so much capacity to do harm that we cannot ignore them any more … 

• Gordon Bradbury in Comments: Good article Mr Biddulph. And I agree entirely. Everyday I witness men behaving badly. Men in positions of power, trust and authority. Being a father to 2 young men (and having very limited parenting skills myself), I am acutely aware of the broken dysfunctional “system” in which families operate. Parenting as a real skill is completely ignored (save by a few people such as Mr Biddulph). Communication and relationship skills are also completely ignored in our education system. Emotional intelligence? What’s that? If we think the current generation of male leaders are bad just wait 20 years. The cult of the ego-driven male has only just begun! The one ray of hope is that social media and the growing power of women will head this disaster off before its too late. There are very few men who seem able or willing to call the problem.

• Bob Hawkins in Comments: When I was a mid-teenage lower-working-class lad, I was given two brief bits of advice from my parents, who probably were shyly doing their best at modern-day (early 1950s) sex education. As if she were confiding a secret, Mum whispered: “Son, always treat every girl as if she was a lady.” Never another word from her on the subject. About the same time, with Mum not around, Dad said: “Son, never go further than she’ll let you.” He said no more. At the time, it sounded like a contradiction. More than 60 years on, I thank both those poorly educated people for their wisdom. Thanks Mum, thanks Dad. At least I had a pretty good idea about what was right and what was wrong. Must be why I ended up in the Far East as a virgin soldier.

• Rossi in Comments: What can we expect from “sports people” when cynical adults have made a lucrative industry (and religion) out of what are essentially children’s games of playing with inflated balls?  Maintaining the complete suspension of credibility undermines any integrity they might show.  It’s not in their interests for the players and audience members to actually grow up - in a world of bread and circuses.

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NATION: The ‘opportunistic Trots ...’

Urban Wronski* http://urbanwronski.com/ . Pic*
27.06.16 4:45 am

Image for NATION: The ‘opportunistic Trots ...’

“They are a bunch of opportunistic Trots hiding behind a gum tree trying to pretend they’re the Labor Party,” claims Paul Keating getting stuck into the Greens in his pal Albo’s inner western Sydney seat of Grayndler which the Labor MP has a chance of losing to the Greens. It’s splendid invective, vintage Keating and a marked contrast with most of the language of this dull, passionless, pedestrian campaign …

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