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Media statement from the family of Vanessa Goodwin

Will Hodgman, Premier
26.03.17 1:10 pm

We are very grateful for the messages of love and support from Vanessa’s friends, colleagues and the wider Tasmanian community.

Our priority now is for Vanessa’s health and wellbeing. We understand that Vanessa is a public figure, but we ask that her privacy be respected to allow Vanessa to focus on her care over the coming weeks.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff at the Royal Hobart Hospital for their professionalism and dedicated care of Vanessa.


Fine International Fare in Moonah

Elise Archer, Speaker of the House of Assembly Liberal Member for Denison
26.03.17 1:09 pm

Today it was my great pleasure to officially open the Moonah Taste of the World Festival, held at Benjafield Park in the heart of my electorate. This will be the seventh annual Festival which I have supported and seen grow in popularity every year.
The event celebrates cultural diversity, multicultural heritage and social inclusion in the Glenorchy municipality and southern Tasmania, through food, dance, art, craft and music.
The Festival showcases and encourages everyone in our community to celebrate a broad range of cultures including Indian, Bhutanese, Liberian, Tibetan and many more. The rich cultural diversity that migrant communities bring to Tasmania makes an invaluable contribution to the fabric of our society, particularly in Glenorchy.
Glenorchy is the most culturally diverse municipality in Tasmania, with 17.8% of residents in West Moonah alone speaking a language other than English at home, compared to an average of 4.5% statewide.
This week being Harmony Week it is fitting there are more than 30 food stalls selling delicious cuisines from across the world, as well as performances and demonstrations, and the Festival always has something for the whole family to enjoy.
The Tasmanian Government has also been a long-term supporter of the festival, and I am again pleased to continue supporting it this year with $8 000 towards staging costs for the event. The Glenorchy City Council and the Council’s Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee have played a vital role in the Festival’s organisation, and I congratulate them all on another spectacular event.


What if All I Want is a Mediocre Life?

26.03.17 5:13 am


What if I all I want is a small, slow, simple life? What if I am most happy in the space of in between? Where calm lives. What if I am mediocre and choose to be at peace with that?

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Hundreds rally in Newcastle as part of March Australia
26.03.17 4:39 am


Around a dozen rallies were held across the country today, including in Newcastle, as part of the March Australia movement …

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Urgent appeal to fight famine and hunger

Naomi Steer National Director Australia for UNHCR
25.03.17 3:08 pm


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Statement regarding the Hon Vanessa Goodwin

25.03.17 3:06 pm

I am extremely saddened to hear of the hospitalisation of Tasmania’s Attorney-General, the Hon. Vanessa Goodwin MLC, with brain tumours.
Ms Goodwin has dedicated her life to the service of the Tasmanian people and has acquired the respect of all sides of politics.
As someone that has also been diagnosed with brain tumours, and has returned afterward to public life, I fervently hope that Ms Goodwin will make a similar recovery.
My thoughts are with her and her family at this difficult time, and during the long and difficult journey ahead.
Unfortunately brain tumours are one of the most poorly understood diseases, and is often difficult to diagnose. I experienced symptoms for ten years before being diagnosed.
Common symptoms include headaches; seizures; loss of touch and movement control; hearing loss; vision loss; fatigue; depression; & behavioural and cognitive changes. I encourage anyone to see their GP if they have any concerns.
More information on brain tumours and cancers is available at:


Milestone achievement for Nyrstar

Will Hodgman, Premier
25.03.17 3:01 pm

Nyrstar’s Hobart zinc smelter has today chalked up a significant milestone, officially marking 100 years of continuous operation.
The smelter and its ubiquitous chimneys has now been a fixture of Hobart’s skyline since World War I, and it’s hard to imagine Hobart without it.
Generations of Tasmanians have worked at the smelter over the last 100 years, witnessing first-hand the great advances in technology, changes to environmental practices and improvements in safety over that time.
Today, Nyrstar remains a vital part of Tasmania’s economy, employing 600 people with another 3,500 Tasmanians indirectly dependent on the smelter, pumping around $70 million into the Tasmanian economy each year through wages paid to employees and contractors.
In total, the smelter contributes around $800 million towards Tasmania’s Gross State Product and 24 per cent of Tasmania’s total export value.
We’ve always clearly said that while it’s important to support growth in areas like tourism, the resources sector is one of our state’s most critical industries.
That’s why my Government has backed Nyrstar to modernise and expand with an agreement to facilitate a $52 million reinvestment in the Hobart smelter through four major projects
This is an important statement of support by my Government in the future of this foundational business, and further evidence of our strong commitment to securing Tasmanian jobs.
I congratulate all involved over the 100 year history of Nyrstar on the milestone, and look forward to seeing it operate for many more years yet.


Dr Vanessa Goodwin

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader
25.03.17 11:28 am

Like so many Tasmanians, I am very saddened to hear of Vanessa Goodwin’s illness.

On behalf of the Tasmanian Greens, I am sending Vanessa all our love and strength.  She is very much in our thoughts.


Statement regarding Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin

Rebecca White MP Labor Leader
25.03.17 11:28 am

On behalf of the Labor Party in Tasmania, Opposition Leader Rebecca White would like to extend her support and best wishes to Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin, her family, friends and colleagues.

“Our thoughts are with Vanessa and the people closest to her,” Ms White said.

“This is extraordinarily sad news.

“Sometimes things happen in life that put everything into perspective. This is one of those days.

“I’m sure we join all Tasmanians in hoping for the best possible outcome for Vanessa.”


Dr Vanessa Goodwin

Will Hodgman, Premier
25.03.17 11:27 am

Yesterday, the Attorney-General, Dr Vanessa Goodwin was taken to the Royal Hobart Hospital by ambulance, after becoming extremely unwell. Doctors have advised that an initial diagnosis has indicated multiple tumours on her brain, and Vanessa remains in hospital while further tests are undertaken.
This is very distressing news for all those who work with her, and who know her. Vanessa is a warm-hearted, hard working and highly respected member of the community.
It is clear Vanessa will be unable to undertake her responsibilities as a member of the Government for at least a number of months.
Accordingly, I have today advised the Governor that I will be acting Attorney-General, Minister for Justice, Minister for Corrections, and Minister for the Arts.
Most importantly, Vanessa will receive the treatment, care and support that is needed, and will remain very much in our thoughts and prayers.


Draft changes to the Local Government Act 1993 released for comment

Peter Gutwein, Minister for Planning and Local Government
25.03.17 11:25 am

Tasmanians are invited to have their say on the Government’s proposed changes to the Local Government Act 1993.
Last year the Government released a discussion paper and called for submissions from the community.  A Steering Committee was established comprised of representatives from the Local Government Association of Tasmania, the Local Government Professionals Australia (Tasmania) and DPAC.
In all 64 submissions were received. A draft bill has been prepared based on the feedback, and today the Government is releasing the draft bill for further consultation.
There are many challenges facing the local government sector and it’s important we make sure they have the right structure and the right tools so that they can best serve their communities.
We are committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of local government to reduce costs to ratepayers and to make Tasmania the best place in the country to live, work, invest and raise a family.
We want everyone interested to have their say and have their voices heard.  I would also encourage all councils to review the draft bill and provide their feedback too.
The consultation period for the draft bill will close at 5pm on May 5th.  After that, the bill will be finalised and introduced into Parliament later in the year.
The review of the Local Government Act has considered a number of matters such as:
• functions of mayors, deputy mayors and elected members;
• appointment, functions and powers of the general manager;
• management and reporting;
• functions and powers of the Director of Local Government;
• functions, powers and procedures of the Local Government Board;
• functions, powers and procedures of a Board of Inquiry;
• government elections – electoral rolls, funding and advertising;
• recognition, structure and role of regional bodies; and
• reduction of unnecessary administrative requirements.
More information can be found on the Local Government Division’s website:



Peter Gutwein, Treasurer
25.03.17 11:25 am

The latest advice on GST payments to Tasmania released by the Commonwealth Grants Commission today is good news for the State.
The advice suggests Tasmania will receive an additional $55 million in GST revenue in 2017-18, compared to the forecast in the Revised Estimates Report released in February this year.
However, it pays to be careful with forecasts like this.
No doubt Labor will want us to spend the money before we actually get it.  It’s that sort of mismanagement that saw Labor and the Greens deliver the biggest budget deficits in Tasmanian history.


Premier misleading Tasmanians on Tamar Valley Power Station sale documents

Madeleine Ogilvie MP Shadow Open Government and Information Integrity Minister
25.03.17 11:23 am

 Document at centre of summons is not Cabinet in Confidence
 Unprecedented situation requires the Treasurer’s cooperation
 Hodgman Government determined to keep advice hidden

Premier Will Hodgman has strongly indicated today (Friday) that his government will not cooperate with a summons to produce documentation to the Public Accounts Committee by falsely claiming he is bound by Cabinet confidentiality.

Shadow Open Government Minister Madeleine Ogilvie said the document the PAC was seeking – correspondence between the Treasurer and Energy Minister Matthew Groom – was not Cabinet in Confidence.

“The Premier is attempting to hide behind a totally misleading excuse, just as his government has determinedly and deliberately kept this crucial document hidden for the past year,” Ms Ogilvie said.

“This document is very, very important to help the Committee and all Tasmanians understand what happened in the lead up to and during the energy crisis around the government’s proposed sale of the Tamar Valley Power Station.

“Tasmanians want to know what the government has to hide. The PAC needs to be able to understand what advice the Treasurer and Minister received and what action they took after receiving that advice.

“We are in an unprecedented situation where the PAC has had to use a process of last resort and summons the Treasurer who has stubbornly refused to cooperate both with the Committee and with Labor which has been seeking this document through RTI for the past year.

“The government has no choice but to release the document in full and un-redacted so we can all understand how it truly handled the worst energy crisis in Tasmania in a generation.

“Anything less will only serve to further show we are stuck with a government of unparalleled secrecy which is prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to keep Tasmanians in the dark.”
More information: Chris Taylor 040897522

Link to the re-dacted document released under RTI:$file/RTI-Energy-Security-2-5-April-2016.pdf


Premier Misleads Tasmanians over Crown Land Giveaways

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Parks and Tourism spokesperson
25.03.17 11:22 am

On radio this morning (Friday), the Premier misled Tasmanians over what is becoming a private developer feeding frenzy over public Crown Land assets.

There is a coastal land grab underway and no affected Tasmanian community will believe the Premier’s platitudes about ‘leases’ rather than sale of these public assets.  The effect is the same when you have lost your treasured coastal foreshore to caravan parks, villas and luxury resorts.

Private developers have development proposals for public Crown Land foreshore at Swansea, Boat Harbour, Table Cape and Stanley.  These are just the ones we have found out about, and only after it’s almost a done deal.

This is all done in a highly secretive process where all the assistance and smoothing is taken care of for developers by the Office of the Coordinator General.

Shortly after the Liberals came to office, the Office of the Coordinator General obtained lists of available Crown Land from Crown Land Services, then set about hawking these public assets to private developers.

As a result, behind closed doors, the Liberals have been trading in public assets without talking to the owners of those assets – the people of Tasmania.

They have no mandate to take these Crown Land assets away from the people.  These places do not belong to the Liberals.

How much Crown Land are the Liberals proposing to ‘lease’ for decades or a century to private developers?

Instead of misleading Tasmanians over his government’s trading in their assets, the Premier needs to get over his attachment to secrecy and tell the people what the agenda is here. 

If he wants to sell our priceless jewels for peanuts, he should seek a mandate to do so from the owners of these treasured public assets.


The Saturday Paper: The Saturday Briefing ...

The Saturday Paper
25.03.17 11:11 am


“Before Monday, the world hadn’t heard of Conan Lord Zamolo,” writes Martin McKenzie-Murray. “But by the afternoon, following hours of his questioning at the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory, all that had changed.

“His social media accounts were closed or made private, and an internet search now prominently returned his image above lurid headlines: ‘Snapchat videos show Don Dale officer asking children for oral sex.’”

Plus: Paul Bongiorno on why Malcolm Turnbull is fighting “free speech” battles he can’t win, and Mike Seccombe on the real forces behind Australia’s energy crisis.

The Saturday Paper here


Beware the Ides of March! The ideas, also

Jane Salmon
25.03.17 10:43 am

Left to Right: Jessie Lee Peacock, Kathy Mackenzie, Shaymaa Abdullah (indigenous activist and public speaker), Eva Cox, Dulcie Munoz

Today (Friday) Sydney hosted the launch of March in March Australia, a progressive community call for more accountable and transparent government.

Sydney is one of eight locations for March in March this Saturday 25 March 2017.

The nationwide rallies are a grassroots expression of concern over general federal political trends, including: corruption and rorts, austerity cuts, invasion of privacy, racist refugee policies, ecocide, loss of vital services, privatisation, undermining of working conditions and pay. People are Standing Up to call for accountability, truth and change.

The rallies are also a public expression of preference for positive and progressive policies, such as: higher taxation for large corporations, environmental protection, renewable energy measures, a basic income to replace welfare income management, banking reform, multicultural inclusion, respect for diversity, full funding for a healthy Medicare and public education (through Gonski), maintaining frontline services, concern for the future of our independent national broadcasters and scientific development.

March Australia is independent and volunteer run.

Rallies tomorrow are all community-led, self funded, independent and not sponsored by any organisation. Each reflects the concerns of the region. The rallies are loosely held together by the desire for more transparent, efficient and honest government.

At today’s launch, well known feminist, economist and social equity advocate, Eva Cox spoke at the launch (at Central in Sydney today) about how marching is not an end in itself. It is part of a process of strategically and thoughtfully creating a better political system. Ideas and empowerment are better than being overwhelmed. Turning out to a rally is only the beginning. We have to look for ways to bring forth real structural change.

“If you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall, pause to look for the loose bricks”, said Ms Cox*.

She added that structural shifts should not be confused with changes in personnel.

JessieLee Peacock, Sydney March organiser, added that the current Federal and State NSW Government were in deeper trouble than perhaps they realised. “When Western Sydney starts to organise, you know things are bad”.

Other speakers at the launch covered refugee, environmental, single parent and health concerns.

Information about the rallies follows. Each rally has a Facebook page and particular highlights.

For other details, visit the March Australia Activist Interchange:

Speakers at the Launch today were:

Eva Cox (feminist economist & social justice advocate)
Shaymaa Abdullah (indigenous activist, midwifery student and public speaker)
Melinda Wilson (No Incinerator for Western Sydney)
Dulce Munoz (Mums4Refugees)
Jessie Lee Peacock (Say No to Cashless Welfare)
Kathy Mackenzie (for Knitting Nannas against CSG).


Australian Maritime College should play lead role in submarine training contracts

25.03.17 10:41 am

Christopher Pyne has failed to recognise the role that the Australian Maritime College (AMC) has played for decades in Australian and international maritime training and research in announcing the establishment of a new Maritime Technical College in South Australia.

Whilst he belatedly recognised the government had failed to make sure Australia has the skills to build ships we need for our country’s security, he has, in this announcement, ignored the 30 year experience of the AMC, its pre-eminent reputation as Australia’s maritime training and research institution, and most importantly, its acceptance by the Industry as the leader in maritime training.

Minister Pyne has announced that the College will identify, train or retrain Australian workers necessary for delivery of Australia’s new submarines.

Whilst it is clear that the training organisation will need to be based in South Australia, the AMC is well placed to lead the delivery of training of the necessary workforce given its particular expertise.

I urge Minister Pyne to ensure that the AMC plays a lead role in the design and delivery of these courses in South Australia.

It is inappropriate to relegate Australia’s leading maritime training and research institution to one of many training organisations who might be delivering training in conjunction with this new training college.

It is also disingenuous to suggest that because of the scale of the workforce challenge, that any one existing organisation, in particular the AMC, would be unable to co-ordinate the delivery of training across the range of skills identified as necessary to deliver the submarine project.

If this truly were the case this would emphasise the Government’s failure in addressing the workforce deficiencies in the first place.


Teen Challenge Tasmania ...

Teen Challenge Tasmania, Executive Director, Tanya Cavanagh
25.03.17 10:27 am

MARRA has made quite an extraordinary statement in a recent media release describing a recent
acceptance of a donation of $20,000 from ALH Group as “extraordinary hypocrisy”.

Teen Challenge compromised: Home of Hope accepts money from big alcohol and gambling, Media
Release Thursday 23rd March 2017: Meander Area Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc. (MARRA)
when it stated:

“The Meander Area Residents and Ratepayers Association (MARRA) today commented on what they
described as the extraordinary hypocrisy of the strict Christian organisation Teen Challenge Tasmania
accepting a $20,000 donation from the “pubs and pokies” industry.”

“MARRA has made quite an extraordinary statement in a recent media release. Perhaps they may be
mistaking social responsibility with product endorsement.” said Tanya Cavanagh, Executive Director, Teen
Challenge Tasmania.

The ALH Group in its Commitment Statement on their website state

“ALH Group acknowledges that the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverage products and the provision
of gambling products bring important responsibilities with them. ALH Group is proud of the social and
entertainment experience that we provide to our customers. In delivering that experience we are committed
to upholding high ethical standards for our business operations including the purchase, sale, consumption
and promotion of our products and services.

These responsibilities involve a consideration of the harm that may be caused by problem gambling and/or
excessive alcohol consumption upon individuals and society.” (

“As a result they like many organisations who have a social responsibility to consider the harms that might
result from their product, donate funds to charities assisting people that are struggling from these harms.

Home of Hope, is one such registered charity in the AOD space.” Mrs Cavanagh said “They should be
recognised for having a social conscience and helping charitable organisations. My understanding is they
donate over $2 Million per year to such charities.”

“We appreciate their very generous donation of $20,000, it will be used in establishment of Home of Hope,
which will help Tasmanian women and their children transform their lives and restore families.”

“Much like a fast food chain donating funds to a charity that helps people with obesity, there’s a social
responsibility, there’s no difference.”

“MARRA is correct that Teen Challenge promotes abstinence, we believe it to be the best way to not have an
issue with substance addiction and so do not endorse substance use, legal or illicit. As for not dancing….I
see Christians dancing in churches every weekend.”

“Lastly, in the interests of being factual, Teen Challenge Tasmania (TCT) is a non-denominational Christian
organisation. Teen Challenge USA, is a member of the AOG ministries in USA. TCT is a member of Teen
Challenge Australia and are related by purpose to global Teen Challenge centres and that is “to place hope
within reach of every addict” not denomination.”

What is Home of Hope?
Teen Challenge Tasmania’s Home of Hope will provide single women, pregnant women, and
women with children suffering from addictions and life controlling issues a safe and stable
We offer help to women and their children through our faith based program, to meet the needs of
the whole person; not only dealing with the addiction, but also rebuilding their self image, work
ethic, spiritual awareness and relationships.
Taking a holistic approach to the recovery of alcohol and other drug issues, women are nurtured in
all areas of their lives. Their family structure will be rebuilt, allowing them to return to society
stronger and equipped to succeed as a family.
In this process, the student is taught indispensable lessons of strong work ethics, team work,
patience, diligence, determination, communication, positive character qualities and motivation, to
name a few.


Teen Challenge compromised: Home of Hope accepts money from big alcohol and gambling

Karen Hillman Secretary, MARRA Inc.
25.03.17 10:20 am

Media Release Thursday 23rd March 2017:  Meander Area Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc. (MARRA)

The Meander Area Residents and Ratepayers Association (MARRA) today commented on what they described as the extraordinary hypocrisy of the strict Christian organisation Teen Challenge Tasmania accepting a $20,000 donation from the “pubs and pokies” industry.

President Bodhi McSweeney said today that the MARRA membership were stunned at the announcement that the Australian Leisure and Hospitality (ALH) Group had donated the money to an organisation controlled by the Assemblies of God Churches in the USA which preaches abstinence from alcohol, gambling and dancing.  ( ).

“Teen Challenge is obviously prepared to accept money from anybody regardless and seem willing to expose their own faith to ridicule” said Ms McSweeney.

Teen Challenge had originally stated that the donation came from the Tasmanian Hospitality Association but corrected that to the ALH group. 

“It’s getting harder to take them seriously as a faith.  They seem more focussed on the money aspects of their activities.”

“But I would have thought that with $20,000 in the bank that they’d get the donor right first time.”

“We believe Teen Challenge Tasmania should show some integrity and practise what they preach.”


Consumer voice must be at centre of water

Kym Goodes, CEO, TasCOSS
25.03.17 10:16 am

The priority in the TasWater discussions must be delivery of the best outcomes for all Tasmanians and
especially those on low incomes, according to TasCOSS.

“Tasmania’s 70,000 aged pensioners must budget about $600-$700 a year and rising to cover the cost of
accessing basic water and sewerage services,” CEO of TasCOSS Kym Goodes said.

“Making a cup of tea or watering a garden should not be luxuries in the lives of our parents and

“Whatever form of ownership model is eventually settled on, the priority must be on keeping prices
down; Tasmanians cannot afford to pay more for water when jobs are scarce, pensions are being clawed
back and incomes are not rising.

“Concessions must be tied to price increases as electricity concessions already are. And renters must
have access to the concessions to which they are entitled, and any other protections, as they already do
with electricity.

“Access to clean, potable water is not just an essential service; it is a human right.

“We support decisions that will achieve a 21st century water and sewerage system for Tasmanians as
soon as possible and with a consumer-centred focus.

“The status quo isn’t working for our State or for Tasmanians and we are better than this: Change must
be made and we applaud leaders brave enough to make it.”


Giving every Tasmanian the right to die in a place of ...

Hobart District Nursing Service
25.03.17 10:10 am

… their choosing not beyond us: The District Nurses launch their 2017 Interim Report on hospice@HOME

More than 2000 Tasmanians have fulfilled their wish to die in a place of their choosing according to a report into a landmark palliative care pilot program, released in Hobart today.

The Hobart District Nursing Service launched its Interim Report into palliative care program hospice@HOME at the Museum of Old and New Art.

hospice@HOME has been a resounding success during its time as a pilot program under the Better Access to Palliative Care Project administered by the Federal government.

CEO of The District Nurses, Kim Macgowan, said she was proud of what the organisation has achieved.

“It was an altruistic vision for end of life care, with a commitment of equal access for all Tasmanians to die in a place of their choosing. 2,123 Tasmanians have achieved this goal with the support and assistance of a hospice@HOME package,” Mrs Macgowan said.

“hospice@HOME has provided services through more than 60 brokered partners to every city, town and hamlet, on every mountain and island,” she said.

The District Nurses also launched their new video about hospice@HOME, showing the experience of the program from the perspective of families, patients and healthcare providers.

The Reverend Jim Colville, the husband of a former hospice@HOME patient, said being able to help his wife through the last 80 days of her life at home was “the most important thing I have ever done in my life.” Lauren Clarke, a former palliative care nurse who attended the event, said “home gives them a sense of their self, it’s part of them…it’s calming, it’s familiar, it’s surrounded by their belongings.”

The Hon. Elise Archer, Speaker of the Tasmanian House of Assembly, delivered the keynote address at the launch. “Tasmania has been extremely fortunate a not for profit organisation such as The District Nurses has been afforded the opportunity, through funding from the Australian Government, to coordinate delivery of end of life care in our state,” Ms Archer said.

“hospice@HOME has highlighted how our communities can come together collaboratively to effectively deliver services in our state,” she said.

Mrs Macgowan ended her address at the launch by quoting the Indian Prime Minister Nehru speaking of Mahatma Ghandi: “The ambition of the greatest man of our generation has been to wipe every tear from every eye. That may be beyond us, but as long as there are tears and suffering, so long our work will not be over.”

“Whilst wiping every tear from every eye was beyond Ghandi, giving every Australian the right to die in the place of their choosing is not beyond The District Nurses,” Mrs Macgowan said.

About The District Nurses and hospice@HOME

The District Nurses is an autonomous, not-for-profit organisation providing professional nursing, personal care, and allied health services to the general and veteran community. The District Nurses is a division of the Hobart District Nursing Service Inc., one of Hobart’s oldest and best-loved philanthropic organisations.

The hospice@HOME wrap-around packages are unique in that they use and work in collaboration with the patient’s existing service provider rather than duplicate or replace the service provider for palliation.
This approach also reduces significantly the number of caregivers a palliative care patient needs to communicate with, often a cause of dissatisfaction for community-based palliative care patients.


Border Force drive asylum seeker to Sydney’s Villawood Detention Centre

Alison Battison
25.03.17 10:06 am


Border Force managed to sneak Saeed through the MITA gates in Melbourne and have driven asylum seeker over night to Sydney’s Villawood Detention Centre in an attempt to avoid protestors at Melbourne airport.

Missing Asylum Seeker “Saeed”, a man seeking Asylum who has been detained by the Australian government for the last four years and is now missing. His lawyer is being denied access and he is at risk of deportation. Saeed has been on a hunger strike for three weeks and he is in a very fragile state.

On Wednesday he was scheduled to be deported from MITA, back to his country of origin. He is fearful for his life. Between Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning there was a blockade at the gates of MITA Detention Centre in Melbourne.

On Thursday, Border Force managed to sneak Saeed through the gates. It is believed that he has been transferred to Villawood detention centre. DIBP has provided factually incorrect information to Saeed’s lawyer, Alison Battison, regarding his whereabouts. She has been denied all access to her client.

Denying Saeed legal representation is both unlawful and in breach of his human rights. He is in a precarious situation and needs legal advocacy immediately. Saeed says “Please do not deport me, I am a human being too”.


Making transportation cleaner: Three cities with drive ...

Climate Reality Project
25.03.17 7:01 am

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Little Lamb ...

audience awards
25.03.17 6:38 am

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Outpouring of support for Jacqui Lambie’s emotional Senate speech on social media

25.03.17 6:33 am

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Natural Law

25.03.17 6:31 am

When the future of Tasmania’s wild Franklin River seemed dire, Geoff Law and others fought to save it. How did they succeed in 1983, and what can we learn from them today?

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Breitbart’s James Delingpole says reef bleaching is ‘fake news’, hits peak denial

25.03.17 6:21 am

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Release of Arctic Methane “May Be Apocalyptic,” Study Warns

25.03.17 6:17 am

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Let there be light: Germans switch on ‘largest artificial sun’

25.03.17 6:15 am

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Tasmania’s Brand at Risk from Liberal Inaction on Water

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Water and Tourism spokesperson
23.03.17 6:14 pm

The Liberals’ daily self-congratulation on water and sewerage is disingenuous.  After three years of neglect and dodging questions, they’re now pumping out daily media statements on how critical sewerage infrastructure is, and congratulating themselves on their “plan”.

The Greens have been asking the government to tackle the State’s water and sewerage woes since they came to office.  Their inaction has put the State’s brand and premium produce at serious risk.

Half a dozen dot points is not a plan.  There are still many unanswered questions about the Liberals’ water and sewerage proclamations.  It’s still unclear how the targets would be achieved, and why seizing TasWater is necessary.

Peter Gutwein has yet to articulate how he will achieve timeframes that TasWater, the experts, claim are not possible.  Saying he will cut the timeframe is not a plan, it’s a goal.

If the government truly believes additional finance will make the process that much faster, then they have failed by not heeding three years of calls to take notice.

Government should help remove the threats to Tasmania’s premium produce that visitors travel far to sample.  Access to a clean, safe water supply is just one.  The Liberals are yet produce their long overdue Climate Plan, which should ensure wine makers and producers are supported to adapt to a warming climate.