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Tasmanian households will save under TasWater takeover

Sarah Courtney, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier
23.04.17 2:41 pm

The Hodgman Liberal Government will save struggling Tasmanian households nearly $550 by taking over TasWater and fixing Tasmania’s second rate and failed water and sewerage infrastructure.
Under the Labor/Taswater do-nothing approach, water and sewerage prices are forecast to rise by five percent each year for the next six years. Struggling Tasmanian families, counting every dollar, cannot afford these increases.
In contrast, our Plan will cut price increases to no more than 3.5 percent saving households up to $550.
Labor and TasWater think it is okay to spend another 10 years to fix the 25 towns on boil water or do not consume alerts, sewage spills seven times the national average and having only one of 78 sewerage treatment plant compliant with EPA standards.
The Government will ensure that all payment concessions will remain in place and by guaranteeing financial returns to councils, there will be no need for rates to increase.
The Liberal Plan means a faster and fairer solution for Tasmania’s second rate water and sewerage infrastructure, additional jobs for 1000 Tasmanians during the construction phase, and a much better deal for those Tasmanian households counting every dollar.


Chairman says misinformation is extremely disappointing

23.04.17 1:43 pm

TasWater Chairman Miles Hampton has described the latest State Government misinformed
attack on TasWater’s infrastructure upgrade program as extremely disappointing.

Mr Hampton was responding to claims today by Liberal Parliamentary Secretary Sarah
Courtney supporting the Government’s push to take over the ownership of TasWater from
local government.

He said the Government was continuing to quote doubtful figures and make dubious claims in
an attempt to convince Tasmanians that its hostile takeover would be good for consumers.

“It is not good for each Tasmanian household to be saddled with an additional $3000 in debt
as a result of the Government’s proposed extra borrowings, and it is certainly not good to pass
on these costs to future generations,” Mr Hampton said.

“Ms Courtney claims TasWater’s charges will rise by five percent each year for the next six
years, yet the average increase forecast is actually 4.1 percent and even this will have to be
approved by the Economic Regulator.

“She also intimates that the remaining boiled water and do not consume alerts will take 10
years to remove under Taswater’s infrastructure upgrade plan. The fact is that 99.2 percent of
Tasmanians already have access to potable water and all alerts will be removed within the next
18 months.

“Ms Courtney talks of sewerage spills, yet TasWater has not received a single infringement
notice from the Environment Protection Agency or the Department of Health and Human

“The claims are false and it is extremely poor form for the Government to use them in such a
misleading way.”

Mr Hampton said struggling Tasmanian households, far from receiving the savings suggested
by the State Government, would pay much more in the future because of the unnecessary
borrowing to pay for the Government’s plan.


Greens Welcome New Integrity Commission CEO

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens' Leader
22.04.17 6:29 pm

The Tasmanian Greens welcome the overdue appointment of a new CEO to head the State’s Integrity Commission.

Richard Bingham is an outstanding appointment to the Integrity Commission, with strong credentials for the role.

The Hodgman Government has yet to implement all 55 recommendations of the Integrity Commission 5 yearly review.  With a new CEO, there should be no reason for any further delay.

In debate on a Greens’ amendment Bill last year, the Liberals and Labor voted against bringing Tasmania into line with the rest of the nation in enacting a crime of Misconduct in Public Office.  This was also a previous recommendation of the Integrity Commission.

It is our hope Mr Bingham will take up this important accountability and transparency measure up with the Premier once he has settled in to the new role.


March for Science

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens' Leader
22.04.17 6:27 pm

With conservative governments at the Federal and State level ignoring climate science and overseeing cuts to the State’s world class scientific institutions, hundreds of Tasmanians joined the global March for Science today.

Hobart is a globally recognised hub of Antarctic and Southern Ocean science.  Something of which we can be immensely proud, but this expertise and our reputation is under assault at a time when we should be increasing funding of public good science.

The rally heard that under the Abbott and Turnbull governments, $150 million has been cut from CSIRO and $100 million from the Australian Antarctic Division, costing a profound loss of scientific capacity and around 150 local jobs.

Three years into its term, the Hodgman Government has yet to deliver a climate plan.  The Liberals are, however, promoting native forest furnaces for power and standing by their unsupported and unpopular plan to allow logging in 356 000 hectares of high conservation value, carbon rich forest.

This is recklessness of the highest order.  It is a dangerous denial of scientific truth and abrogation of responsibility.

We need political leaders that heed the science, implement policy that reduces emissions and prepare communities to adapt to the immense challenges ahead.

The March for Science is taking place at more than 600 locations in 68 countries around the world.

Unfortunately, not a single Liberal MP turned up to today’s March for Science in Hobart.


New CEO for Integrity Commission

Matthew Groom, Acting Attorney General
22.04.17 6:25 pm

I am pleased to announce Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner, AM, Governor of Tasmania has appointed Richard Bingham as Chief Executive Officer of the Integrity Commission.
This appointment is on the recommendation of the Premier and is effective from 1 July 2017 for a period of five years.
Mr Bingham has had an extensive career in monitoring and upholding the public interest, including serving as Secretary of the Department of Justice, Chairman of the Tasmanian Electoral Commission and most recently as the Queensland Integrity Commissioner.
He will oversee all financial and administrative operations for the Commission, which plays a crucial role in improving the standard of conduct and ethics within public authorities and enhancing public confidence that any misconduct will be appropriately dealt with. I welcome Mr Bingham back to Tasmania and thanks acting CEO Michael Easton for his dedication in overseeing the Commission’s operations since 2015.


Liberal Senators fail to back TAFE, young Tasmanians and the bueiness community

22.04.17 6:22 pm

Mr Turnbull visited Launceston on Thursday but had nothing to say about how his Liberal Government is undermining TasTafe and recklessly impeding jobs in Tasmania. 
“Up to $11 million per year is going to be cut from the Tasmanian TAFE sector, which will stop Tasmanians getting the skills needed for the jobs of the future,” Senator Polley said.

After visiting Live Tiles an IT company which specialises in the employment of TAFE graduates Senator Polley questioned the Turnbull Government’s vision for Tasmania. 

“Malcolm Turnbull’s TAFE cuts threaten our ability to address the skills shortage and prepare people for the jobs of the future. The cuts are also a direct attack on the IT sector and businesses which often seek out TAFE graduates when looking to employ people in their organisations,” Senator Polley said.

Political parties of all persuasions need to understand that in order for success to follow hard work we need broader education funding to make sure we help people to develop the skills to keep Tasmania competitive.

“We heard from Live Tiles this week who said companies are looking to invest in our young people and creative minds that can solve the problems our community is facing like. Live Tiles is looking for not only IT students but drama students or psychology students who can think dynamically. And yet this Turnbull Government is unwilling to back them to learn and get a job,” Senator Polley said. 

“Government needs to manage the digital transformation by ensuring the community is informed about how the nature of work is changing and back educational institutions to train our young people. The majority of sectors in Australia can expect to be impacted by technological change,” Senator Poley said.

“As a country and as a state we will not be prepared for the future by cutting $11 million in TAFE funding per year. It is a bad deal for Tasmania and more people should be speaking up against this Prime Minister who does not care about Tasmania.”

“I am calling on Senator Abetz, Senator Duniam, Senator Parry and Senator Bushby to call Turnbull out on this bad deal for Tasmania. If they really represented the interests of Tasmanians and the interests of educational institutions and business they would back TAFE and tell Turnbull that the deal isn’t good for Tasmania,” Senator Poley added. 

A Labor Government will work with the states to revitalise TAFEs as high-quality job centres for our cities, regions and suburbs. Labor doesn’t believe in training for training’s sake – it has to lead to a job.


Why voting for Trump was the right thing to do (7 reasons)

The Saker
22.04.17 5:54 pm

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Fake news, politicians’ dishonesty skewing climate debate, John Hewson warns

22.04.17 5:51 pm

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Water & Sewerage Reform in Tasmania, Debunking Myths

Economic Society of Australia, Tasmanian Branch
22.04.17 6:38 am


Speaker: Miles Hampton, Chairman, Taswater.

Mr Hampton was the chairman of Southern Water, Ben Lomond Water, Cradle Mountain Water and Onstream from 2011-13 and a director since 2008. He was previously chairman of Hobart Water from 2005-09. Mr Hampton was a member of the Tasmanian Planning Commission and the Infrastructure Advisory Council. He is Chairman of MyState and is Deputy Chairman of the Van Diemen’s Land Company.

When: Thursday 27 April 2017, 6.00 for 6.15, to 7.30pm
Where: Law Lecture Theatre, UTAS, Sandy Bay Campus

This is a free event and everyone is welcome to attend.

Seats are limited. Register at


The Saturday Briefing: The Proxy War against Gay Marriage

The Saturday Paper
22.04.17 6:25 am

The campaign against Safe Schools is reaching its final chapter, but in many respects the program has already done its work. As the battle ends, though, it becomes clearer that the fight was a proxy war against gay marriage. “They travel together under the rainbow flag,” opponent Lyle Shelton tells Mike Seccombe. “If you are stripping the gender requirement out of the Marriage Act, it follows logically that you downplay gender in other areas of society.”

Plus: Paul Bongiorno on how Malcolm Turnbull is adopting Paul Keating’s “raw meat strategy”, Karen Middleton on Trump and North Korea, and Wendy Bacon on the state of radical dissent.

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‘Just Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Nutt and I had it’: Abbott lashes ‘sneaky’ leak of Warringah polling

22.04.17 3:55 am

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A new era for Hydro in Tasmania

Matthew Groom, Minister for Energy
21.04.17 8:21 pm

Tasmanians are rightly proud of our Hydro.  Hydro-industrialisation in Tasmania over the past 100 years has given us low-cost, reliable power.  It has also had a enormously positive impact on our community, especially in the post-war era where it helped shape the State we live in today.

What the Prime Minister announced yesterday is effectively a second-wave of hydro development that has the potential to rival our previous golden era in hydro development.

Over $3 billion worth of projects are now being tested, projects which could add an extra 2,500MW into the system and provide enough additional power for 500,000 homes. 

Tasmania is one of the few places on Earth that is almost entirely powered by renewable baseload energy.  We do it better than anyone else, anywhere else.  The Prime Minister’s visit yesterday confirmed that and it is our challenge to become the renewable energy battery of the nation, a challenge that the Hodgman Government well and truly accepts.

A second interconnector will be important in maximising Tasmania’s future renewable development and the Tamblyn Report released yesterday shows that there are significant benefits that can be achieved from this, both for Tasmania and the national electricity grid.  A significant further expansion of Tasmania’s Hydro capacity will only strengthen the case for a second interconnector which is why the Tasmanian Government is partnering with the Commonwealth Government to fully realise its potential.

Unfortunately, as expected, Labor continues to play politics with energy policy.  Again, it highlights how inexperienced Labor really is.  Mr Bacon’s comments lack depth and are negative and silly.  The Tasmanian energy businesses are already in advanced commercial negotiations in relation to further major wind farm development in Tasmania.
And in relation to yesterday’s announcement, the suggestion that we should start building the most significant addition to our hydro system in nearly 50 years without doing a proper assessment is naïve in the extreme and shows why Labor can’t be taken seriously on the important issues.


US oil giant Chevron faces $300 million tax bill after ATO court victory

21.04.17 8:03 pm

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Manus Island refugee who died in Brisbane waited 12 hours for medical evacuation

21.04.17 8:01 pm

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Manus Island and Nauru Senate Inquiry

Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim
21.04.17 5:04 pm

Evidence presented to the Senate inquiry into the conditions on Manus Island and Nauru should prompt the immediate closure of both offshore detention centres, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.
“Australia’s centres on Manus Island and Nauru are inhumane, non-compliant with international obligations, and should immediately be closed and all detainees brought to Australia,” Senator McKim said.
“The inquiry heard shocking evidence of appalling and unacceptable conditions in Australia’s offshore detention centres, and a systemic failure of the Australian government to adequately respond.”
“The establishment and management of Australia’s offshore detention centres are a shameful chapter in Australia’s national story.”
“In order that adequate reparations are made, including a national apology, a Royal Commission should be held into the establishment, management and impact of the detention centres.”
“Short of a Royal Commission, the Greens believe that the Senate inquiry should continue, to provide oversight and hold the government to account for its cruel and inhumane policies.”
The full report can be found here:


Government urged to become involved in abattoir job losses

Shane Broad MP Shadow Minister for Primary Industries & Water
21.04.17 4:23 pm

 86 workers face an uncertain future
 Liberal Government urged to get involved
 Premier has failed to address the huge drop in full-time employment

Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Shane Broad has urged the Hodgman Government to be more actively involved in the situation affecting 86 workers at the JBS abattoir at Longford.

“86 workers and their families face a very uncertain future. Labor is calling on the Government to do more to support them,” Dr Broad said.

“Sheep processing at the abattoir is not expected to restart until Spring, meaning the next few months will be extremely tough for the workers.

“If the Government was hands-on, it would be in there working with unions and the company to secure the best possible outcome for these people and their families.

“And we must look at the situation more generally to gain a better understanding of the instability in the industry.

“We’ve seen 4100 full-time jobs disappear in the last 12 months with a massive trend towards casual and part-time work.

“There are too many Tasmanians worried about job security.

“The situation at JBS in Longford is a prime example of Tasmanians facing uncertainty when it comes to long-term employment.

“The Government should be in there working towards a good outcome instead of sitting back and watching the situation unfold.”


Federal Labor’s affordable housing plan is good news for Tasmania

Josh Willie MLC Shadow Minister for Housing, Disability & Children
21.04.17 2:26 pm

 Only Labor tackling affordable housing
 Federal Labor’s plan would have a significant positive impact in Tasmania
 Social housing waiting lists are blowing out

Shadow Minister for Housing Josh Willie has welcomed the announcement from Federal Labor to address the housing affordability crisis.

“The plan is good for housing affordability in Tasmania, it’s good for jobs and it’s good for productivity,” Mr Willie said.

“Federal Labor’s 8-point strategy starts with reform to negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions.

“Tasmanian households are among the poorest in the nation and these measures should have a big impact. 

“Under Liberal governments housing affordability and homelessness is heading towards crisis.

“Social housing waiting lists have blown out by close to 1000 applicants in the past year.

“The average waiting time for priority applicants is 42 weeks.

“Demand in the private rental market is outstripping supply and weekly rents are skyrocketing. In some instances renters have been told they can bid for properties which is actually illegal.

“Too many people are couch surfing and they need stability in their lives. Australia is a wealthy, first world country and we can do better.

“Safe, secure and affordable shelter supports health and wellbeing and economic participation.

“Investing in affordable housing and essential services to address homelessness is an important responsibility for government and will go some way to reducing inequality.”

More information on Federal Labor’s plan can be found here:


Energy Minister falls silent on second Basslink

Scott Bacon MP Shadow Energy Minister
21.04.17 2:21 pm

 Energy Minister Matthew Groom goes missing after release of Basslink report
 The Hodgman Government has done nothing in three years on renewable energy

Energy Minister Matthew Groom has fallen embarrassingly silent following the release of a report into the viability of a second Bass Strait interconnector.

“Matthew Groom has gone from the champion for a second Basslink to completely silent,” Shadow Energy Minister Scott Bacon said.

“For the last three years the Minister has put all his eggs in the basket of a second Bass Strait interconnector.

“Now a feasibility report has been released casting doubt over the business case for a second cable and Matthew Groom hasn’t said a word.

“The Government has spent a million dollars on a report it wants to now bury. It’s very embarrassing.”

In December last year the Minister was talking up a second interconnector.

“The case for it is building, the momentum is building.” (Matthew Groom 12/12/2016 – ABC News)

Last March Matthew Groom was asking the Federal Government to fund a second cable.

“The Tasmanian Government remains committed to pursuing the case for a second Basslink interconnector, but it must be recognised as national infrastructure, and Tasmania must not be left to foot the bill,” (Matthew Groom 9/3/2016 – ABC News)

“Now we’ve got the embarrassing situation where the long-awaited report is released and the Minister doesn’t even acknowledge its publication,” Mr Bacon said.

“Labor has long argued that for a second interconnector to be viable more renewable energy generation must be installed first.

“In more than three years in government, Matthew Groom has not managed to install one extra megawatt of renewable energy in Tasmania.

“He’s been a complete failure as Energy Minister, even managing to lead Tasmania head-on into an energy crisis by trying to sell the Tamar Valley Power Station.”


Biosecurity Bill 2017

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Primary Industries and Water
21.04.17 2:20 pm

Biosecurity is of paramount importance to protect Tasmania’s primary industries and brand, which is why the Hodgman Liberal Government has invested an additional $6.9 million in biosecurity initiatives.
New draft legislation released for public comment today will enable us to better respond to the current and future biosecurity risks our State is exposed to.
The Biosecurity Bill 2017 will streamline seven existing Acts into one piece of framework legislation to manage weeds, plants, livestock, vermin, seeds and livestock.
Enshrining the principle that biosecurity is a shared responsibility, the Bill will define reasonable standards of care and behaviour when dealing with potential biosecurity risks.
Further, the Bill provides legally enforceable powers to prevent, eliminate or minimise any identified biosecurity risks posed by people and/or businesses.
Industries wanting a greater role will be offered accreditation, certification and auditing through approved biosecurity programs.
Following consultation through a position paper and a Future Directions statement, the consultation draft of the Biosecurity Bill 2017 will be open for formal feedback until 2 June 2017.
For more information on Biosecurity Bill 2017 go to


Roller Derby Athletes Head to Hobart for the Biggest Tournament Ever to be Held in Tasmania

Rebecca Taylor
21.04.17 1:28 pm


The Tiger Town Takedown Roller Derby Tournament is rolling into Hobart this April 22nd and 23rd at the Kingborough Sports Stadium. 

Hosted by Hobart’s Convict City Roller Derby League with assistance from Skate Victoria, Tiger Town Takedown is the biggest roller derby event ever to be held in Tasmania and will see 10 teams from across Australia battle it out over two huge days. 

Teams and officials will be flying in from far and wide including Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Queensland, Adelaide and Launceston.

“Convict City are thrilled to be hosting this great home-grown event here in Tassie.” said Convict City Rollers President, Rebecca Taylor. “The inaugural Tiger Town Takedown will see 200 athletes and 50 officials make their way to Hobart for the event.  For many it will be the first trip they have made to Tasmania and we are really excited to be hosting them.”

“We are really proud to be able to bring such a large event to Hobart, the first of its size in Tasmania and one of the biggest in Australia.  Many roller derby leagues are in isolated regions of the country and their access to competition can be limited.  This is especially true for Tasmania, where we have a smaller number of clubs, therefore fewer clubs to play us locally than our mainland counterparts.  This event will bring all of the Tasmanian clubs together under one roof for 2-huge days of roller derby action, joined by 7 mainland teams and we expect this to be a great event that will hopefully become an annual occurrence.” said Ms.Taylor. 

“Kingston was a great choice for the event.  The Kingborough Council have been incredibly supportive of the event and the facilities are first-class.  Added to that, southern Tasmania is such a beautiful place, rich in arts, food and culture and full of things for our travelling athletes and officials to see and do when they are not playing.” said Ms. Taylor.

The 10 teams will play 14 games on two tracks over two days.  Particular highlights will be the games featuring the Convict City Rollers two teams, as well as the other Tasmanians, Devil State Derby League and South Island Sirens.  The Convicts will be playing the headline game at 7pm on Saturday night against Canberrra. 

Tickets are on-sale on the door.

Times: Saturday 11am-8.30pm and Sunday 9am-5pm
Convict City play at 1pm, 3pm and 7pm on Saturday and 11am on Sunday.
The headline game is 7pm Saturday night – Convict City vs Canberra


The Vintage John Clarke died ...

Philip White, Drinkster
21.04.17 1:13 pm


… I’m already referring to 2017 as the Year John Clarke died whilst walking round the Grampians photographing wild birds with his wife and friends.

By Bacchus he was such a lovely bright spark. What a telling hole he leaves in our national discourse! I can never forget finding him in the rabble of the old Universal Wine Bar in its heyday at Festival time, sitting at a front table with the simple glee of a delighted schoolboy. He had such bright curious eyes that seemed to suck at every radiation you exuded so thoroughly and forensically yet somehow at the same time comfort you with such casual reassurance you forgot about what those eyes were seeing whilst also you just happened to forget to talk. If you dropped your line of vision from his eyes you hit that charming, disbelieving, cheeky grin. My goodness.

Just coincidentally, but maybe it’s not, there was a big slice of demeanour Clarke shared with Dr Ray Beckwith (1912-2012), the great Penfolds wine scientist. This was an unswerving faith in their own curiosity. To my eye, they were both dazzled by what their curiosity handed them. They followed it around. 

It’s cheap and easy to whinge about the wine industry, the ethanol biz, not having a Clarke to mimic it publicly. Or a Beckwith hidden within, plastering its walls and corporate mentality with bright science. History now shows that even in its ridicule of politics colonial Australia has afforded only one John Clarke. I trust that his very saddening death reminds us all of the importance of that sort of humble greatness that is so rarely recognised or given room to move …

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Manus ... The Real Story ...

Jane Salmon
21.04.17 12:13 pm

Foul minded Dutton vilifying Manus men with a lie in order to distract from fact that PNG military fired on the camp.



Dutton caught in outrageous Manus Island lie

Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim
21.04.17 11:43 am

Peter Dutton has been caught out lying about people seeking asylum on Manus Island and must resign or be sacked, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.

“Statements from Papua New Guinea police have exposed Mr Dutton’s lies. This has disturbing echoes of the children overboard scandal,” Senator McKim said.

“This was an outrageous lie designed to pour scorn on the people he has left stranded on Manus Island.”

“Not only has Peter Dutton comprehensively failed to protect vulnerable people for whom he has a duty of care, but he has now been caught out lying about what caused the Good Friday attacks.”

“If he won’t go, Prime Minister Turnbull has no choice but to sack him.”


Tasmanian Animal Rights groups call for MOFO mercy ...

Animal Liberation Tasmania, Animal Justice Party, Animals Tasmania, Brightside Farm Sanctuary
21.04.17 11:24 am

Local animal rights groups have today called for mercy, and have offered to facilitate the rescue and rehoming of the bull at the centre of the Dark MOFO controversy.

Animal Liberation Tasmania, Animals Tasmania, the Animal Justice Party and Brightside Farm Sanctuary have called upon the organisers of the internationally acclaimed arts and culture festival to grant mercy upon the animal, by cancelling the event and allowing them to save him from the slaughterhouse.

A life-long safe haven would be then organised by Brightside Farm Sanctuary.

The groups cite the 15000 signatures on a petition opposing 150.Action as an indication of broad community support for this proposal.

“We thank Mr. Walsh and Dark MOFO for igniting such an interesting public debate over the ethics of our treatment of non-human animals. As Mr. Walsh has said his purposes have already been served, we now encourage him to accept our proposal to rescue this animal from slaughter, in an ultimate act of mercy.” -Kristy Alger, spokesperson Animal Liberation Tasmania

150.Action is the brainchild of controversial Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch. The event at Dark MOFO will mark the 150th time he has performed this work. In 2015 Nitsch was prevented from staging his action in Mexico City after a petition signed by over 5000 individuals caused the museum holding the event to cancel.


Gee Gee!!

Kim Sellers Promotions and Public Relations Officer TASSI
21.04.17 11:12 am


Have you ever thought that being pulled along by a team of sleddogs in the wilderness or running cross country, harnessed to your canine best friend would be a ‘pawsome’ way to keep fit for you and your family? TASSI (Tasmanian Association of Sleddog Sports Inc) are a family friendly club who keep fit by doing just this!

TASSI are holding a Season Opener Bootcamp next month for both current and interested members to be held at the Myrtle Park Camping Ground in Targa (North Eastern Tasmania or 30 kilometres from Launceston).

The overnight bootcamp will cover topics such as; driver education, directional commands, lead-dog training, safety discussions, equipment, race rules.

On Saturday afternoon a 3 heat 100 metre sprint race will be held for beginners and the more advanced, for adults and children. Spectators can watch the teams in action!

On Sunday we will be doing a morning run on The Lisle Valley track with our dogs.

Be prepared for lots of excited woo-wooing from our pooches!

TASSI 2017 Season Opener Bootcamp

Date: Saturday May 13 and Sunday May 14 – look to arrive Friday evening to start first thing Saturday morning.
Location: Myrtle Park Camping Ground, Targa.
Time: Registration Saturday from 10.00am, Activities commence at 11.00am
Spectators welcome
Non-members; $25 Financial members; Free
To register or for further information:
Contact: Prue de Vries (President) on 6266 0330 or Matthew Baker (Vice President) on 0428 438 874
Registrations close: 05 May 2017
A dog powered sports club, ALL medium to large dogs of any breed welcome, a great way to keep humans and pooches fit and healthy while having fun. Both adults and children (Pee Wees & Juniors) can take part.

Dog Powered Sports - Fun, Fitness and Family Friendly


Not another study. The Tamar needs funding now

Federal Member for Bass Ross Hart MP
21.04.17 11:10 am

Federal Member for Bass Ross Hart MP welcomes Prime Minister Turnbull’s signing of the Launceston City Deal.

“I am thrilled that the Prime Minister has finally signed the deal for the UTas transformation project, following Labor’s plan for a positive future for Bass by improving the educational standards of Tasmania,” Mr Hart said.

The Liberals are still playing catch up in Northern Tasmania.

Yesterday saw the Federal Liberal Government throw a further $2 million at yet another study of the Tamar’s aging sewerage system.

“The Prime Minister needs to commit to funding this critical infrastructure now, action on upgrading the Tamar’s combined sewerage cannot be delayed for a further election cycle”, Mr Hart said.

The $2.5 million feasibility study into Hydro is more of Mr Turnbull talking. State Labor have identified a number of projects that are ready to go, Tasmanian’s want to know when will Malcolm Turnbull stop talking and start acting.

Tasmania welcomes any increase in energy capacity, we all remember too well the energy failures of the state Liberal government last summer.


Wynyard Care Centre staff to stop work today

21.04.17 11:06 am


Workers at Wynyard Care Centre have been trying to replace their Enterprise Agreement since it expired in 2013. Finally, in late 2016, the facility’s NSW-based management offered Wynyard staff an entirely new Agreement which undermines almost every existing term and condition of employment.

In January, 97% of staff voted against the proposed Agreement. Since that time, the employer has provided another sub-standard offer and continues to refuse to meet with the employees and their representatives.

In response, workers are undertaking Protected Industrial Action. Initial actions will include a stop work meeting on Friday 21 April at 2.30pm, taking breaks in full and on time, not working overtime hours, and distributing material to the community about the problems at work.

Quotes Attributable to HACSU Assistant State Secretary Robbie Moore:

“It’s extremely disappointing that this for-profit facility is undermining our members’ terms and conditions of employment simply for increased profits.”

“Workers in this facility never receive overtime payments, but we know they all work significant amounts of overtime.”

“Our members provide the best possible care for their residents, but unfortunately the same can’t be said about the employer.”

“The previous Agreement expired in 2013; it’s time for a new Agreement that secures a fair outcome for these low paid workers.”

“Our members aren’t seeking extra terms and conditions, they just to maintain what they currently have.”

“Our members have been asked sell their entitlements for a pay increase of 1.5%, which is barely above CPI. It’s just not fair.”


Businesses Buoyed by Light Rail Potential

Ben Johnston President, Hobart Northern Suburbs Rail Action Group
21.04.17 7:16 am

The Moonah and Glenorchy Business Association has thrown its weight behind a Light Rail link between Hobart and the Northern Suburbs in the wake of a report predicting a long term economic bonanza for the region.

The recently released ‘Transport Corridor Report’ by independent consultants GHD says an urban renewal project along the rail corridor could provide between 500 and 1000 construction jobs a year, for two decades.

The report predicts about 35 hectares along the corridor could be transformed into new residential and commercial development as part of wider urban renewal for the area, triggering an ongoing construction and jobs stimulus.

President of the Moonah and Glenorchy Business Association Beres Taylor says “The rail project has been talked about for too long and now the significant economic benefits have been quantified its time has definitely come”.

Mr Taylor says “Restoring rail is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for businesses in the city of Glenorchy”.

Glenorchy District Football Club President John McCann has also joined calls for the State Government to begin planning for Light Rail saying “The KGV sporting precinct could become the most access friendly ‘events venue’ in Tasmania” and a benefit to the whole of Hobart.

Mr McCann says “improving the equity of access to services, schools, entertainment, retail, and health infrastructure is very important. The revitalisation and commercial opportunities of an ‘easy access people moving service’ would be substantial for the Northern suburbs.”

Moonah businesswoman and restaurateur Lucy Baker (St Albi) has gone public with an online video highlighting the growth potential of a Hobart Light Rail link. Ms Baker says “If there was no infrastructure for the railway system you could understand it’d be harder, but because it’s just sitting there dormant, it seems crazy that it’s not used”.

Ms Baker says “it’s a ‘no-brainer’ - especially when Hobart is such an up and coming city where locals and tourists are demanding faster, smoother transport links.”

Rail Action Group President Ben Johnston says “modelling predicts 6 million trips every year on the rail service and polling shows at least 62% support in Denison”.

The online video starring Ms Baker can be accessed on the Hobart Rail website or Facebook page: or


The Rogue State that is the United States of America

Off Guardian
21.04.17 6:46 am

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What does it take to be a UNHCR Emergency Response Coordinator?

Naomi Steer National Director Australia for UNHCR
21.04.17 6:18 am


Five continents, two plane crashes and countless hours travelling by foot, car, boat, and horse to reach people forced to flee their homes. Over the last 23 years Roberto Mignone has experienced a lot as one of UNHCR’s Emergency Response Coordinators. Here he reveals what it’s like to be on the frontlines of UNHCR’s emergency operations.

Read more here