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Arthur Pieman Tracks

Elise Archer, Minister for Environment and Parks
16.10.17 6:34 pm

I note the decision by the Federal Government that our plan to allow for off-road vehicle access in the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area is a controlled action which will now be assessed by public environment report.

This is a normal part of the process and we remain 100% committed to reopening the tracks. We will work closely with the Australian Government to provide all the detail they need to assess and approve our proposal to re-open tracks 501, 503 and 601.


Callington Mill Visitors Centre to close ...

Tasmanian Ratepayers' Association for Southern Midlands Regional News
16.10.17 4:08 pm

Callington Mill Visitors Centre at Oatlands to close this Friday, 27 October. Eight people redundant.

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Mercury: Whisky distillery boost for Oatlands’ historic Callington Mill precinct


Hobart light rail

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure
16.10.17 4:05 pm

Claims that the former freight rail line to Macquarie Point has been removed are false. The rail line remains in place.
Some disused spur lines and shunting lines within the Macquarie Point boundaries that are secondary to the main line have been removed.  These were lines used for heavy freight operations, which are now redundant.
Contrary to the claims being made, the Government is working closely to facilitate the vision of a light rail service to Hobart’s northern suburbs. That’s why, last week I toured the southern rail corridor with the Hon Angus Taylor, Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, examining possibilities for the light rail to be further progressed as part of the Hobart City Deal.


Filters: a cigarette engineering hoax that harms both smokers and the environment

The Conversation
16.10.17 3:59 pm

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Federal Infrastructure Millions ‘Go Begging’ under Tasmanian Liberals

Ben Johnston, President, Hobart Northern Suburbs Rail Action Group
16.10.17 12:34 pm

Pic: of Ben Johnston

The proponents of Light Rail in Hobart are accusing the State Government of failing to honour repeated commitments to save and protect the rail corridor into Hobart.

Kilometres of rail have recently been ripped up with rails and sleepers removed beyond Macquarie Point to the Hobart Regatta Pavilion.

Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding has publicly committed to leave the rail corridor intact, for future use, while Premier Hodgman also told the Rail Action Group his Government had acted to save and protect the rail corridor.

Rail Action Group President Ben Johnston says the removal of the line at the Hobart Regatta Ground is a gross betrayal of trust and he’s asking for answers on who authorised the removal.

Mr Johnston says the Tasmanian Liberals are failing to future proof Hobart for growth, given the removal of rail in Hobart and a new Bridgewater Bridge design that doesn’t include rail.

“They seem ignorant of the significant benefits identified and quantified by consultants GHD and backed by the GCC and HCC. The Government’s repeated failure to present the rail business case to Canberra is a snub for Denison, where at least 62 per cent of voters support the idea.”

Mr Johnston says, “the State Government claims the Hobart Rail project isn’t viable even though State and Local Government studies indicate it would create thousands of long term jobs and smash congestion with six million rail trips a year!”

Mercury: Rail proponents hits out at State Government over removal of tracks from Macquarie Point


Time to introduce an appropriate parliamentary code of conduct

Lara Giddings MP Shadow Attorney-General
16.10.17 12:30 pm

 Government should finally act and implement an appropriate code of conduct for MPs  
 Code would cover issues like the Adam Brooks email sage
 Current guidelines are not adequate        

The Liberal Government appears desperate to avoid introducing an appropriate Parliamentary Code of Conduct for Tasmanian MPs.

Shadow Attorney-General Lara Giddings said the introduction of a code of conduct as recommended by the Integrity Commission is long-overdue and Labor will put it on the parliamentary agenda this week.

“We need a broader parliamentary code of conduct in Tasmania than what we have now,” Ms Giddings said.

“Tasmanians deserve to have confidence in their elected representatives to do the right thing.
“It’s clear the Government’s doesn’t want its members to be held up to any form of scrutiny.

“A code of conduct would be able to deal with issues like the Adam Brooks email saga and the bullying allegations that engulfed Liberal Minister Rene Hidding.

“Tasmanians in work places right across the state have to abide by codes of conduct, it should be no different for every member of parliament.

“Ministers have to abide by a code of conduct, however the guidelines for the behaviour of other MPs are not as robust.

“Labor has reformed government to ensure greater transparency and we’ll now use our private members time this week to put pressure on the Liberals to support the implementation of a code of conduct.
“This is a matter of urgency and should be in place before the end of the parliamentary year.”


Ed Husic decries Trump travel ban as parliament debates US relationship – politics live

16.10.17 12:08 pm

The government prepares to release its energy security policy but faces further opposition from Labor and gets more bad news in the polls. Join us as we update you through the day

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Doctors ring alarm over Manus Island health crisis

Andrew Wilkie, Independent MP for Denison
16.10.17 12:01 pm

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, has joined Dr Barri Phatarfod and Dr Paddy McLisky from Doctors for Refugees to discuss the deteriorating health situation on Manus Island.

“The situation on Manus Island is dire,” Mr Wilkie said.

“On top of what we already know about the dreadful conditions in the detention centre on Manus Island, the way in which the Australian Government is managing the impending closure of the centre on 31 October is making a bad situation worse.

“Of particular concern is the impending withdrawal of medical care and torture and trauma support. Already we’re seeing the improper dispensing of medications.

“Foxtrot Compound has already been shut down and there is no electricity, running water or drinking water for the men who are there. And the East Lorengau transit accommodation that the Australian Government is pressuring the detainees to relocate to is unsafe and lacks basic medical facilities.

“On top of this many people on Manus Island fear for their safety because of recent violent incidents and escalating tensions within the community.

“The Australian Government has a duty of care to these people and at the moment it’s failing miserably. The only humane solution is to immediately bring everyone on Manus and Nauru to Australia so their claims can be processed and they can be given protection if their claims are genuine. At the very least, if the Government is going to imprison people offshore they should ensure that they receive appropriate health care.

“The Government would have us believe that all the problems on Manus Island will be solved by the closure of the camp and the deportation of some detainees to the United States. This is patent nonsense and the Government is being downright dishonest again.”


Mount Lyell Strahan Picnic

Leigh Styles, Secretary
16.10.17 11:50 am


Notice of Annual General Meeting
(this) Thursday 19th October
6:00pm, Strahan Primary School


For 120 years the Mount Lyell Strahan Picnic has brought families on the West Coast together. Every year, families flock to West Strahan Beach for the annual Mount Lyell Strahan Picnic. The day is filled with traditional picnic-style activities (e.g., egg and spoon race, three-leg race, bicycle race, men’s and women’s gift, etc). The program has been 120 years in the making and caters for children and adults alike!

Committee secretary Leigh Styles said that the ongoing success of the Picnic relies on volunteers to join the committee and to assist on the day.

“We are always looking for new members. The committee meet four times a year. It is not a big commitment, and the enjoyment on children’s faces makes it all worthwhile”.

Committee members assist with fundraising and organising in the lead up to the event. On the day, committee members can be involved in any number of duties - serving free fruit and drinks to children, starting races, awarding prizes and traffic management.

“Many West Coast families have fond memories of attending the annual Mount Lyell Picnic. It is wonderful to see generations of families still attending the event, all with fond memories having attended the event themselves as children.”, said Leigh Styles.

The first Picnic was held on 5th December in 1897 when employees of the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company; and their wives and children; would assemble in Queenstown and board one of the empty open-topped ore carts for the train-ride to Strahan. As there was no shelter, women would sew hessian canvas and make a shade from the sun.

While the event used to be entirely supported and organised by the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company, a volunteer committee made up of Queenstown and Strahan residents now work hard throughout the year to keep the tradition alive.

“We acknowledge and thank the West Coast business community who support us year after year to keep the Picnic running and all activities free of charge”, said Leigh Styles.

Children are particularly catered for on the day through the provision of free fruit, drinks, ice cream, and sweets. In addition, the committee award 118 first place prizes, 66 second place prizes and usually award participation and effort as well.

The 120th annual Mount Lyell Strahan Picnic will be held on Friday 26th January, 2018, at West Strahan Beach, commencing at 10:00am.

In the lead up to the event, members of the public are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Mount Lyell Strahan Picnic Committee Incorporated, to be held (this) Thursday 19th October, 6:00pm at the Strahan Primary School.

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Who really wins in the murky world of corporate tax cuts?

16.10.17 11:49 am

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Ordinary people to pay more for aged care under proposed reforms

Canberra Times
16.10.17 9:41 am

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‘Volcanic’: Evidence of Queen’s involvement in the 1975 dismissal uncovered

Canberra Times
16.10.17 9:37 am

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It’s only fair to give struggling young people some help

16.10.17 9:34 am

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Cycling tour to showcase the best of northern Tasmania

Kate Rankin, Business Development Manager, John Trevorrow Race Director
16.10.17 9:12 am

2016 winner Ben Dyball

Spirit of Tasmania will continue their support of the Tour of Tasmania and has been announced as the official naming rights partner of the 2017 event. 

Around 100 of Australia’s best male cyclists are set to pedal their way around Northern Tasmania for the iconic Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour, from 6 - 10 November. 
The Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour will attract the best Australian teams and elite domestic male cyclists as they battle it out to become the Subaru National Road Series (NRS) champion across the infamous Tasmanian landscape. The Event is one of only seven NRS races and will round out the 2017 calendar.

Race Director John Trevorrow announced, “We are very excited to have Spirit of Tasmania return as naming rights sponsor of this iconic event in 2017”.
“It is an excellent fit to be able to align this event with such an iconic brand for Tasmania, and it is fantastic to be able to encourage more people to travel on the Spirit of Tasmania to visit this beautiful state” said Mr Trevorrow.

The Tour will consist of five stages, starting with a Prologue in Launceston (6 November), George Town to Grindelwald (7 November), Launceston to Poatina (8 September), Ulverstone to Penguin (9 November) and Criterium in Devonport (10 November).

Hundreds of people are expected to line local streets, giving communities across Northern Tasmania the chance to see their cycling heroes in action. 

Mr Nick Harriman, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Spirit of Tasmania, said he was pleased to support the cycling tour and help make it possible for athletes to compete against the best in Australia.
The Tour has changed dates to coincide with the Stan Sjieka Cycling Classic on the 12 November and to also attract school groups to the start and finish of each stage (the event was previously held in school holidays).

Aside from the big race, cyclists will take part in a number of community activities, including school visits, participation rides, safety awareness advocacy and Q & A sessions for students. 
The support of Spirit of Tasmania and alliance to Australian Cycling has demonstrated the ability to host elite sports in Northern Tasmania, as well as highlight the appetite for cyclists and cycling fans to travel to Tasmania for a unique cycling experience. 

“Tasmania is the perfect destination for cycling tourism. Spirit of Tasmania is very pleased to put its name to supporting young Tasmanians achieving excellence in their sport while also promoting Tasmania for the benefit of the tourism sector and the broader economy” said Mr Harriman.

For more information visit


The Briefing ... Mogadishu

Alex McKinnon, The Saturday Paper
16.10.17 6:01 am

Good morning, and welcome to The Briefing.

At least 230 people are dead after a truck carrying explosives detonated in the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

The truck drove through a security checkpoint and exploded, igniting a nearby fuel tanker. The resulting blast led to a collapse of the Safari Hotel, trapping many people in the rubble. Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has declared three days of national mourning, while thousands have volunteered to give blood. While no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, it is believed to be the work of the Islamist group al-Shabaab, which has been fighting an insurgency against the Somali government since 2007.

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Jacqui Lambie’s plan to fix the lobbying racket in Canberra

16.10.17 5:39 am

By Jacqui Lambie

… The number of orange passes we give out is about three times higher than the number of people who are required to register as lobbyists.

The only ones who need to register their names – and in doing so need to agree to abide by the rules we have in place – are third party lobbyists. …

… Tony Abbott could resign tomorrow, take up a job working as a third-party lobbyist, and he’d be completely within the rules.

Malcolm Turnbull could resign as Prime Minister tomorrow, take up a job as the head of the Business Council of Australia on the same day, and he’d be completely within the rules.

The rules attempt to punish former ministers for taking up jobs as lobbyists by stripping them of their ministerial responsibilities. That’s right. Former ministers get punished by being made former ministers. Our system of checks and balances reads like a typo.

I’m trying to change that. My plan takes the lobbying code of conduct, which was introduced in 2008 by the Rudd government, and turns it into a mandatory industry code, policed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

It will mean anyone who lobbies — whether they’re a third-party lobbyist for the mum and dad shop down the road, or an in-house lobbyist for Google — has to follow the same standard …

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Advocate: Senator Jacqui Lambie wants to shut Canberra’s revolving lobby door


Ancient Aboriginal burning techniques return to Cape Barren Island to regenerate the land

16.10.17 5:25 am

On a clear day on Cape Barren Island, Truwana Rangers check the moisture levels in the ground and wind speeds before carefully lighting sections of a scrubby patch of land beside a hill overlooking the coast of their island home.

“We’ve gone up to the Top End and learnt from the traditional burners up there how to ‘cool burn’ properly so we can regenerate our land,” said Truwana (the Aboriginal name for Cape Barren Island) ranger Terry Maynard.

A series of small flames in the undergrowth mark the return of practice used tens of thousands of years ago.

Alongside the Truwana Rangers are two members of the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) who have flown to the island to take part in the burn …

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Pembroke families and kids to get the best start with Labor’s new Child and Family Centre

Rebecca White MP Labor Leader
15.10.17 4:16 pm

 Mornington/Warrane will be one of six locations for new CFCs
 Child and Family Centres part of Labor’s commitment to lifelong education journey
 Increasing access to crucial health, education support services a priority for Labor
Pembroke families will get the best start with Labor’s commitment today to build a new Child and Family Centre in the Mornington/Warrane area.
Joining candidate Jo Siejka in the electorate today, Labor Leader Rebecca White said the centre was part of a majority Labor Government’s commitment to provide Tasmanian families and children with access to the services and support they need from before birth.
“A Labor Government will build six new Child and Family Centres and that’s part of our commitment and genuine determination to give Tasmanian families the best access to early learning, health services and family support,” Ms White said.
“Child and Family Centres have a proven record of improving health and education outcomes for Tasmanians and they provide important support for new families.
“Considering how invaluable these centres have been as a hub for families to access, it’s important we build on the existing CFC network and I’m proud to be able to announce that the Mornington and Warrane area will be the site of one of the six that will be built by a Labor Government.
“Jo Siejka’s priorities are education and skills and training as well as the critical need for improved health services and she will be talking to this community about the best location for the new centre.”
Ms Siejka said families in the Pembroke area would greatly benefit with Labor’s investment.
“Families are telling me they want support to give their children the best start in life and that’s why this new centre will be so important,” Ms Siejka said.
“Of course there will be flow-on effects for the community as well with jobs in the construction phase.
“The community will be empowered to jointly decide the best location for the new Centre, just as Labor did prior to building the existing 12 Child and Family Centres across Tasmania.
“Families in the Pembroke electorate and everywhere in Tasmania deserve access to the best possible health, education and social services.”


Adani’s Carmichael coalmine won’t go ahead, Greens leader says

15.10.17 1:09 pm

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Trump might be feigning insanity. Then again, psych opinion says he’s mad, bad, and dangerous

The New Daily
15.10.17 1:01 pm

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Sue Hickey seeks pre-selection to contest Denison for Liberal Party

15.10.17 12:59 pm

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Mayor aims for Denison seat

15.10.17 12:54 pm

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NGV water turns blood-red in Wilson Security protest

Nina Ross
14.10.17 2:18 pm


Today the walls of the National Gallery of Victoria run red as artists protest the gallery’s commercial relationship with Wilson Security, which provides security services to both the gallery and Australia’s offshore detention facilities on Manus Island and Nauru. The action highlights the extensive, violent human rights abuses carried out by Wilson Security during their contract with the immigration detention industry.

The unsettling intervention, which saw red dye seep into the water of the gallery’s famous moat and water wall, comes just a week after a previous unsanctioned intervention by artists at the gallery. Last Friday, artists shrouded Picasso’s Weeping Woman, one of the museum’s most prized artworks, with a black veil, in solidarity with those detained and abused by Wilson Security.

“Wilson is notorious for overseeing, perpetrating and attempting to cover up years of abuse against refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru,” said artist, Nina Ross. “Why would the NGV, a trusted cultural institution, continue to work with them?”

“This is a national crisis. This is an extraordinary situation. People are dying and suffering at the hands of Wilson and the Australian Government - in the name of all Australians. We won’t stand for it,” said artist and protester Lachlan Anthony. “We urgently need the National Gallery of Victoria to show moral leadership here.”

The artists - who were keen to reassure the public, gallery staff and visitors that the dye was perfectly safe and impermanent - are determined to continue such interventions in order to pressure the state Gallery into ending their commercial relationship with companies connected to Australia’s mandatory offshore detention policy.

Last week artists shrouded Picasso’s Weeping Woman in protest against Wilson Security at the NGV. Photo: Tatjana Plitt

Last week artists shrouded Picasso’s Weeping Woman in protest against Wilson Security at the NGV. Photo: Tatjana Plitt


Wilson Security’s current interim contract at the NGV was appointed through the Victorian security services procurement panel, the same panel that will be appointing a long-term security provider for the NGV and other state agencies later this year.

The Artists’ Committee understands that the NGV is not mandated to follow state procurement processes.

 While Wilson’s contract on Manus Island and Nauru ends at the end of October, and the Manus prison is currently being shut down, the refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island have reported an increasingly dire situation, facing violent opposition in the township, many suffering from deteriorating mental health, and a withdrawal of protection from Australian and local officials.

Independent investigations and reports have revealed the extent of Wilson Security’s abuses on Manus Island and Nauru, including violent and sexual crimes against children, men and women, and attempts to cover up these abuses and failings.

The Artists’ Committee believes that artistic and creative work fundamentally relies on human freedom, and find it impossible to support institutions that support illegal detainment.

In August, over 1500 artists, arts workers, Gallery members and arts lovers signed a letter to the NGV urging them to terminate their contract with Wilson Security. The response from the NGV has been evasive and noncommittal.

Last Friday, twenty signatories covered Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ in a cloth featuring Wilson’s logo and blocked security staff from removing it for about an hour before leaving peacefully, leaving the painting covered. The artists chose the painting, they said, for its moving and universal portrayal of human suffering.

The Artists’ Committee is an informal association of sculptors, filmmakers, photographers, curators, writers, theatre makers, painters and designers, that makes collaborative public work around the intersection of money, ethics and culture.

The dye used today is specially formulated for pools and water features and filters out in three to five days. It is non-toxic, non-staining and non-corrosive.

#ArtistsAgainstAbuse #BoycottWilson #NGV

More information:


Residents in important Pembroke areas still need to vote after boundary changes

Sarah Lovell MLC Member for Rumney
14.10.17 1:37 pm

 New Legislative Council boundaries don’t apply for Pembroke by-election
 Voters may be confused by boundary changes and polling day requirements
 About 3,000 voters now outside the electorate still need to cast a vote
Residents on Hobart’s Eastern Shore still need to vote in the November 4 Pembroke by-election despite changes to electorate boundaries which may have caused confusion among voters.
Rumney Member of the Legislative Council Sarah Lovell said although the Pembroke boundaries had changed after a statewide distribution earlier this year, the former boundaries would still apply for the by-election.
“Following the announcement of the redistribution in August, any election held before January 1 is still decided on the old boundaries because the Council Electoral Boundaries Act provides for a transition period,” Ms Lovell said.
“That means people who live in the northern part of the Pembroke electorate still need to vote in this by-election even though they are technically no longer residents of the electoral division.
“I hope there is not too much confusion around these changes because it affects up to 3,000 people.
“We want to sure make every one of those people is aware that voting in this by-election is compulsory and they are still allowed to have their say.
“I’m encouraging each of them to do that and put their support behind the Labor candidate Jo Siejka who is working hard for the area and is clearly the best choice to represent them in the Upper House after November 4.”
The Pembroke Division for this by-election encompasses the Clarence City Council areas of Otago, Risdon Vale, Geilston Bay, Lindisfarne, Rose Bay, Rosny, Bellerive, Warrane, Mornington, Howrah and Tranmere.
It does not include Howrah Gardens.
For more information check the Tasmanian Electoral Commission website:


Contempt of Court Risk Health Minister’s Fault

Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens' Health spokesperson
14.10.17 1:14 pm

The Minister for Health, Michael Ferguson, is potentially placing the Tasmanian Health Service in contempt of court.

Minister Ferguson has failed to properly resource the State’s only secure mental health facility, the Wilfred Lopes Centre. Staffing levels are now so low the Centre cannot safely follow a Supreme Court order to admit a prisoner for care.

The THS says it will take them until “at least 15 November” to be able to fill positions and admit the prisoner, but the court expects an answer this Monday.

The THS have tried to deflect the blame onto staff and the nurses’ union, who have refused to allow any new patient admissions until safe staffing levels are established.

The standoff is another symptom of this Liberal Health Minister’s mismanagement of public mental health services. Under Michael Ferguson, the THS has not worked collaboratively with nurses to make a long-term workforce plan, and all community and inpatient facilities have been chronically under-resourced each budget.

This Supreme Court case is a very public example of the extreme pressure mental health services suffer under this Liberal Government. Behind the case is the everyday misery of mental health patients and their families who are denied publicly-funded care when they most need it.

Minister Ferguson needs to take full responsibility and do whatever it takes to fix this instance of injustice immediately. Beyond this, he needs to open his door and welcome in the many Tasmanians who have been calling for him to listen to their pain.

Instead of “next election” thinking, Minister Ferguson needs to forge long-term strategic plans to support people in acute mental health crisis, and to prevent others from getting to that point.


Failure to act now on energy policy will just trigger Groundhog Day | Katharine Murphy

14.10.17 1:12 pm

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The Sunday Picnic at Karoola ...

Wendy McLennan
14.10.17 10:19 am


Over 450 people enjoyed an old fashioned Sunday Picnic at Karoola where the DP Railcar is housed.  It was a day where the public was able to see the work that has been done by the Launceston and North East Railway (LNER) and the North East Residents and Farmers (NERAF) groups who have been working on retaining the railway between Launceston and Scottsdale.

One of the organisers Wendy McLennan said that the groundswell of support from the community has clearly demonstrated that this should remain as a railway line. This has further been vindicated by the outcome of a Reachtel survey, conducted in Dorset, which clearly showed 70% support for the retention of the railway line.

We are still awaiting the outcome of the $50,000 consultancy by Linquage, and forwarded to the government on 23 August 2017, into the viability of our organisations to operate the line as a tourist and heritage railway for the North East. Two formal surveys have been conducted to assess the railway line itself.

It was a delightful day with people sitting in the railcar and seeing the memorabilia collected by the rail enthusiasts.  There was also a display of photographs of the original building of the railway.

Watch on YouTube ...


Tasmania’s first ever Walk for Workplace Health and Safety

Jenna Mays, WorkSafe Tasmania
14.10.17 9:34 am

Marking the half-way mark for WorkSafe Tasmania Month and the close of Mental Health Awareness Week,
the states inaugural Walk for Workplace Health and Safety saw hundreds of Tasmanians stepping away from
their desks and hitting the pavement to celebrate the importance of work health, safety and wellbeing.

WorkCover Tasmania Board member Steve Walsh said both physical and mental wellbeing was vital to
ensuring safe workplaces and that all Tasmanian workers returned home at the end of each working day.

“While statistics reveal the total number of workplace injuries in Tasmania has been steadily declining
(dropping by 26 per cent from 2010-2016), the number of mental disease injuries has actually increased,” Mr
Walsh said.

“In 2010 there were 499 mental disease injuries reported across the state and by last year that number had
actually slightly increased to 508 injuries – which is concerning.

“Thirty two per cent of mental disease injuries in 2016 were due to work pressure, followed by the second
most common cause which was workplace harassment and/or workplace bullying.

“However regular physical activity can provide positive mental health benefits and is also a major factor in
preventing a number of chronic diseases, as well as providing a wide range of economic, environmental,
physical, and social benefits.”

Mr Walsh said the benefits of a healthy workplace and workforce can include reduced absenteeism, staff
sick leave and turnover, while also increasing productivity and staff satisfaction levels.

“WorkSafe Tasmania offers a free service to assist Tasmanian business to develop and implement a health
and wellbeing program through their Work Health, Safety and Wellbeing Advisory Service. To help you take
the first step to create a healthier workplace you can request a confidential visit by an advisor by visiting,” he said.

“Research shows that for every dollar invested in workplace health and wellbeing programs, there is a return
on investment of between three and six dollars.

“Ultimately, a healthy workplace just makes good business sense.”

WorkSafe Tasmania Month runs from 1-31 October 2017 and is part of a nationwide effort to raise
awareness of work health, safety and wellbeing as well as reduce work-related injury, illness and deaths.

For a copy of the WorkSafe Tasmania Month Program of Events or to register to attend an event, simply
head to the WorkSafe website at or phone the Helpline on 1300 366 322.


Politicians charge $372 a night to stay in Launceston

14.10.17 9:29 am

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The Saturday Briefing ...

The Saturday Paper
14.10.17 5:32 am

Australia’s gun laws are frequently lauded as being the world’s most stringent, and often used as an ideal policy model in the wake of mass killings in the United States. The reality is very different. Under the relentless pressure and political donations of the gun lobby there has been significant backsliding as restrictions have been traded for political support.

“We don’t regard gun ownership as a privilege,” Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm tells Mike Seccombe. “We regard it as a right, which you can lose. And once a person is licensed ... it makes very little difference what kind of gun they’ve got.”

Plus: Paul Bongiorno on Malcolm Turnbull’s battle to escape Tony Abbott’s policies, and Clem Bastow on Harvey Weinstein and the disgrace of “open secrets”.

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