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Liberal MP Ann Sudmalis scrambling to confirm UK citizenship status

15.08.17 6:12 pm

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Raging #auspol fever hits as Coalition loses its mind over citizenship

Katharine Murphy, Political editor, Guardian
15.08.17 5:53 pm

… Question time was beyond excruciating as otherwise intelligent people, members of the elected government of Australia, painted ever more florid pictures of conspiracy – an offensive which achieved precisely nothing, beyond inserting a massive question mark over the government’s collective judgment and fitness for office.

On Tuesday the Turnbull government succeeded in one thing, and one thing only: hanging a lantern over its own desperation, its own lack of an organising idea, and its own terrible panic and recklessness.

Could we really be watching the Australian government completely lose the plot, right before our eyes?

As it turned out, yes, we could.

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St John Street bus stop vote not supported by all City of Launceston aldermen and more still

Launceston Concerned Citizens News
15.08.17 5:44 pm


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Cadbury cuts: About 50 jobs to go from Hobart factory as part of $75m upgrade

15.08.17 5:37 pm

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Politics live: Govt loses a vote in House of Representatives on uncontentious Great Barrier Reef

15.08.17 5:32 pm

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Energy report highlights Government’s recklessness and secrecy

Scott Bacon MP Shadow Energy Minister
15.08.17 3:11 pm

•      Public Accounts Committee energy security report released today
•      Report highlights the reckless decision to decommission and sell the Tamar Valley Power Station  
•      Treasurer’s “continuing refusal” to comply with the committee also confirmed

Labor welcomes the Public Accounts Committee’s report into energy security which confirms the Government’s role in the energy crisis and the Treasurer’s secrecy.

Shadow Energy Minister Scott Bacon said the Liberals can no longer deny they put the state in a vulnerable position by putting the Tamar Valley Power Station up for sale.

“Decommissioning the power station put Tasmania in a very vulnerable position,” Mr Bacon said.

“Matthew Groom and Peter Gutwein were prepared to risk Tasmania’s energy security in exchange for a $75 million cash grab.”

The summary of findings includes:

64. On 12 August 2015 Hydro Tasmania announced that it planned to sell the CCGT because it was not cost-effective and was not needed to provide energy security.

“The decision to decommission and sell the power station significantly contributed to the energy crisis which cost the state more than $150 million and put major employers at risk,” Mr Bacon said.

88. Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council (TMEC) members were not consulted about divestment of the TVPS CCGT prior to the announcement of the Government’s decision regarding its proposed sale. 89. The proposed sale raised concerns of TMEC members regarding the due diligence and risk assessment undertaken prior to the Government’s announcement to sell the CCGT.

And the report is a reminder of the Treasurer’s refusal to cooperate with the Public Accounts Committee.

The report refers to the “continuing refusal of the Treasurer to provide the Committee an unredacted copy of a document titled “Sale of the Tamar Valley Power Station”, considered by the Committee to potentially contain essential information for the Inquiry.”

“Peter Gutwein’s failure to comply with the committee was a disgrace and proved he had something to hide,” Mr Bacon said.

“The Treasurer still has an obligation to hand over the letter he sent to the Energy Minister relating to the sale of the Tamar Valley Power Station.

“And the decision to put the power station on the market is still having an impact on gas contracts with long-term certainty for customers not secured.

“The report says “a timely and satisfactory resolution of this issue is necessary for certainty of prices for other gas users including small and medium businesses, major industry and residential customers”.”


Arrogant refusal to listen or consult leads to backflip on bad early start move

Michelle O’Byrne MP Shadow Education Minister
15.08.17 3:10 pm

 Badly drafted, un-researched, ill-conceived strategy needed to go
 Irresponsible plan caused anxiety and distress throughout community
 Rockliff’s extraordinarily misguided plan threatened child care
 Embarrassed Minister used cover of darkness to announce backflip
Jeremy Rockliff’s monumental backflip on his unproven, unnecessary and irresponsible plan to send three-year-olds into schools has further exposed a government incapable of putting the effort into creating workable policy for Tasmanians.
Shadow Education Minister Michelle O’Byrne said while the government backflip was a major win for Tasmanian families and teachers and the child care sector, it was the only option left to the Liberals over their ill-conceived and badly researched education policy which was destined to failure.
“It’s extremely telling that Jeremy Rockliff used the cover of darkness last night to announce his major education policy was being abandoned and hide from immediate scrutiny,” Ms O’Byrne said.
“That’s because he knew it was unproven and irresponsible, he knew it was not based on evidence, he knew it was badly researched, he knew he had failed to genuinely consult with the community and he knew the very serious concerns raised over the past two years were justified.
“All that has been achieved throughout this sorry chapter is immeasurable anxiety and distress for parents and students and teachers and the child care sector, which faced ruin under the Hodgman Government.
“It’s typical of this government to ram legislation like this through the House of Assembly without doing the thorough, necessary work.
“It’s typical of the government to then blame the Upper House when legislation falls over.
“The Upper House told Mr Rockliff the early start plan was deeply flawed and sent him back to do more work with greater consultancy.
“That work showed that changing Tasmania’s school starting age was deeply flawed and fraught with problems.
“It took research carried out by the unions which showed three quarters of Tasmanians were opposed to the plan to finally convince the government – and that is research the government should have been doing itself.
“Labor has always opposed the reduction in a school starting age – based on evidence – and a re-elected Labor Government will instead back in early years programs that have proven results, including building six new Child and Family Centres.”


School starting age - new approach to early learning

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training
15.08.17 3:05 pm

The Hodgman Government has listened to Tasmanians, and we will not be lowering the voluntary school starting age.
Our motivation at all times during this policy debate has been to improve education outcomes in Tasmania. It’s simply not good enough that some Tasmanian children have up to two years less education than other states, and no doubt part of the reason why our education results are not as good as they could be.
Instead, the Government has made a decision to provide earlier access to play based learning in a different way, through our Working Together for 3 Year Olds - targeted pre-school initiative which will provide the opportunity of an additional year of pre-school to Tasmanian children who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.
This will be offered, when children are 3, in partnership with the Early Childhood Education and Care sector (ECEC), and will provide free access to quality pre-school programs for eligible three year old children. It will commence in 2020.
The Government will fund access to 10 hours a week (400 hours a year) of quality early learning through an accredited service primarily in the ECEC sector, or in a school in some specific circumstances.
The initiative will receive funding of $10.5 million each year on top of the recurrent funding of $4.9 million for extra support in Prep including teacher assistants.
The Government will also keep its commitment to ensure Tasmanian Government Kindergartens are assessed against the National Quality Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care from 2020, and fund associated infrastructure requirements.
We have always said we would not implement earlier access to Prep or Kindergarten, until we fully understood the social and economic impacts on existing early childhood education and care providers. The implementation report, including analysis by KPMG and based on comprehensive consultation with the ECEC sector which I’m releasing today recommends this alternative approach.
Today’s announcement shows that we are a government who listens, and makes decisions based on the best available evidence.


Cable Car Facilitation Bill Is Completely Unnecessary

Ted Cutlan, spokesperson for ROCC - Residents Opposed to the Cable Car
15.08.17 2:53 pm

Submissions on the Draft Bill have now closed and those submissions will be made public by the 18th of August.

“There is absolutely no need for this Bill”, said Mr Ted Cutlan spokesperson for ROCC (Residents Opposed to the Cable Car).

The proponent of the cable car, Adrian Bold, initially sought landowner consent from the Hobart City Council in 2014 -

But it could not be given - until there was an amendment to the development zone on the mountain’s summit, known as the Pinnacle Specific Area.

In 2015 the Proponent requested to increase the development zone on the mountain’s summit by 1.1 hectares. On 4 November 2015 the Wellington Park Management Trust, a publicly funded body with statutory responsibility for managing a public asset, controversially increased the development zone as requested.

With that amendment having been passed, the Hobart City Council expected a formal request by the Proponent of the cable car for landowner consent.

But no request was ever made.

“Section 4 of the submission by the Hobart City Council states very clearly that they do not see any need for this Bill as there is a clear process in place already” he said.

( )

“Why didn’t the proponent go through the normal Council process?”

“There is absolutely no justification for this Bill until such time as the Council refuses landowner consent.” he said.

ROCC calls on the Legislative Council to reject this Bill in its entirety when it is presented to Parliament.


Lowering the Starting Age: TASSO welcomes Minister Rockliff’s announcement

15.08.17 2:31 pm

The Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO), welcomes the Minister for Education and Training, Jeremy Rockliff’s announcement around not lowering the starting age and continuing with the starting age of five for children enrolling in Prep. This is a long held TASSO Policy formed and ratified by our members.

”It’s pleasing to see the Minister taking on board the evidence and data which has come out of the consultation with the Early Childhood Education and Care sector and changed his approach to what is in the best interest of our young children.” Lisa Gillard, TASSO Vice President, said.

We look forward to seeing more details around the Minister’s new innovative strategy Working Together for 3-year old’s. Hon. Rockliff’s passion and drive to make sure that our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children have optimum opportunities for their learning is to be commended.

Lisa Gillard said, - “As the peak state body representing parents of students and future students in public schools, we would like to see programs like LiL’s, B4 and LiFT, continually funded and supported. LiLs has a proven track record and is highly regarded in other states. These programs are a great investment in parental engagement, which is so important when it comes to children’s educational outcomes.”


National merger to improve Tasmanian eating disorder support services

Butterfly Foundation CEO, Christine Morgan
15.08.17 1:01 pm

In a venture set to improve local services for Tasmanians recovering from eating disorders, TRED has merged with Australia’s leading voice on eating disorders, the Butterfly Foundation.
Tasmania Recovery from Eating Disorders (TRED), was established by Jo Cook in 2011, after being diagnosed with anorexia in her early 40s, and was Tasmania’s first community support service for adults with eating disorders.
In 2017, there are one million Australians living with an eating disorder, and in many instances, they also present with a co-morbidity such as anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive traits.
Utilising the significant resources and strong branding of the Butterfly Foundation, this merger will allow for the development of significant new advocacy and assistance projects designed specifically for Tasmanians and their families confronting an eating disorder.
Mrs Cook said there was still a lot of work to be done to improve services for Tasmanians recovering from an eating disorder and she was looking forward to leading the Butterfly Foundation’s growth in Tasmania.
“Primarily this merger will allow us to increase investment in local services and utilise the Foundation’s national advocacy expertise and experience to affect real change in the Tasmanian health system,” said Mrs Cook.
“Since we set up TRED six years ago, we have worked closely with local families and individuals to improve and develop new pathways to recovery.
“With no Tasmanian in-patient services and the recent loss of psychiatry training accreditation at the Royal Hobart Hospital, there is still however much to be done to assist Tasmanians recovering from eating disorders.”
Rhi Hamilton, a young Tasmanian who has worked closely with Mrs Cook over the past few years, said TRED had been instrumental in her journey to recovery and now leads a healthy and full life.
“For me, TRED knitted everything together,” said Ms Hamilton.
“From setting up doctor’s appointments and support groups to working directly with my family, Jo helped me understand I wasn’t alone, and guided me to where I am today.
“The direct, personal support TRED provided was critical to my recovery and it’s great to hear this important service will be available to more Tasmanians through this joining of forces.”
Butterfly Foundation CEO, Christine Morgan said she was thrilled to join forces with the Tasmanian support service, having worked closely with Mrs Cook on a number of Tasmanian and nationally relevant projects since 2013.
“Butterfly has built a strong relationship with the team at TRED over a number of years, culminating in TRED’s latest contribution to the National Eating Disorders Agenda,” said Ms Morgan.
“Butterfly values TRED’s expertise and local knowledge and will invest in this to ensure Tasmanians who need treatment, support and care for an eating disorder have appropriate advocacy, and access to a local health system that includes the diversity of services and support required.”
Anyone needing support with eating disorders or body image issues is encouraged to contact Butterfly’s National Support Line on 1800 33 4673 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


A statement about the current uncertainty ...

Andrew Wilkie, Independent MP for Denison
15.08.17 12:54 pm


I wish to make it absolutely clear that my relationship with the Government has not changed.

I will continue to approach all issues in the Parliament on their merits and have not guaranteed anyone anything.

Download my relevant press release from 9 July 2016 ...


Now is the worst time to weaken Tas hate speech laws

Rodney Croome, just.equal
15.08.17 12:52 pm


Tasmanian LGBTI community advocates say now is the worst time to weaken the state’s legal protections against hateful language.

This Thursday the state Upper House is expected to debate a Government bill weakening protections in the Anti-Discrimination Act against offensive, humiliating and hateful language if it is the name of religion. A separate amendment flagged by Tanya Rattray MLC would allow all offensive, humiliating and intimidating language.

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said,

“With the marriage equality postal vote looming, now is the very worst time for Parliament to be sending the message that hate speech is okay.”

“As Tasmanians we must unite against hate, not give it the green light.”

“This is not a matter of free speech because similar laws already protect state government officials, including Upper House members, from offensive, humiliating and hateful language.”

“It would be the height of hypocrisy for the Upper House to remove protections for powerless and vulnerable people while retaining protections for themselves.”

Mr Croome called on Upper House member, Rosemary Armitage, to honour her election pledge not to support the proposed amendments.

Ahead of her re-election in May, Mrs Armitage, responded to a survey from disability groups asking her to vote against any amendments. She wrote, 

“Initially, I felt the words (in the Anti-Discrimination Act) were subjective, however following many letters from disability groups and others I made the statement in Parliament that I could not support removing the words without consultation with these disability groups for their input.  Our vulnerable must be protect at all costs.”

Tasmania has the nation’s most comprehensive laws against offensive, humiliating and hateful language.

These laws were passed partly in response to the hate-filled debate on decriminalising homosexuality in the 1990s.

However, in recent years most complaints under these have been from people with disabilities.


Proposed UTAS move ...

15.08.17 11:15 am



A Launceston information evening for educators and parents

Tasmanian Association for the Gifted
15.08.17 11:10 am

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Luxbet Park 12pm SUNDAY OCTOBER 8th 2017: Pink Cup

Judi Adams Hobart Volunteer Committee National Breast Cancer Foundation
15.08.17 11:00 am


Book now at
Tasmanian Racing Club
6 Goodwood Rd, Glenorchy TAS 7010
03 6272 9492
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Luxbet Hobart Cup Day
Sunday February 11th 2018
Luxbet Park
12pm SUNDAY OCTOBER 8th 2017
Help champion research
into breast cancer –
as the MMIB PINK CUP turns 10!
Tickets $75, with 20%
proudly donated to the
National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Fundraising through raffles,
live + silent auctions.
Prizes for best dressed.
MC - Jacquelin Robson, Southern Cross News
Auctioneer - Hank Petrusma, EIS Property

First published July 24


Brighton councillor ready to sue, refuses to apologise to fellow councillor

15.08.17 8:42 am

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Parent Satisfaction Levels at a Five Year Low

Kristen Desmond
15.08.17 7:43 am

The Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby (TDERL) today releases the results of its sixth
annual Parent Satisfaction Survey. In 2017 188 parents took part in our Parent Satisfaction Survey
and the results show that the parent satisfaction rate has hit a five-­year low of 34%.
In 2017 for the first time we are reporting the level of satisfaction of parents of students with disability
attending mainstream schools, this is an important milestone, as for the first time it gives us an insight
into the experiences of students with disability in Tasmanian mainstream schools stand alone.
22% of parents of students with disability in mainstream schools believed that their child received
adequate support. That equates to four out of five parents having the belief that the support
provided to their child in a mainstream classroom was inadequate.
TDERL also for the first time measured the number of children being excluded from school activities
along with the numbers of students with disability who have been subjected to bullying. The results
are a clear sign of a disability education system in crisis with 34% of parents of students with
disability in mainstream schools reporting that their child was excluded from a school activity
and 51% of parents of students with disability attending mainstream public schools reporting
that their child had been the subject of bullying in the past 12 months.
Discrimination in our schools continues to be seen with some families reporting that their child was
unable to attend excursions or assemblies, that parents/carers continue to be called to pick up their
child from school because the school cannot support them and that many children are being part time
enrolled because their school cannot adequately support them. In mainstream public schools the part
time enrolment rate was 31%.
These issues need to be addressed as a matter of urgency by the Government. Parents/carers told
“They refuse to make any changes to support my daughter. They just say they cannot provide
appropriate support and that she should be moved to ….. support school”
“Appropriate support would mean providing (our child) with what is needed for participating in school
in the same capacity as others. In our case a Teachers Aide, our school can only provide this part time
therefore his enrolment is part time.”
“Due to the current funding model my son has no help his IQ is 6 points too high to get any help he is
in grade 6 at a grade 4 learning level and not coping with It, having daily meltdowns with the teacher
telling him to go outside and play instead of learning is unacceptable”
“my son was unable to complete the last NAPLAN testing and support was not provided for him to do
so despite me contacting the school”
“at the public school he was duel enrolled until they made it clear they didn’t want him there in term 4
2016 before then he was asked to be kept home on certain days, he could only attend excursions if I
took him to the destination and went with him even though he had a full time aide. We were threatened
with his expulsion even with no prior reason “WHEN your child hurts someone I will exclude him from
my school” when this threat was made I asked IF that did happen what about behavioural programs,
school psych or the disability behavioural unit, to be told “oh no, we don’t offer anything like that”
“ …. My child has always been pushed under the rug and treated differently by her school. The boy
who was bullying her apparently “isn’t that kind of kid” numerous times he has kicked a football in my
daughter’s face. Hit her, pushed her to the ground leaving bruises and scratches turned to scabs and
nothing was done. We have just moved her after 3 years of constant torment she didn’t want to be
here anymore as she is a disappointment to everyone.” (note this is a grade 6 student)
Kristen Desmond, founder of the Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby said
“The number of unfunded students with disability in this survey continues to be high with more than 6
out of every 10 students surveyed receiving no additional funding to assist their school to provide
the reasonable adjustments they need to access an education on the same basis as other students.
It is time for the Government to act and change the inequitable IQ based disability education funding
model in Tasmania.”
“It is time for the elephant in the room to be dealt with, while Tasmania continues to fund students
with disability on an IQ basis and not based on need, it is clear things simply will not improve.”
“It is frustrating to see parent satisfaction levels in Tasmania going backwards, the Minister and the
Government talk about being committed to improving support for students with disability however
those words are hollow for many parents. It is time for action, talking and reiterating commitments
mean nothing if support in the classroom does not improve.”
“TDERL acknowledges that the Government has committed funds to implement the taskforce
recommendations from its Ministerial Taskforce into Improved Support for Students with Disability
report in 2015 with initiatives including: teacher incentives to obtain special education qualifications,
family partnership training for schools, provision of an inclusion advisory panel to oversee the
implementation of the taskforce recommendations. However, the recommendations in relation to
access to data for students with disability, having school’s disability ready and responsive and
changing the funding model have seen little progress in the last 2 years.”
“Families continue to fight everyday for their child’s fundamental right to access a quality education
or in some cases any education. It is about time that students with disability were properly resourced
and this Government needs to deliver on its promise to improve educational support for students with
disability. The reality is that the IQ based disability funding system in Tasmanian schools is
inequitable, inadequate and failing schools and students. Structural reform of the disability education
support system is needed now, the time for talk is over and the time for real action has arrived.” she

Download Survey ...



Tas to trial suicide prevention approach

Jenny Denholm,
15.08.17 6:51 am

Tasmania is preparing to participate in a national trial exploring how a coordinated approach can help local
communities reduce suicide.

Tasmania is one of 12 sites around the country taking part in the Australian Government-funded trial.

Primary Health Tasmania will lead the trial in Tasmania, working closely with the Department of Health and
Human Services and the suicide prevention sector.

Primary Health Tasmania general manager Mark Broxton said the national trial represents a major
opportunity to test different approaches to reducing suicide and self-harm.

“There are a range of suicide prevention activities on the ground throughout Tasmania including clinical
services, education and training,” Mr Broxton said.

“The purpose of this trial is to see how multiple activities can be implemented in a coordinated and
collaborative way at a local level to build community capacity to reduce suicide.

“We all have a role to play in preventing suicide in our community, including looking after ourselves and
supporting each other, but it is only by working together that we can prevent suicide.”

Tasmania has the second highest rate of suicide in Australia (16 suicides per 100,000 people in 2015).

Each of the 12 trial sites will focus their work on a priority population group. The Tasmanian population group
will be decided in the next month.

The results from each trial site will be assessed independently and shared nationally to help inform more
effective suicide prevention activities across Australia.

Implementation of the national trial is being supported by the Black Dog Institute, whose LifeSpan suicide
prevention model will be used in Tasmania and at many of the other trial sites.

LifeSpan Director at the Black Dog Institute, Rachel Green, is in Hobart today to address an information
session about the model for a number of service providers and community groups.

Primary Health Tasmania is partnering with the Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Community Network and the
Department of Health and Human Services to run today’s forum, which gives participants an opportunity to
learn about the evidence behind the framework and ask questions about how it can be applied in Tasmania.

The forum is the first of a number of local consultation and engagement activities that will be held throughout
development, implementation and evaluation of the trial.

“LifeSpan is a world-class approach to suicide prevention which combines nine evidenced-based strategies
into one community-led initiative,” Ms Green said.

“It aims to build a safety net for the community by connecting and coordinating new and existing suicide
prevention activities and building the capacity of the community to better support people facing a suicide

Mr Broxton said once the Tasmanian population group and location have been selected, the trial partners will
look at what suicide prevention activity is already on the ground, where it fits within the LifeSpan framework,
and what needs to be developed to fill the gaps.

“Primary Health Tasmania will work with existing services and programs to ensure that future programs are
meeting the needs of the community and not duplicating what is already in place,” he said.

Activity will align with and complement the Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Strategy 2016-2020.

The Australian Government has provided $3 million for the Tasmanian component of the trial, which is
scheduled to run until 30 June 2019.

Primary Health Tasmania is establishing an advisory group to support development and implementation of
the trial.

The Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Trial Advisory Group is being drawn from members of the existing
Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Community Network.

More information about Primary Health Tasmania:


Greens mired in civil war as senior figures trade insults and accusations

ABC Four Corners: Louise Milligan and Sashka Koloff
15.08.17 6:11 am

A Greens senator is a “team wrecker”. Local members are “kept in the dark and fed on bullshit”. Grassroots democracy in New South Wales is a “farce”. And party founder Bob Brown should “f*** off”.

These are just some of the stinging insults and allegations exchanged by figures in the Greens Party in a behind-the-scenes examination by Four Corners.

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Twitter, Not My President ...

Twitter, Not My President
15.08.17 6:06 am

A Trump Fan Just Called Obama A P*ssy. A US Marine’s Reply Is EPIC. This needs to go Viral …

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9-Y-O who used cannabis to cure cancer shares a message with world

Collective Evolution
14.08.17 7:10 pm

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A Man Walks Into A Bar In The Nanny State Of Australia ...

Trevor Marshallsea, Huffington Post
14.08.17 6:58 pm

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Eaglehawk Neck, Sat Aug 19: Lufra to Lookout Motor HillClimb

Peter Derkley, General Manager, Lufra Hotel and Apartments, w.
14.08.17 6:47 pm


New Show with third run at Lookout ...

Given that this is the third annual running of the Lufra to Lookout Motor HillClimb, being staged at Eaglehawk Neck on Saturday the 19th August, organisers are over the moon at the interest and entries already registered.

“The field of competitors is like no other”, says Club Motori Italia organiser David Button.

“Competitors already registered in the event range from a 1928 supercharged Alvis 1500 to an amazing Morris Minor rotary, Lotus eleven, through to Australian classics and muscle cars,” says David. “The mix of treasured vintage, classic, modern motor vehicles and some fun race vehicles contests to the appeal of this very different motor enthusiast event, where the earliest and most modern vehicles can compete with each other on a level, albeit steep and turning race course.

“That is the essence of this event, being a regularity competition where drivers nominate their times over the demanding course, using their skills to match their predicted times over the 3 to 4 attempts to consistently and speedily negotiate the iconic Pirates Bay Drive”.

This year also brings in the inclusion of the Lufra – Rotary Club of Tasman Car Show which has already brought in a stable of Jaguars, a 1924 Minerva, 1930 Desoto, 1982 Roll Royce, 1949 Bristol 400, 1925 Morris Recovery vehicle, 1955 Porsche Spyder, Mk1 Cortina, Sports Mazda, 1924 Chev, 2000 Mercedes through to current road cars.

The two events (HillClimb and Car Show), same day, same location on and at Lufra Hotel and Pirates Bay Drive are the product of an enthusiastic network of volunteers and motoring enthusiast as well as the locals who accommodate some interruption to their day as that well know roadway Pirates Bay Drive becomes a controlled motor way.

The official program begins at 10am, official awards and announcements at the Hotel from 4pm accompanied by some light ‘motor blues’ entertainment, and continues into the evening with the official after party dinner and dance in the Pavement Restaurant at the Lufra.


Barnaby’s bombshell plunges Turnbull government into yet another crisis

Mark Kenny, Fairfax
14.08.17 6:03 pm

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Email that could bring down the deputy PM was sent on August 7 at 12.31pm

14.08.17 5:57 pm

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Neill-Fraser murder appeal: Second person to be charged with perverting course of justice

14.08.17 2:24 pm

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6 reasons why many people think chemotherapy and the cancer industry is a giant scam

Collective Evolution
14.08.17 2:13 pm

In 2016, approximately 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States alone, and approximately 600,000 people will die from the disease. The number of new cancer cases is 454.8 per 100,000 men and women per year, based on cases from 2008-2010.

Men have almost a 50 percent chance of contracting the disease at some point within their lifetime, and women have a 1/3 chance. Pretty crazy isn’t it? (source)

In a time where so much information is coming to light, challenging the belief systems of so many, it’s important to keep an open mind to new information to help us see through what’s really been happening on our planet. It’s no secret that a small group of corporations dominate almost every aspect of our lives, from energy to education, all the way to modern day healthcare …

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Dutton backs down on secrecy provisions

Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim
14.08.17 1:33 pm

Peter Dutton’s amendments secrecy provisions of the Border Force Act are a humiliating back down, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.
“The secrecy provisions were a draconian measure designed to keep secret the horrors of offshore detention,” Senator McKim said.
“It is telling that a High Court challenge has made the government realise that these provisions were never lawful.”
“The Liberals and Labor should never have conspired to bring in this awful piece of legislation.”
“The truth will eventually come out about the harm that Peter Dutton and Malcolm Turnbull are inflicting on men, women and children in offshore detention, no matter what gag orders they try to enforce.”


Will Hodgman’s ‘good government starts today’ moment

Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer
14.08.17 12:42 pm

 After three and a half years Premier says the job has “just begun” 
 Liberal reset won’t fool Tasmanians
 Patients waiting for health care don’t get to start again  

The Liberal Government’s attempt to reset itself after three and a half years in government won’t fool Tasmanians.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said some of the statements from Will Hodgman over the last 24 hours have been revealing. 

The Premier told the Examiner “It certainly not job done, it’s job just begun,”*.

“Will Hodgman is channelling Tony Abbott’s infamous “good government starts today”** speech,” Mr Bacon said.

“If the job has only “just begun”, what have the Liberals been doing for the last three and a half years?

“We know they cut $210 million from the health budget in their first year, does Will Hodgman want Tasmanians to just forget about that?

“The people waiting in the emergency department for days don’t get to just start again and either does the Liberal Government.

“Instead of a 43 point plan, the Government should be focusing its energy on addressing the crisis in our hospitals.

“Hollow one-line statements and more spin won’t make life any easier for the patients and staff in our health system.

“Ambulances are ramped outside hospitals, mental health patients are waiting for days in the emergency department, and the Liberals response is a glossy 43 point plan.”