A win for conservation
A win for native forest industry
A win for the economic future of Tasmania

“The ENGOs are to be congratulated for showing faith in their capacity to deliver their side of the bargain”, said the Member for Rumney Tony Mulder

“The attainment of FSC certification is the main industry benefit from this deal, without it there is a limited export market.  Under the original proposal, failure to obtain FSC would have meant that industry gained nothing while the conservation movement secured 400,00 Ha of permanent reserves.>

The Federal Government is now in a position to restructure the industry by completing the exit programs and funding regional development.

“But now starts the difficult climb up the mountain.  Both sides, and the government, will need incredible courage to climb the durability mountain. With 12 months to go to the next election, sufficient investment and progress will need to be demonstrated to win the people of Tasmania over by proving that the deal was in our best interests,” Mr Mulder said.