The political party started by Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, will be officially launched today
(Thursday 25 July). The six other Senate candidates will be announced and the principal policies of
the party will be discussed by Mr Assange who will be speaking to the media via Skype from

The launch will be at 12:00 pm at The Reading Room, Fitzroy Library where Mr Assange will
outline the Party’s policies on Asylum Seekers and Climate Change.]

WikiLeaks Party will act as an independent scrutineer of government activity “by ensuring that the
Senate is acting independently of the government of the day,” according to Mr Assange who will
details the core principles of the party – Transparency. Accountability. Justice – as well as the details
of the Party’s policies on asylum seekers and climate change.

According to Mr Assange, one of the first actions the Party will take in the Senate will be to insist that
full disclosure of the current arrangement with the PNG Government be made public – including
host arrangements, the provision of resources and detail adequate medical and psychosocial health
resources and personnel, the construct of the refugee claims review process and of subsequent
judicial review, and of the conditions of resettlement of those whose applications will be successful.

“Under the Migration Act 1951 Australia retains an obligation to Australia-bound Asylum Seekers it
may “transfer” to PNG. Considering PNG’s developing country status the Australian Government
must disclose how it will assist the PNG to financially support resettled refugees,” Mr Assange said.
Further details on the Asylum Seekers and Climate Change Policies are available on Photographs of the candidates available via website.

The WikiLeaks Party in the Senate
Julian Assange
“The values of transparency and accountability and resistance under pressure that I have developed
through hard experience with WikiLeaks, that is what we intend to take to Canberra.”
Julian Assange is the founder and editor in chief of WikiLeaks. Launched in 2007, WikiLeaks is a not
for profit media organisation that specialises in publishing original source material. WikiLeaks
employs innovative, secure and anonymous methods for sources to leak information to its
journalists, and has published some of the biggest leaks in world history, including the Iraq War Logs,
the Collateral Murder video and Cablegate. As a journalist Julian Assange is skilled in understanding
complexity, in seeing beyond the spin and in uncovering the truth. As the head of WikiLeaks he has
faced serious and powerful opponents, has fought legal battles against the financial censorship of his
organisation has demonstrated courage and a fierce adherence to his principles throughout.

Leslie Cannold
“I want to be a voice for Australians concerned about the security of their private information and
what the Government is doing in our name.”
Dr Leslie Cannold is an author, commentator, ethicist and activist. She has a BA from Wesleyan
University in the USA, a Masters Degree in Medical Ethics from Monash University and a PhD from
the University of Melbourne. Leslie is an adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Gender, Leadership & Social
Sustainability Research Unit of the Department of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences at Monash
University and is the research or community member of several Victorian committees, councils and
boards, including the Department of Health’s Human Research Ethics Committee, the Consultative
Council for Clinical Trial Research, the Physiotherapy Board and the Nursing & Midwifery Board.
On Twitter: @LeslieCannold

Binoy Kampmark
“A monitored government, rather than a government monitoring its subjects, has always been the
aim of a healthy democracy. WikiLeaks is the only party of its kind to remind voters of that aim.”
Dr Binoy Kampmark teaches core legal courses within the Legal and Dispute Studies program for the
Bachelor of Social Science at RMIT University. He has written extensively on these topics in both
refereed journals and more popular media. Binoy holds a PhD in history from the University of
Cambridge. He also holds a Masters degree in history, and honours degrees in Arts and Law from the
University of Queensland. Binoy’s research and teaching interests lie in the intersections of law,
international relations and history.
On Twitter: @bkampmark

New South Wales
Kellie Tranter
“I’m running because our government simply doesn’t give people accurate information, it is
incapable of having Australia stand in the world as an independent nation and its policies often don’t
reflect public opinion.”
Kellie Tranter is a lawyer and human rights activist. Kellie has delivered addresses, chaired workshops
and participated in public debates on issues like climate change, human rights and gender equality at
local, national and international conferences, including speeches opposing unjustified wars and
economic exploitation. She has held office with Business Professional Women International and her
activism has been acknowledged by the Women’s Electoral Lobby. Kellie regularly contributes
political and social commentary to public affairs websites like ABC’s The Drum, New Matilda, Online
Opinion and the National Times.
On Twitter: @KellieTranter

Alison Broinowski
“Secrecy empowers governments, it doesn’t protect citizens from them.”
Dr. Alison Broinowski is an Australian academic, journalist, writer and former Australian public
servant. After joining the Australian Foreign Service in 1963, Alison lived in Japan for a total of six
years, and for shorter periods in Burma, Iran, the Philippines, Jordan, South Korea, the United States
of America and Mexico, working alternately as an author and Australian diplomat. She speaks
Japanese and French. Alison received a PhD in Asian Studies from ANU, and has continued to lecture,
write, and broadcast in Australia and abroad on Asian affairs and cultural and political issues. Alison
is a member of the Australian Republican Movement, the Asian Studies Association of Australia, the
Asia-Pacific Council of Macquarie University, and is co-Patron of the Asian Association of Australian

Western Australia
Gerry Georgatos
“The ability to discover the truth is outstripped by the capacity to manifest deceit - The WikiLeaks
Party is an opportunity to challenge this premise.”
Gerry Georgatos is a life-long human rights and social justice campaigner, an investigative journalist
and a PhD researcher in Australian Custodial Systems and Deaths in Custody. He founded Students
Without Borders, with one of its initiatives recycling and refurbishing computers, becoming the
largest computer recycling program in Australia. Gerry has travelled widely among remote Aboriginal
communities and extensively researched Aboriginal homelessness, poverty, imprisonment and
suicide rates.He has been a long-time staunch refugee rights advocate, visiting immigration
detention centres, an anti-drugs campaigner working alongside the vulnerable and a life-long
freedom of speech campaigner. His advocacy in fighting racism has been longstanding and he has
completed two Masters topically covering racism and the ways forward.
On Twitter: @GerryGeorgatos

Suresh Rajan
Suresh Rajan has had a distinguished career in economics as well as having been a vigorous advocate
for ethnic communities and people with disabilities. He served for several years as head of the Ethnic
Communities Council of WA and is currently the President of the National Ethnic Disability Alliance,
the peak body for the CaLD Disability organisations in Australia. Suresh holds a Bachelor of
Commerce with a double major (Management and Accounting) and a Masters of Business
Administration from the University of Western Australia, and is a regular commentator on television
and radio in his role as a financial planner and economist.