TasWater is pleased to confirm that Stage 1 Water Restrictions have been removed for the East Coast towns of Orford and Triabunna, effective immediately.
Following the exceptionally high rainfall totals overnight on Thursday 10 May, both the Upper and Lower Prosser Dams are now completely full.
Manager Asset Strategy David Graham said the Orford and Triabunna areas were place on water restrictions in early April due to low combined storage volumes in the Lower Prosser Dam and Upper Prosser Dam.
“With rainfall of more than 90mm overnight, greater than a one in 5 year storm event, both storages have been replenished to their maximum capacity of more than 300 megalitres,” he said.
“Events of the past few months reiterate that Tasmania’s East Coast remains vulnerable to drought, which is why TasWater’s strategic approach to managing the area’s water remains a priority.”