Revelations that the state’s biggest punter, David Walsh, is financially supporting ads that lecture people about gambling need to be explained.

Love Your Local Chairman Michael Best has called on David Walsh to come clean and explain why he is supporting advertisements that call for an end to gaming machines in pubs and clubs.

“It is a bit rich for on the one hand to apparently make your fortune out of gambling, then on the other hand to say to people in rural and regional Tasmania that they can’t have a flutter if they choose,” Mr Best said.

“It seems hypocritical that David would be comfortable funding his museum with his gambling profits and putting plans in place for a high roller casino while also supporting a campaign that will halt the growth of regional towns across the state.”

Mr Best also renewed his call for Labor to explain their policy to employees of pubs and clubs across Tasmania.

“Last week I asked Labor Leader, Rebecca White to come and meet with staff, many of which will have their hours reduced or even lose their jobs if her Labor/Green pokie policy ever comes into force,” he said.

“It is just outrageous that Ms White is refusing to take responsibility for her policy. She hasn’t even had the decency to give me a call.

“What do Labor have to hide? Why won’t they front up and talk to staff? It’s time for Labor to look Tasmanian workers in the eye and tell them why they are being betrayed.”