• Who
Bridgette Watts & Femmenaliss aka;Tamara Henri who are studying Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, at the Tasmania College of the Arts, University of Tasmania, Launceston. We are interested in gardening, art and community projects. Bridgette Watts is an artist and community worker, and Femmenaliss aka;Tamara Henri is an artist, trained horticulturalist and community worker.

•The idea
Urban farming Tasmania is a free Tasmanian collective supporting new friendships and stronger communities through sharing fruit and vegetables, fresh food, art & music. The idea came from seeing a lot of wasted fruit and vegetables during the summer growing on roadsides and in abandoned spaces and wondering how we could help people access this food. We thought this problem could be solved through a free swap market, which enables people to grow, collect and exchange fresh produce as well as art, craft and performance.

•Weekly Monday Swap Market at 12 noon Tasmanian College of the Arts
This is a free market so please no money, just bring something to swap or exchange . You can swap produce fruit and vegetables from the garden, foraged fruit, fresh food, time, creative works, labour, skills, knowledge, recipes, stories. We would like to invite growers, foragers, makers, musicians, artists, actors, poets… everyone is welcome.

•Free Public fruit Map is online and active
A free online public fruit map has been created through google maps. This is Bridgette’s 3rd Year Major studio project for Bachelor of Contemporary Arts. It focuses on relational aesthetics, how we relate to each other, the world around us, and the creative potentials from this. It also helps feed the community, reduce the amount of rotting fruit, reduce the number of wasps and keep the trees healthy. We are always looking for new trees so please let us know and help this grow. Free public fruit map click here: urbanfarmingtasmania.org

•Public fruit preserves (jam, chutney and paste)
These products have been made from fruit and vegetables found off public fruit trees or donations of excess fruit from private land. These preserves are not for sale, only for exchange! We hope through this product we are able to spread the idea of growing, collecting and sharing fruit and vegetables helps grow new friendships and strong communities.

•Donations of excess fruit&veg and creative works are welcome

We have been on ABC radio 936 Hobart with Helen Shield and in the Examiner newspaper

Facebook facebook/urbanfarmingtasmania
Website urbanfarmingtasmania.org
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