Today the Turnbull Government has resumed its attacks on arts funding for the Australia Council. In the lead-up to the last election, the Government told the Australian people it had restored the money which had previously been cut from the Australia Council by George Brandis.

Today, having restored the money, the Government cut it again. $5.4 million has been slashed from the Australia Council, money which would have been used to fund the telling of Australian stories.

Shadow Minister for the Arts, Tony Burke MP, said the Turnbull Government has shown today that there will never be certainty of funding as long as the Liberals are in government.

“The telling of Australian stories whether it be through music, drama or other art forms is at its best when there is certainty of funding,” Mr Burke said.

“Whenever it’s election time they claim the money is locked in and the moment an election is behind them the cuts return.”

Senator Catryna Bilyk, who was the lead Labor senator for the 2014-15 Senate inquiry into the Government’s cuts to the arts, said the latest cut was just another kick in the teeth for the arts community.

“The Liberal Government that already cut $105 million from the Australia Council in their previous term and tried to establish their own arts slush fund at the expense of small, independent artists, is once again showing contempt for Australia’s arts community,” Senator Bilyk said.

“This is particularly a blow for Tasmania’s arts industry, which is a key driver of Tasmania’s economy.”