Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney Media Release 12 March 2018

Friday, 23 March 2018, 5.30 pm for 6.00 pm start,
Redfern Community Centre, 29-53 Hugo Street Redfern

Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS) brings together four young First Nations’ men to discuss the evolving understanding of Treaty and the tasks ahead.

Adrian Atkins (Anaiwan/Kamilaroi), Roxley Foley (Gumbainggir), Nathan Leslie (Gamilaraay) and Cameron Manning-Brown (Gomeroi) will speak at this year’s Treaty Forum.

Aboriginal Tent Embassy Fire Keeper, Roxley Foley says, “Whilst we prepare to talk subjects of treaty we say hands off our land and children before we can even speak of trust.”
“When we come back to the table we come together,” he adds.

Cameron Manning-Brown a Treaty advocate and Fighting in Solidarity Towards Treaties (FISTT) representative states, “Treaty sets the foundation for us, the Sovereign First Nations peoples of this land, to determine our own futures, on our own terms, in all aspects of our lives.”

Nathan Leslie asks, “Out of all the treaties that have been signed around the world with other First Nation mob, how many have been upheld and how many have been broken?”

Expect lively discussion from the floor!

‘Treaty - Young men speak out’ follows ‘Women for Treaty’, ‘Men for Treaty’ and ‘Young Women for Treaty’ STICS forums since March 2015.

Yingiya Mark Guyula in the Northern Territory and Lidia Thorpe in Victoria, two previous speakers and strong treaty advocates, have since been elected to state parliaments.

State-based treaty processes are underway in Victoria and South Australia. The NT’s four Aboriginal land councils have asked the Chief Minister to sign a memorandum of understanding for a treaty at this year’s Barunga Festival where almost 30 years ago former prime minister Bob Hawke promised a treaty after having been presented with the Barunga Statement.

The forum at Redfern Community Centre, 23-59 Hugo Street is at 5.30 for a 6.00pm start. It marks the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.


Adrian Atkins, Anaiwan/Kamilaroi
Roxley Foley, Gumbainggir
Nathan Leslie, Gamilaraay
Cameron Manning-Brown, Gomeroi