The budget is in, and one thing is clear: three decades of trickle-down have left us further than ever from the kind of society we’d be proud to pass onto our children.

On top of their $65 billion corporate tax handout, the Turnbull Government is giving Australia’s highest income earners a $7000 tax cut.1 And yes, that will go to every single MP in Parliament.

Meanwhile, 700,000 Australians are locked out of work, a quarter of our workforce is stuck in casual jobs with no stability or security, and the wealthiest 1% control as much wealth as the bottom 70%.

That’s why GetUp members have spent the past year coming up with a blueprint for a people’s economy, called Future To Fight For. It sets out a bold suite of policies to move us beyond business as usual and begin to address the real challenges we face as a society.

So if politicians are out of ideas, lindsay, let’s give them some. Let’s get the Future To Fight For manifesto into as many politicians’ inboxes as possible this week, with a clear message – it’s time for bold ideas.

Can you take 2 minutes to send your MP a copy of Future to Fight For now?:

Here’s the Future To Fight For vision:
1. A universal job guarantee – well-paid work for all who want it.

2. Universal free education and retraining – so that everyone can develop the skills needed in a changing economy.

3. Universal access to early childhood education – so young families can provide their kids with the best start, while allowing both partners to be equal in the workplace.

4. A guaranteed basic income – a basic income for those who can’t work, that supports a dignified life.

5. A roof over every head – stable, affordable housing, connected to public transport, schools, and good jobs.

6. Household clean energy guarantee – a public-interest system that delivers 100% renewable, affordable energy to every single household in Australia.

7. A public-interest banking system – a Public Interest Bank that would operate online and through existing government infrastructure such as our post offices.

These are big ideas that will make a real difference to everyday people’s lives. Now we need to make sure that they’re implemented – and the budget is the perfect opportunity.

In the lead up to the next election, both major parties will be looking for ways to set themselves apart from one other. If we can get Future To Fight For in front of as many politicians as possible, we’ll have the best chance of getting them adopted.

Email your MP a copy of a Future To Fight For, and together we can create an economy that works for everyone, not just the 1%:

It’s easy to get frustrated by the political games our leaders play, lindsay. But instead of getting frustrated, we need to get ambitious – because together we can deliver real solutions to the very real challenges we collectively face.

While politicians and journalists chase each other’s tails this budget night, let’s keep our eyes on the prize. Let’s get our ideas for a Future To Fight For in front of every politician we can, and start making them a reality.

Yours in determination,
Paul, for the GetUp team

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