Hello ... on the 22nd of December I was quickly intercepted by two squad car police as I was leaving a supermarket who wanted me to justify my business.  The following day I went to Launceston police station chasing an explanation. 

I secured an interview only to be informed that a complaint would not be registered.

On March 15th,2018 at 12.20 am two police were flashing light into my village unit and banging very loudly with the heel of their flashlights on my glass door / wall. 

They did not announce who they were.  I thought I was being burgled. 

I answered my door to two police who said they were looking for a Patricia Swain who does live in the village ... only she is listed in the phone book and with indeed her Unit number. 

No doubt this was to send a message ‘lodge a complaint and expect an early morning visit’.  This police behaviour against seniors surely cannot be tolerated in a so called democratic country.

This is Darren Hines Tasmania Police 2018.  Does not Police Commissioner Hine need to go?  Police attempting to terrorize retirees in middle of the night beggars belief.  The village concierge Amanda Smith spoke to police and will confirm.

Around July 2016 I paid a visit to Lindsay Tuffin concerning amongst other things unethical behaviour by the Tenants Union. 

The solicitor in question Jeff Thompson is now before the courts facing perversion of justice charges. He has pleaded not guilty

Thank you ... regards to Lindsay.