The Saturday Briefing

Malcolm Turnbull’s stable of stock responses on the election question includes the reminder that the Australian people expect their parliament to run a full term. But The Saturday Paper understands he has told associates privately that, having seen the opinion polls tighten recently, he is prepared to go to an election later this year if the uptick starts to look like a trend.

The High Court’s latest section 44 decision, ruling Australian Capital Territory Labor senator Katy Gallagher ineligible to remain in parliament on citizenship grounds, prompted a cascade of resignations this week from members of the House of Representatives whose circumstances were similar. It also added a complicating layer to Turnbull’s calculations, Karen Middleton reports.

Plus: Paul Bongiorno on Scott Morrison’s lack of imagination, and Jane Caro and Lyndsay Connors on how Turnbull’s Gonski funding model entrenches inequality.