The Equality Campaign today announced it is ready to begin campaigning ‘Yes’ for marriage equality if a postal plebiscite proceeds.

The Executive Director of The Equality Campaign, Tiernan Brady, said, “The campaign will continue to exhaust every political and legal avenue to stop this unnecessary and non-binding survey that sets a terrible precedent for Australia. However, we must also be prepared for the very real possiblity of a postal plebiscite if our legal challenge is defeated.

“If we are faced with a postal plebiscite we have a duty to every Australian who supports fairness and equality to win it.

“Australians have 13 days to ensure as many people have enrolled to vote and updated their home addresses with the Australian Electoral Commission. This is critical for young people, strong advocates for marriage equality, to ensure their voice is not further disenfranchised by this Government.

“We call on everyone who believes every Australian should be treated equally under the law to make sure they, their families and friends are correctly enrolled with the AEC and signed up to the Equality Campaign to win a ‘Yes’ vote.

“Marriage equality can only be delivered by a vote in parliament. This Government has failed LGBTI Australians, their families and friends. We will fight this process, but if the legal challenge is defeated we need to be ready to win. We need the overwhelming national support for equality to become a resounding ‘yes’ vote,” said Alex Greenwich of The Equality Campaign.

Tim Gartrell, who joins the The Equality Campaign today as Campaign Director said, “we need to demonstrate the strength and overwhelming support for marriage equality in Australia.

“Our campaign is simply about a fair go for every Australian and we urge supporters across the nation to get behind and join The Equality Campaign as we work to make marriage equailty in Australia a reality,” Tim Gartrell concluded.