TasWater senior staff are starting industrial action on Monday 16th of October after management failed to deliver a new enterprise agreement despite more than seven months of negotiations.

Professionals Australia Director Luke Crowley said: “Senior staff at Taswater are tired of being squeezed with endless cuts and reductions that have left the organisation relying on the dedication and professionalism of its senior staff working above and beyond to deliver basic water services to Tasmanian families and businesses. “

Last year, according to the TasWater annual report, the TasWater executive awarded themselves pay increases of between six and ten per cent while cutting essential parts of the organisation. In contrast, Taswater senior staff are the lowest paid infrastructure professionals in the state, and are still fighting after seven months for a pay increase in line with cost of living increases, fair payment for the hours they work, and a performance system that recognises and rewards staff for their effort.

In a recent survey of senior staff it was revealed that:

• Only 5.5 per cent of Taswater senior staff were able to complete their workload inside of the standard weekly hours.
• More than 80 per cent of senior staff felt that their group or section did not have the resources and staff required to effectively and efficiently complete their duties.
• 96 percent of staff felt that Taswater failed to recognise their performance and capability development.

“Senior staff at TasWater have run out of patience. They are sick of working to keep water flowing out of the taps when good will toward them and their efforts over the past 4 years has seemingly evaporated.”