TasWater crews have continued repairs all weekend and into today following Thursday night’s flood event.
A full assessment of damage is still being undertaken with most of the damage involving electrical equipment at flooded pump stations and sewage treatment plants, several severed water and sewage pipes and fencing around facilities.
Repair work has restored most services with the majority of facilities operating as normal.
Those assets still suffering damage are being worked on by TasWater crews and contractors and will be fully operational as soon as practical.
The public however is reminded to remain vigilant around areas impacted by flood waters and near streams and waterways as these may still contain residual sewage and storm water which may be contaminated.
TasWater is working closely with councils and other authorities involved in the clean-up.
We are also still assessing the cost of damage.
TasWater appreciates the patience of customers inconvenienced as a result of the storm.