Greens Leader and same-sex marriage advocates should not bully Legislative Councillors

By Guy Barnett, Save Marriage Coalition
Monday 6 May 2013

The Legislative Council should not be bullied by the Greens Leader Nick McKim or same-sex marriage advocates to bring on the same-sex marriage Bill for debate, said Guy Barnett, spokesperson for Save Marriage Coalition today.

“The Legislative Council elections on the weekend confirm that Tasmanians are saying ‘no’ to the government’s green social reform agenda. Tasmanians are saying enough is enough, focus on the economy.

“Mr McKim’s demand that the Legislative Council redebate the same-sex marriage Bill is out of place.

“The Greens Leader is thumbing his nose to Tasmanians if he thinks they want another debate on same-sex marriage. Democracy is never good enough for Mr McKim and gay lobby activist Mr Croome if they do not get their way. When will they take ‘no’ for an answer and focus on priority issues.

“The Save Marriage Coalition campaign asking that Tasmania should not be used as a social experiment at the expense of our economy clearly hit the right note. We asked voters to put the Greens last and we were overwhelmingly supported. 

Both the Greens and same-sex marriage activists are trying to rewrite the history books only days after they were emphatically defeated in a vote.

“These election results should put an end to any further push to legalise same-sex marriage.

“This matter was debated and defeated overwhelmingly in the federal Parliament last year and again defeated in the Legislative Council last year.

“We will be writing to Legislative Councillors asking them respectfully to focus on the key priorities for Tasmania and not seek to redebate the same-sex marriage Bill”, Mr Barnett concluded.