By Guy Barnett, Save Marriage Coalition
Sunday 5 May 2013

Legislative Council elections confirm that Tasmanians are saying no to the governments green social reform agenda, said Guy Barnett, spokesperson for Save Marriage Coalition today.

“The results are a clear endorsement that Tasmanians are sick and tired of their State being used as a social experiment at the expense of our economy.  Business is struggling, unemployment rising and people are hurting and clearly the government has not got its priorities right.

“These election results should put an end to any further push to legalise same-sex marriage. This matter was debated and defeated overwhelmingly in the federal parliament last year and again defeated in the Legislative Council last year.  Tasmanians are saying enough is enough and these election results confirm that.

“Congratulations should go to the Hon Vanessa Goodwin MLC, Hon Jim Wilkinson MLC and Leonie Hiscutt, Liberal candidate for Montgomery for their hard work and success” he concluded.