Tasmanian Family First Senate candidate Peter Madden says $100 million hand out is not enough.

“Let’s face it, the hundred million touted yesterday by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is very needed but is obviously an attempt to buy Tasmanian votes. What should have come with it, was a commitment to slash the restrictions that are stopping us from standing on our own two feet” Mr Madden said.

“Though we need the cash injection to stimulate industry and jobs, we also need a commitment to slash the approximately 28,000 compliance regulations that are strangling small business and to remove the huge problem of Green and red tape stopping the strategic development of our natural resources” He said.

“Should I become Tasmania’s Family First Senator I commit to do everything in my power to break the restrictions on all business sectors in Tasmania and fight for the Federal government to give us a “hand up” not just more hand outs. Until we can stand proudly as a prosperous and competitive economy that will provide the jobs needed for families now and for future generations,” He said.