The Federal Budget reconfirms what we already know - the Tasmanian Liberal Senate Team have no influence in Canberra or the Turnbull Ministry.

Thanks to our incompetent Tasmanian Liberal Senate team Tasmania has missed out on any new funding and Tasmanians will pay the price once again.

No new investment in Tasmania, no plan for infrastructure, education or jobs.

Malcolm Turnbull’s unfair Budget delivers tax handouts for multinationals and millionaires while hurting every Tasmanian family.

One thing is clear, the Tasmanian Liberals have nothing to offer Tasmanians:

• They’ve let Malcolm Turnbull continue cuts to funding for TAFE, vocational education and apprenticeships.

• They cried wolf during the Centrelink debacle but did nothing about it.

• They stood with Labor to push for more defence spending for Tasmania and then undermined the Australian Maritime College.

• They’ve failed to fight for Tasmanian healthcare and as a result our Emergency Department and elective surgery waiting times are officially the worst they’ve ever been since records began in 2001.

• They’ve welcomed cuts to the penalty rates of 40,000 Tasmanian workers.

• They’ve got no plan for getting Tasmanian’s into higher education – just an increase in fees for university degrees and a funding cut of $11.7 million through a new 2.5 per cent efficiency dividend.

We’ve had the Tasmanian Liberals trooping around the state chanting ‘jobs and growth’ but if they really cared about Tasmanian jobs then the Budget would have reinstated national partnership funding for TAFE.

The Tasmanian Liberal Senate team have failed to fight for Tasmania’s interests. Today they are nowhere to be seen, because they are too weak to stand up to Malcolm Turnbull and demand more for Tasmanians. 

Tasmania deserves better than a Liberal Senate team who won’t fight for the people they’re supposed to represent. We’re clearly being penalised in retribution for losing Bass, Braddon and Lyons to Labor at the last Federal election.