A broad coalition of Rec Fishers, tourism operators, commercial fisherman,
and environment groups came together today in Hobart to support Marine
Protection Tasmania and call on Premier Hodgman to step in and halt the
Okehampton Bay industrial fish farm.

“We need to protect the East Coast and the 40K jobs that
depend on Tassie’s clean and green image.” said Wihelmina Rea,
vice president of Marine Protection Tasmania

Speakers at today’s FLOATMO Rally included Steve “Starlo” Starling and
Nobby Clarke, Game Fish Tasmania

Steve “Starlo” Starling
“Putting an Industrial fishfarm in Okehampton Bay is simply a disaster
waiting to happen.

Nobby Clarke
Game Fish Tasmania
Sports Fishing Club
“The ramped up acquisition of some of our states favorite recreational
fisheries has gone to another level under the liberal government, Rec
fisherers are extremely concerned where does this end - if ever?”

“We have been overwhelmed by the breadth of people and
organizations standing with us” said Wilhelmina Rea, vice president of
Marine Protection Tas. “We know there isn’t a community license for
the Okehampton Bay expansion and we are sending the
Hodgman Govt and Tassal a message – even if you put those fish
in the water, we are not going away, as Nick Riewoldt says –
when you have something you love – you stick up for it.”

“Industrial Salmon Farming is an issue that speaks to a broad
section of the Tasmanian community” said Vice President Jim Playsted
– we welcome the support from Environment Tasmania, The
Wilderness Society and the Shooters & Fishers”

Laura Kelly, Strategic Director Environment Tasmania
“Our scientific advice states that stocking 800,000 fish will create dead zones
and thick bacteria mats. Tassie’s east coast is no place for marine dead
zones, and the community won’t stand for an industrial salmon farm in
endangered whale calving habitat.”

Ken Orr, Vice Chair
Shooters & Fishers Party, Tasmania

“Tassal LOST their social license, when they trashed, and degraded the
aquatic environment in Macquarie Harbour, including sections of our World
Heritage area.

When they endangered and impacted our aquatic wildlife, and the rare and
protected Maugean Skate.

When they breached license conditions, by not notifying the public, of a
pilchard transmitted disease, creating a significant company salmon kill.
When they continually fail to adhere to the EPA’s biomass limits, delaying
and excusing the requested destocking to suit there own agenda, this with
no regard to our harbour, or its environment.

“Today we welcome this coalition of the willing – If the Govt
continues to allow Tassal to establish this farm it will become a
weeping sore on the face of the Liberal party as we head into the
next election.“ said Jim Playsted, himself an ex-liberal candidate for Lyons,

Also supporting the FLOATMO alliance and the MPT Campaign

• Environment Tasmania
• Shooters and Fishers Party
• Tasmanian Conservation Trust
• Andrew Wilkie MP
• The Wilderness Society
• Rec Fish Tasmania
• NE Bioregional Network
• Freycinet Action Network
• Neighbours of Fish Farms
• Tasmanian Aquaculture Alliance