T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania

People are asking what policies does T4T have ?

Well we can start off by saying that T4T has a Public Transport policy that we believe will be in the interests of ALL TASMANIANS….

We wish to say that we believe that Tasmania should make a return to rail transport, firstly with light rail to service not only the Northern suburbs of Hobart, but that should be extended to include Bridgewater and Brighton.The rail corridor is there, and we believe it should be utilised.

Add to this a return of trams to service Sandy Bay/Taroona, South Hobart up to the Cascade Brewery, West Hobart, and North Hobart to Lenah Valley as far as John Turnbull Oval. This will provide a much better public transport service than the one currently provided by Metro Tasmania.

We also seek a return to passenger ferries on the Derwent River, this will see a greatly reduced traffic flow to the inner city, as people will be able to be better served by public transport.

To facilitate this, we will require Macquarie Point to be turned into a Transport Hub, where both Trains, Trams and Buses can terminate and depart from.

This will add greater service to passenger liners that have now called Hobart one of their favoured ports of call. This will ultimately reduce the number of bus services into the Hobart City Centre, easing traffic congestion that is occurring there.

We will eventually see the return of North/South passenger trains that will service Launceston/Devonport and as far as Wynyard/Smithton….This will allow passengers to be able to catch a train from Hobart to Launceston to “watch the footy’ while doing it in ease and safety….the same will be said for games that are played in Hobart. We believe that this will take the stress out of people wanting to attend games, and will hopefully increase attendances at the games by providing transport for those who cannot drive.

It will also allow passengers wanting to catch the Spirit to Melbourne to catch a train to Devonport. It will allow us to run dedicated tourist trains around the state, an added bonus and boost for the Tourist industry.

To facilitate the maintenance of the rail system, we envisage building Railway Maintenance workshops in Launceston to service and maintain the fleet, with smaller repair shops located in Hobart and Burnie to perform ongoing maintenance.

We plan to upgrade the system to “Standard gauge, so that the rail system becomes safer for both passenger and freight, re-align rail routes to make it quicker and safer, but also gives us the opportunity to then have “roll on, roll off” freight vessels to transport freight interstate, which will improve turnaround times for freight handling, giving our ships less time in port, which is an and added economic cost saving.

We will remove one of the Spirits from the Bass Strait run and replace it with a fast cat, that we will go into talks with INCAT with, to produced the much larger 100 meter ferry that they project will be able to service Bass Strait in all weather, thus creating employment opportunities for more Tasmanians.

The second Spirit will then be placed on the Hobart-Sydney-Brisbane-Sydney-Hobart run.

This will allow our primary producers and exporters the ability to get their produce and products to the large International ports of Sydney and Brisbane, without having the added cost of transhipping. This means the less handling, the less likely hood of damage to their produce and an increased delivery time. It also means that Tasmania capitalises on the freight cost and not mainland transport companies, which means an economic return to Tasmania.

It also allows Tasmanian people to be able to go to Sydney or Brisbane with their vehicles, while not having to drive the distance from Melbourne.

It gives Tasmania the ability to raise revenue from mainland sources with the ability to move freight and passengers between Sydney and Brisbane in both directions.

We believe that this goes a long way to providing not only “first class” public transport to Tasmanian people, but also employment in not only the construction of facilities, but also in the maintenance and running of them.

It’s not a matter of “can we afford it”, it’s a matter of providing Tasmanian people with the services that have wanted and needed for many decades, and have been neglected by both Liberal and Labor Governments. It also creates employment for unemployed Tasmanians.

Malcolm Turnbull can see the value in rail as he continually espouses it, and now wants to run an “inland rail line” between Melbourne and Brisbane…..if it’s good enough for the Mainland, it’s good enough for Tassie too….and don’t forget, your Tasmanian tax dollars will help build it…..

It took the New Zealander’s 80 years to build their rail system, and they now continually reap the rewards from this…...

We don’t expect to get it done overnight, but in reality, if we never start, we’ll never have it…..

This is just one of our visions for the future of Tasmania that T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania has. We will roll out further policies as they are approved….

T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania….We Can, We Will….....