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NSW registration - Free membership

Over the next six weeks, Sustainable Australia will be putting everything into registering a NSW State party so that we can contest NSW elections.

Why? NSW is our biggest chance to secure a seat in Parliament over the next election cycle due to its lower Upper House seat quota.

Winning just one Sustainable Australia Federal or State Parliament seat would be a game changer, giving us a platform for regular mainstream media coverage.
Sustainable Australia (NSW) - Join for free

For a short time, if you are in NSW, membership is now free. We need to urgently double our NSW membership to over 750 members.

Our big four campaign issues - secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning and a sustainable environment - are all major state issues.

To help achieve these four objectives, we need an Australia that is better, not bigger. Ending Australia’s Liberal/Labor/Greens-engineered rapid population growth must therefore be a policy priority.

Population is a Federal and State issue. Population policy can be both loudly lobbied from, and altered by, State Parliaments - as shown by NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes and WA Premier Mark McGowan.

Our sensible, centrist agenda must succeed or the immigration debate will continue to be hijacked by far right anti-immigration, anti-environment groups and parties.

Please help today

1. Non-members can join Sustainable Australia (NSW) via the NSW Electoral Commission form in this link:

2. Ask family members to join Sustainable Australia (NSW) - and help them with the form

3. Forward this email to family and friends in NSW that care about jobs, housing, planning and our environment

If we achieve the 750-member-mark in coming weeks with your help, followed by registration, I’m know we can win an Upper House seat in NSW. This is our game-changer.

It’s crunch time.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks for your support. It’s more important than ever.

Kind regards,

William Bourke

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