The revelation today that the Tasmanian Government gave approval to start preliminary works on the controversial Mount Wellington Cable Car, without telling anybody just days before the state election was called, is an extraordinary failure of proper process.

Here we have a government that quietly gave approval for incredibly controversial works to commence, didn’t tell anybody and just hoped that nobody would notice. This project, if it is to go ahead, will have significant environmental and economic consequences and must face the toughest scrutiny from the community every step of the way.
The Premier is quoted today as saying that he was not aware of this matter. The community will find it incredibly difficult to believe that the leader of the Government was not aware of such a significant decision being made. The Premier should come clean about what he knows and let the community know as soon as possible.

For my part I remain unconvinced that a cable car on Mount Wellington would satisfy strict environmental, social and economic criteria. And while not everyone will share my views on the cable car, everyone should be concerned about a government that is prepared to circumvent proper process and keep Tasmanians in the dark.

Twice in a week the Premier has said he doesn’t know what’s going on, first on political donations from Federal Group and now the cable car. Either he’s not being honest or his government is out of control.