The Tasmanian Special Timbers Alliance welcomes today’s release of the Draft Special Species Timber Management Plan for public consultation.

As a member of the Ministerial Advisory Council on Forestry, the Tasmanian Special Timbers Alliance (TSTA) has worked closely with both Government and other industry participants including FIAT and Sustainable Timbers Tasmania to develop the draft management plan.

Andrew Denman of TSTA said;

“The Special Timbers sector is an important contributor to Tasmania – economically, socially and culturally. The development of the draft management plan has been sector driven, with a strong emphasis on quantifying what resource is available across the various land tenures where harvesting is allowed and ensuring that harvest volumes are sustainable into the future. Both industry members and the broader public can have confidence that the draft plan addresses issues of sustainability and protection of natural and cultural heritage values.”

“One of the key takeaway points from the draft plan is that the future of the special timbers sector is not going to be business as usual. As the broader forestry sector moves to a re-growth/plantation based forestry model over the next few years, the special timbers sector, through this plan, has an opportunity to move in a new direction where special timber management is more specific and individually tailored to improved sector outcomes.“

TSTA strongly encourages members of the industry and the broader public to take advantage of the six-week public consultation period to comment on the draft management plan.