 Draft Special Species Management Plan finally released
 Labor backs the sector and a ‘tread widely, tread lightly’ approach
 Liberals urged to legislate for the special species sector separately

Labor welcomes the release of the long awaited draft Special Species Management Plan.

“Labor will carefully consider the plan, however in principle we recognise the need to sustainably and selectively harvest special species timbers through a ‘tread widely, tread lightly’ approach,” Shadow Resources Minister David Llewellyn said.

“It is disappointing that once again, rather than embracing Labor’s offer of bipartisanship on this issue, the Liberals have chosen to play politics.

“The fact is – the process the Minister describes was established under his government’s own legislation.

“There is nothing to prevent the Government from legislating separately to support the special species sector. Labor would welcome this approach.

“Instead, Mr Barnett is choosing to hold the special species sector to ransom in a politically motivated blackmail attempt.”