Marine Protection Tasmania today welcomed the release of Rec Fish Tasmania’s community survey on the Tassal Industrial Fish Farm Project.

Rec Fish an Independent Fishing organization conducted a community survey to gauge public opinion about Tassal’s expansion into Okehampton Bay. Of the 569 formal votes – 87% said they were against putting an industrial fish farm in Okehampton Bay.

“In September last year Jeremy Rockcliff said, on the floor on Parliament, that if there was no social license then this proposal wouldn’t go ahead” said Wilhelmina Rea, media spokesperson for MPT.

“In the last few months we have been made aware of the devastation wrought by Tassal in Macquarie Harbour, they created a dead zone in just three years.

They have also been referred to the Parliamentary Privileges Committee, yet this is a company that the Govt seems happy to trust to do the right thing in the pristine waters of Tasmania’s East Coast. It is simply baffling that on the one hand the Hodgman Govt boasts about the growing tourism appeal of Brand Tasmania, yet they are prepared to risk the image of the East Coast and the growing numbers of tourism jobs that it supports.”

We call on the Govt to put in place a moratorium on the Okehampton Bay Proposal and any other lease sites until there is transparent and independent regulation of the salmon farming industry in Tasmania. We do not accept that the Marine Farm Review Panel is independent, as the Minister can overrule their decisions at any time.”