The link below is of the latest ‘It’s Time, MARRIAGE EQUALITY….Stand With (Name)’

The above was put out by my oldest daughter on her Facebook page. This was my rebuttal…

Sorry darls. I regard this move as a cynical, predatory, opportunistic and sexistentialist (I am my sexuality) attack on an already very battered and vulnerable, morally privatized, deregulated, disinhibited and templateless reproductive commons, by a very small but professionally run and well funded gender off message lobby group in the corporate mold. And they are every bit as much the enemy of the life force as the fossil fuel lobbies. They are not only operating in the same way as the Koch brothers and Exxon, but they do the same sort of damage in their respective areas of interest.

Human society has an unconditional and non negotiable obligation to provide robust and stable templates for life creation partners to securely mentor and model the life creating relationship to their young, over a reproduction cycle, so that they in their turn can do the same for theirs, in perpetuity. And anything that is off that message is only tolerable if it stays clear of the main game and stays within its own private realm.

Any society that consistently fails to do that is not legitimate and needs to be consigned to the rubbish dump of history, by whatever means are necessary.

Unsustainable behavior is not the monopoly of corporations in the economic sphere. Their social libertarian cousins and regime partners have exactly the same privatizing, deregulatory and disinhibitory agenda inside our social infrastructure, and operate much in the same way as the Church did as an ideological pillar of the feudal system.

This campaign is regime politics both in its agenda and methodology, and designed to cripple anything that gets in the way of the consumer paradigm and the marketed consciousness.

The above graphic and slogan isn’t just execrable panther piss, but part of a totalitarian process of suborning critical consciousness that defines species identity, and reconstructs it as a consumer non durable, where egoistic desire and entitlement to sate it is the only option left on the table.

Part of the overwhelming success of this lobby is its capacity to key into these fundamental elements of indulgence capitalism, seamlessly. By contrast, the public transport lobbies don’t fit the lock, so they just never appear on the public radar.

This lobby, like any of the great lobby exemplars, gets the profile, momentum and public impact not because its slogans are worth a pinch of shit, but because it is marketed like soap power with messages that are so oft repeated, in so many places in the architecture of public discourse, the punters eventually take them for truth.

And finally, one of things that most outrages me, is that this process is so advanced, even a venerable organization like the ABC, which has long been seen as an impeccable institution of record, doesn’t seem to be able to tell the difference between product placement and news anymore…..