Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (SFFP) recognise there are many, many more responsible gamblers out there and they should not be restricted in their access to poker machines or other gaming platforms for their own enjoyment and leisure.
Lorraine Bennett, SFFP candidate for Denison said “For some to suggest that’s because a few (<1%) have a gambling addiction on pokies, then all pokies are a curse to all and sundry is beyond an insult.  Every rational person knows this as the fabrication it is.
Sadly, they are playing an emotional card, rather than the truth.”
Lorraine went on to say “For those political parties who want to ban pokies in outer suburbs but not in suburbs such as Sandy Bay, Prospect Vale or the Spirit of Tasmania ferries, indicates their policies are fundamentally flawed. It also smacks of elitism and big brother attitudes, which have no place in politics.”
SFFP believes in freedom of choice and individual responsibility.
SFFP remain supportive for more jobs in our state, not for more unemployment.
SFFP agrees, in fact insists, for the minute few problem gamblers, assistance at the highest possible level through improved education and targeted and effective harm minimisation programs is a positive way forward.