The Shooters & Fishers Party Tasmania (SFP Tasmania) presents Matthew Allen for the May Legislative Council elections, our candidate for Launceston.

At 40 years of age, Matthew is a born and bred Tasmanian with a passion for the outdoors. He is a 4th generation hunter and 2nd generation deer hunter. Matthew is also a keen trail bike & ATV rider. His other sporting interests include playing and coaching softball for a local clubs, along with spending his early years playing golf, fishing and scuba diving the call of hunting deer took over in his early 20’s.
Matthew has spent the last 17 years being heavily involved in his local Australia Deer Association (ADA) branch, with all of these years being either the vice-president or president as well as National Secretary for two years.

Matthew has followed this involvement through to the Tasmania Deer Advisory Committee (TDAC) as Chairman for the past seven years and now Vice-Chairman. This had provided him with a seat on the Game Management Liaison Committee (GMLC) and the Big Den State Forest steering committee along with being a member on the Tasmanian Firearms Consultative Committee. Matthew is also a member of the Field Hunting & Conservation of Tasmanian.

Matthew has been a candidate for the Senate for The Shooters and Fishers Party at both the 2013 and 2016 Federal Elections.

After several decades as a carpenter in the building game has provided Matthew with a sound understanding of the need for a solid and sustainable forest industry, as this is an integral part not only for fishing and hunting, but for the wider flow on affect for business’ in Tasmania. Being a partner in a small retail business in Tasmania, he also has an understanding of the challenges that face small business owners.
Matthew will campaign for sensible legislation that protects the aims of SFP Tasmania: 

• SFP Tasmania aim is to protect local businesses by ensuring Tasmania’s interests are put first.
• SFP Tasmania is steadfast in its resolve to ensure rural Tasmanians have access to affordable and localised health care.
• SFP Tasmania will work hard to remove rural mobile phone blackspots.
• SFP Tasmania will vigorously protect your right to enjoy the outdoor way of life, now and into the future.
• SFP Tasmania vows to protect the environment through education.
• SFP Tasmania is supportive where aquatic farming practices are proven to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

His wife, Amanda and son, Hayden are a big support for him and are a major driving force for his continuing involvement in the management of hunting in Tasmania and Australia. He has a great relationship with his father and brother, which he puts down to their time hunting together.

His son is the key reason Matthew continues to put his time and effort into keeping our hunting and fishing rights alive.

Matthew is a real positive choice for the electorate of Launceston

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