The release of a report by the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies has revealed that not one, but two of Tassal’s farms were dead zones in January this year.

SFP Tasmania supports Huon Aquaculture and Environmental Tasmania call for an immediate stock reduction by Tassal to comply with 12,000 tonne biomas limit.

They are literally burying brand Tasmania in salmon faeces. Based on this mistreatment of Macquarie Harbour and potential to Okehampton bay their leasing operations should be ceased immediately.

“We the SFP Tasmania stand for sustainable salmon farming now and into the future” says vice chair Ken Orr and “unless this government acts we will not only lose this important industry, the damage to the brand Tasmania will be gone forever.”

SFP Tasmania calls on Premier Hodgman and Environment Minister Matthew Groom to stand up and prevent further damage now before it’s too late.