Carlo will bring to the Legislative Council a diversity of experiences he believes his experiences can bring a breath of fresh air to the House of review.
Worldwide elections have recently shown that the voting public are embracing a change where the public are tired of the established system of professional politicians who have forgotten that they are our elected servants placed there by the majority to do our bidding. Mr Di Falco is determined to make sure that the Legislative Council remains an independent house of review rather than a rubber stamp for the major parties.
He has been involved in the State National Service Rifle discipline for 6 years hosting a National event in the position of discipline chair in 2013. At this time the Shooting range had been decimated by fire. Carlo negotiated with the local Council, wrote submissions and was successful in securing grants to assist in running the event. He also negotiated with businesses for donations.
Carlo believes in truth in media and truth in politicians—not media opinions scare mongering from the sitting politicians. Because of these beliefs he is quick to write opinions pieces to correct the erroneous broad sweeping statements He is an enthusiastic letter writer and is keen to share his insights.
He believes that the main parties are held captive by the party line which is dictated by the movers and shakers rather than the rank and file. He is impressed that SFFP are genuinely interested in what their members think in formulating policy.
He was attracted to the fresh approach that SFFP brings to the many issues. He is keen to protect many of the outdoor pursuits which have been slowly but surely squeezed by urban-centric politicians with no understanding of the importance that these pursuits have to rural residents and urbanites that enjoy the wideopen spaces.