Shooters Fishers & Farmers Acting Chair, Ken Orr says tighter biosecurity in the wake of the potentially devastating blueberry rust fiasco is a necessity.

“Containment should never be an option,” Orr said, ” eradication is the only acceptable outcome”

Hopefully, the upcoming Legislative Council enquiry, with submissions closing on 13th October, into the handling of the blueberry rust incursions, will recommend without exception, eradication as the only possible outcome.

Sadly, this current government continues to ignore the science on biosecurity measures and lacks due stakeholder consultation. One only has to look at the marine environment to see the Liberal government has no real interest in true biosecurity measures.

“SFFP Tasmania, has grave fears for the aquatic health of Macquarie Harbour, and the complete lack of a disease risk mitigation plan, should a disease hit multiple leases in the harbour,” Orr said.

With continued overstocking by Tassal, and now a plan to reintroduce liquid waste back into the Harbour, alarm bells are ringing loud and clear.
For too long, whether its land or estuarine biosecurity, this government has been slow to act.

If Tasmania is to truly remain the disease-free jewel island state the Hodgeman Liberal Government must ensure biosecurity has the support and resources it deserves.