SFFP rejects ANY Government becoming increasingly involved in individuals’ personal legal choices and infringing on personal liberties creating a “nanny state”. 

Rural and regional communities are still recovering from the profound impact of the demise of the long-standing Tasmanian Forestry industry which had a devastating impact on the economic and social viability of many rural towns and communities.  We still feel the impact of this today.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party do NOT support the Labor Party impending gaming Policy.

Employment opportunities in rural and regional areas are still fragile and Tourism and the Hospitality industry, which go hand in hand, are current mainstays that underpin many areas. Local hotels and club benefit many rural and regional communities, sporting clubs and surrounding areas and more often than not, are the social centre hub of many small Tasmanian Towns.

SFFP position:

• Pubs and clubs should be able to CHOOSE to meet the needs of their community and operate their own machines

• Government controls and strong regulations are paramount to ensure the customers have an acceptable return on their gaming outlay.

• An independent gaming monitoring service to be set up, responsible for compliance and taxation collection, and services to the industry for a fee
• Profits from gaming should remain in Tasmanian to support the local hospitality and tourism industry and customers.

• Stringent criteria will be applied to any venue applying for placement of gaming machines.

• Increase the % payment the Tasmanian government raises each year in taxes, fees, penalties and levies and allocate them to effective harm minimization programs.

SFFP believes that a better use of gaming revenue is to improve services and funding to agencies who assist persons who have addictive behaviour. 

SFFP would support investment in a long term educational program, similar to the successful anti-smoking program, targeted at gaming.  Education and support are the key to success and a heathy community. Not the heavy handed ‘Fun Police ‘approach as suggested by the Labor Party.

Labor’s approach simply fails to comprehend the principal that gaming is an entrenched Australian activity, classic example the ANZAC day two-up tradition and the vast majority of gaming participants are RESPONSIBLE and CHOOSE to do this as a LEGITIMATE social activity.  The problem gamers are a very minor group and can access other venues if desired.

Tasmanian’s are responsible and must be permitted to make their own legal choices.  We do not trivialise the effects of problem gaming and support increasing measures to address this.

The culture of clubs and pubs such as RSL clubs are meeting places where individuals can meet and socialise, they can be great tourism attractions and many provide an insight in our cultural history.
These important meeting venues in remote and rural areas provide an outlet for individuals to talk about their health, their families, work and relationships in a safe environment. Pubs and clubs are an integral and vital part of our communities, many which are isolated from inner city thinking and attitudes. 

Social interaction in rural communities is vital and pubs and clubs indirectly help many talking through their issues over a drink or two, and these clubs help to break the felt isolation.
Many isolated single individuals use gaming as a singular recreational activity and do so responsibly.  These people can be isolated by transport to the main centres of Hobart and Launceston and are being penalised by the actions of a few.