... having voted overwhelmingly to reject TasWater’s proposed EBA.

Professionals Australia Director Luke Crowley said staff were angry that TasWater was completely failing to deliver anything like a fair deal despite almost 10 months of negotiations.
“TasWater has failed to recognise and respect the significant contribution made by its senior staff to the water and sewerage infrastructure of Tasmania. 
“TasWater denies them payment for the hours they work and the skills and performance increases they deliver, even withholding senior staff pay increases from last year.
“And senior staff at TasWater continue to be paid well below comparable staff at other infrastructure organisations in Tasmania.”
Mr Crowley said the continuing culture within TasWater of undervaluing senior staff is about to cause a significant financial hit to Tasmanian water and sewerage users, with TasWater unveiling a new proposal to pay consultancy firms significant sums to supply staff to complete the base level work of the organisation.  In this proposal TasWater even admits they are not able to attract staff into these roles.
“Ultimately, someone is going to have to pay for more and more consultants – and that will be Tasmanian water consumers.”
“All TasWater needs to do is recognise the skills and value of its senior professional staff and renumerate them appropriately, and people with the right proficiency and technical ability will seek employment there.
“Using expensive consultants to fill skill gaps caused by a mentality of penny-pinching and undervaluing employees is bizarre economics.”
TasWater senior staff will return to negotiations and are seeking :
- A pay increase that links to cost of living increases,
- guarantees remuneration for additional hours worked and
- A fairer performance pay system
- A classification structure that allows TasWater to recruit and retain the skilled staff Tasmania needs to deliver its water and sewerage infrastructure on time and under budget. 
“Senior staff at Taswater are tired of being squeezed with endless cuts and reductions that have left the organisation relying on the dedication and professionalism of its senior staff working above and beyond to deliver basic water services to Tasmanian families and businesses,” Mr Crowley said.