Family First Senate Candidate Peter Madden has accused Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of blatant opportunism in trying to raise the homosexual marriage issue once again in Sunday nights debate.

Mr Madden said:
“Here we go again. Too much parliamentary time and taxpayers money have already been spent on this issue. “Marriage redefinition has already been dealt with and clearly defeated with a major majority in both the lower house, with ALP’s bill ,and recently again with a major majority in the Senate with the Greens’ Sarah Hanson Young’s bill”.

“For average Aussies … it’s over! Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s new found zeal for marriage redefinition, which he opposed up until his recent leadership bid, is a cheap political stunt and needs to be called for what it is. A desperate bid to appease elements in the Labor caucus, the homosexual lobby and to keep the Greens on side” He said.

“Average Australians are concerned about feeding their families and paying their ever rising bills, about the economy and their children’s future. Recent polling makes it clear that resurrecting the issue of homosexual marriage is not important to the majority of Australians but that jobs, business and the economy are” He said.

“Mr Rudd, in cynically seeking to gain the young people’s vote, will clearly and deservedly lose him the family values vote. Family First is fully committed to stopping Kevin Rudd’s irresponsible push for the dangerous social experiment of marriage redefinition” Mr Madden said.