Federal Government About to Receive Recommendations on the Shape of Things To Come

From farming via space to fishing using satellites – and from having control over our weather forecasting tools to keeping a better watch on the Great Barrier Reef – a report into the federal government’s recently announced Australian Space Agency has found the nation is set to be transformed, but not in the way many of us would expect.

To begin with, there will be no astronauts and not even satellite launches from our own soil. But the report from The Royal Institution of Australia – the long established independent not-for-profit parent to Australia’s Science Channel - finds the space agency will be a true game-changer for generations to come.

It will grow an already $3bn local industry, keeping our money here and will help stop the ‘brain drain’ of our brightest minds to foreign organisations. The investigative report comes as the federal government this month receives formal recommendations on the shape of our bold new step into the booming international space industry.

“The space agency is a lightning rod for change, focusing our processes, creating a jobs boom, and providing a launch pad for a massive cross-section of industries,” notes Professor Alan R Duffy, The Royal Institution of Australia’s Lead Scientist and an astrophysicist at Swinburne University.

“Put simply, it changes our own way of thinking and it changes the boundaries on what we can do with the extremely talented people we have in this country.

“Excitingly, Australian kids can now genuinely reach for the stars, without having to leave home.”


➢ Space, as an industry, has changed dramatically in recent times. Our agency will likely be involved in a highly -integrated network of new wave, compact, and low-orbit CubeSats. They will allow Australia to take control of its own weather forecasting tools, it will allow our farmers to monitor everything from the leaf health of their crops to global consumption trends, and it will allow our fishing industry to know where the fish are to be found – as well as where the pirate operators are trying to hide. These are just a few examples.

➢ The booming global space industry provides distinct leadership advantages for established players. Australia’s first giant leap is to decide where it will fit in to the existing marketplace (such as building compact CubeSats and selling data), to having a plan for growing the agency and having an ultimate goal (such as launching rockets from our own soil).

➢ Australia’s Science Channel carries a detailed report, and a series of supporting features, highlighting what the Australian Space Agency will mean to the nation, industry and individuals – and the almost limitless possibilities from a well-managed lift-off. See the report here: https://australiascience.tv/theme/australias-future-in-space/