Seeking to deliver improved outcomes for animal welfare across the state, RSPCA
Tasmania has announced a review of its statewide operations, with a move to greater
sustainability and a sharper focus on the needs of animals most at risk.

Chair of RSPCA Tasmania Alexandra Garrott said identifying an operating model which
provided the best protection for animals most in need and at risk was the number one
priority for the organisation.

“Our new direction was determined with a view to delivering a model that would also
secure the financial sustainability of RSPCA Tasmania both now and into the future,” Ms
Garrott said.

“Continuing to operate multiple centres across the state, duplicating services, roles and
infrastructure, has been inefficient and placed a drain on RSPCA Tasmania’s limited

“A centralised operating model for RSPCA Tasmania emerged as the key to creating a more
effective and sustainable future.

“RSPCA Tasmania’s core charter is to uphold animal welfare laws, advocate for better
outcomes for animals and educate the community on making the lives of animals better.

“As an organisation, we need to refocus our efforts on this core charter, which has
resulted in redesigning the current situation which has added pressures to both our
resources and capabilities.”

RSPCA Tasmania interim CEO Dr Andrew Byrne said while these changes would see
Hobart’s Mornington facility ultimately transitioned to a central facility, this move would
allow the organisation to maximise care and attention.

“By making this transition, we are improving our ability to make a real difference on the
ground to those animals most in need,” Mr Byrne said.

“Resources will be committed to enhanced service delivery, while we maintain our
absolute focus on our primary charter of superior Inspectorate Services.

“Establishing partnerships and strategic alliances with like-minded organisations and
businesses will be crucial in ensuring the welfare needs of animals are adequately met,
and this process has commenced.

“This process will also see RSPCA Tasmania working with our key stakeholders to provide
expanded support networks and establish animal transfer stations in the south to the
centralised care facility.

“In practical terms, these changes will also see an increase in services delivered through
our Spreyton facility, while it is business as usual for our Launceston facility.

Transition to the new operating model will progress in the coming months, with a view to
having a centralised care facility structure in place by the start of the new financial year.