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... for a public meeting to inform the public of an issue that is quietly being promoted by the State Government and the State Greens with no public input or consultation - other than “independent’ industry consultation. 

Relying solely on industry advice is fraught with dangers, for example, the Victorian government is pushing ahead with its smart meter rollout on the safety advice of its Radiation Advisory Committee.

As it turns out however, the only expert on non-ionizing radiation (including telecommunications frequencies) on the 14 member committee is a Telco industry rep (Ken Joyner) who for many years was employed by Motorola as its Director of “Global EME Strategy and Regulatory Affairs”.

For any advice on telecommunications issues the Victorian RAC is a committee of one.

I have previously written about this ( See pages 9,10).  This is a blatant conflict of interest in relation to smart meter expert advice.

My view is that Tasmania should have an open public inquiry on whether or not Tasmania should go down this path and what are the options.

My published paper on this issue is available at:

Don Maisch PhD