East Coast local group Marine Protection Tasmania Inc has condemned the EPA’s announcement of a supplementary tonnage allocation for salmon farmer Tassal. Former Liberal candidate and vice-president of Marine Protection Tasmania Jim Playsted said the salmon farmer should be penalised, not rewarded.

“If we speed on the highway we should expect a ticket when we break the law. Tassal’s doing 120 in an 80 zone and has just been given a special exemption and no fine yet again. How much more of this do we have to put up with?”

The EPA’s supplementary allocation of 15 tonnes per hectare means the overall biomass in Macquarie Harbour could be as high as 25,000 tonnes, more than double the current limit.

“The Government regulator is not doing its job. We cannot believe this continuing failure of regulation and absolutely reject Tassal as a trustworthy proponent to expand into the pristine east coast based on their track record.”

On Sunday 7th of May MPT will launch it’s own crowd funded advertising campaign with an TV & Radio advertisement that showcases the extraordinary beauty and crystal clears waters of the East Coast. Opening on a shot of Okehampton Bay the ad reminds Tasmanian’s that the Tourism Industry supports 36K jobs, directly and indirectly, with Tourism numbers on the East Coast doubling in just the last two years.

We hope that our ad will encourage Tasmanian’s to join us in protecting our pristine East Coast.

The Ad is accompanied by a Change.org petition calling for a moratorium on all estuarine salmon developments until appropriate regulations are in place and independently enforced by an adequately resourced EPA.

“The Tassal Okehampton proposal is now damaging the East Coast brand. Tassal does not have a social licence and they have proved they cannot be trusted in our pristine environment”.