The premier’s support for the Budget is unfathomable, given Tasmania has done so poorly out of it.

Mainland states will share in $70 billion of infrastructure investment but Tasmania gets not even one per cent of it.

In federal parliament’s question time on Thursday infrastructure minister Paul Fletcher boasted for more than 2 minutes about projects across the country.

“The minister did not mention Tasmania or one Tasmanian project so I got to my feet to ask about Tasmania. He still failed to nominate even one project.”

“Tasmania did not rate even one mention in the Treasurer’s speech and it barely gets a guernsey in the Budget papers,” said Lyons Labor MP Brian Mitchell.

“Other states and territories that have done poorly out of the Budget, like WA and the NT, are sticking the boot into the Turnbull Government for its Sydney-centric Budget.

“But we have a premier more interested in supporting his Liberal pals in Canberra than representing the people of Tasmania.

“For Tasmanians earning over $60,000 and you’ll get a $300 tax hike, Tasmanian schools lose $84 million over two years and sick Tasmanians will still pay more to go to the doctor for at least the next three years.

“Tasmanian families will also be slugged with higher fees to send their kids to uni.

“This is a dud Budget for Tasmania – we have been left off the map - and our state deserves a premier who stands up for Tasmanians, not his Liberal friends in Canberra.”